DanMachi Sword Oratoria「RE-ILLUSION」Opening 1080p

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The Illusion of Depth – Edge, Line, Cast Shadow and Paint Thickness

In this third part of the illusion of depth, we’ll look at how edges, lines, cast shadows, and paint thickness can be used to add depth to your drawings and paintings. Hey guys, what’s going on, my name is stan Prokopenko, you’re watching proko. Lets jump right in and talk about edges. Sharp edges are…

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Holiday Magic! Winter Flower Show and Light Garden

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The Blue Wizards Lore – Lord of the Rings Explored

The mysteries and unfinished Tales in the Lord of the Rings Mythos, are among the most fascinating parts of the Lore. The Blue Wizards, their quest and their fate are one such intriguing mystery. Hello friends, It’s Karl here and in today’s video we’ll explore their history and speculate on what became of them! The…

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13 Types of Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Wizard of Oz, Concierge, One Painkiller and 10 more

Hello everyone! This is Anastasiia at Railsware. Today we will continue discovering minimum viable product concept, and will have a look at more than 10 types of MVPs. This is the second video in our MVP series. Last time we’ve learned what minimum viable product is, what is the main goal of MVP, and what…

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The Carbonaro Effect – The After Effect: Episode 504 (Web Chat) | truTV

♪♪ Hey, guys. Michael Carbonaro here. Thanks for watching the new episode of “The Carbonaro Effect.” And welcome to “The After Effect,” where I answer your questions. Thanks for writing these in. You can always write them in at #AskMichaelCarbonaro on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s get started. Jana asks, “Where do you find that ‘Moby…

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The Summoning – from GO! Cartoons only on Cartoon Hangover | Full Episode

– Hmm. Nope. Nope. – (meows) – Aha! Damn. Hmm. What did I do with the last of my troll fat? (screaming gasp) (wind whistling, coughing) – Shut that (cough) door! – Claire, help me. She’s coming to get me! – EDGAR, GET OFF THE DOOR! It’s mahogany! – But… I’m hiding… – BAD! BAD!…

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Super Easy Guided Color Correction in Colorista -Magic Bullet Suite

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SMG4 Halloween 2017: Trick Or Treat Wars

*New glitchy boi* SMG4 Presents….. SUPAH EDGY [Maniac Luigi Laughter] Oh yeh! *sexy sound effects* Luigi! *Italian crying* Waddup BIATCH (My thoughts exactly) YEAH! HAHAHAAA! ooooo Very scary! YAA! Oho, hahaha! Hmm… *Italian gibberish* *Luigi sobs :(* *Owl language cannot be translated* DING DONG Ya! Hmm? Oh… Luigi and SMG4: Trick or treat! Mario: GIMMIE…

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Cute Paper Trick – Numberphile

Well, this object is made from a single sheet of paper and just cut loose like this. And Brady, can you hold this flap, please? Ok, we shall call this the “first state”, so, this flap is, um, above what he’s holding. Now please release it. He can hold it like this and this is…

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