For fans from fans “Magic doesn’t make you special,” – a diary entry about a dormant magic crystal which can only be awoken by a powerful magician determined to achieve the impossible for the sake of his goal. The crystal’s emitted green light strips a magician of his magic, The ability to cast spells, fly and heal himself is lost to any enchanter touched by the crystal’s infernal green light. In uncovering the secret of the stone The strongest magicians have lost their power. None have regained it. The artefact was hidden deep down, forgotten for 70 years, until the witch hunt began. Retrieving magic lost to the crystal is impossible. Don’t even try! Damn! Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography We have been sent an official order Here, read it. Can you pass them round? I’m sure you can cope yourselves. According to the official verdict nonmagi did it. You said they weren’t dangerous, it’s better to avoid them. And I stand by that. We don’t know what we’re dealing with, and it’s unwise to jump to conclusions. Why are you protecting the nonmagi? Excuse me? So, putting it mildly, you disagree with the official verdict? Okay. Check all murders by nonmagi. Who’s on it? I’ll do it. There are two cases, an accident and an accident. I saw them when I was studying… Excuse me. You put us in an awkward situation. Explain? According to safety protocol, when discussing top secret matters the door and window of this room are sealed by the Master of the Guard. What happened at training? Why didn’t you send the emergency signal? He’s lost his magic. Hands on the table. Please. I’m sorry. MAGIC FIRST THE DAY BEFORE. GUARD PRACTICE.
Most important is the ability to set traps. Answer my questions. What do you do if you’re attacked by a dry water spirit? The first thing? The guys say a third of nonmagi can’t read. Oh yes? So? So, I’d put a trap up there? Up there? Ok, try. Nonmagi have been to the Moon. Let me help you. There are… Ah, yes. Steps. And they flew there without magic. Nonmagi on the moon? That’s right. Are you sure? They’re not sure themselves. I found it up there. I have something to say. Me too. If your brother wasn’t a nonmag, would you still be so protective of them? Yes. Here we go. Any right-minded magician would. I can’t keep it to myself. Before you say anything, listen. You need to know. It’s very important. It really is very important. There’s a crystal which erases magic… There’s a nonmag washing floors in the Council. And now he’s one of us? You’re a real brotherly hero now, yeah? The thing is that I… Leave him to his own devices. You really don’t get what’s going on?! We have a different life, a different world. He’s my brother. The thing is that I… I think nonmagi are vultures. And as they say, vultures must be shot. I think I’m in love with you. No. What’s happening? Are we expecting a real attack? Not that I know of. Bahrushin! (radio) “Keep an eye on his hand!” Their guns are real. Who are they? Nonmagi. Don’t draw attention to us. So let’s… We can’t risk it. We have to give the emergency signal. Misha! (radio) “Keep an eye on the hand.” (radio) “Fire!” Serezha! We’ll remove the bullets and you’ll be ok! Everything’s ok, look at me! Hang on in there! Bahrushin, do something! We just need to extract the bullets. Don’t just stand there. Do it! Shhhh. It’s just bullets! You’ll be ok in a moment! The wounds should start to heal now. Misha, it’s not working! Magicians don’t die this quickly. You wanted to tell me something. Was it important? MYSTERIOUS MURDER OF COUNCIL GUARD TRUCE BROKEN. NONMAGI KILL COUNCIL GUARD SUPREME ENCHANTER’S CAREER OVER? FIRST MAGICIAN MURDERED IN 20 YEARS 5 MOST NOTABLE NONMAG MURDERS
RETURNS TO COUNCIL NO COMMENT FROM CHIZHEVSKY YET Where were you all night? I can do it myself! There’s a family rule: you tell people when you go out. Official permission wasn’t required before. Or is it now? You could find a job with the nonmagi? I’ll help. You’ll have to wait a bit. They’re not going to be very friendly
to people like you for a while. People like who? Come on, bro. Say it. To nonmagi. Everyone, or you? I’ll always be behind you like a rock. – What?
– No, I… Nonmagi aren’t allowed in here. But they do make themselves at home. Can you open the door, please? Thanks, Misha. We’re doing them a favour not fighting openly with them. We should come clean and show them what’s what. You don’t use warming magic on principal? No, I just want to feel how nonmagi live. I don’t want to think about it. They use their hands to sew buttons on! — Mister Supreme Enchanter.
— What are you doing here? The attack was planned, they were waiting for us. What attack?
It was a routine training session. You had an apprentice with you. — Bahrushin, you are the Master of the Guard.
— I… Couldn’t you have stopped…? My man was killed with simple bullets! It’s impossible with bullets. Or do you have nonmagi in the department? Will you just listen to me? His magic was erased, then they just shot him. What on Earth are you talking about? And why did you not send the emergency signal? Your deputy can only do that
if you die. Your Excellency, Supreme Enchanter, let me deal with this, while you prepare an official statement. I’ll speak to Bahrushin. Thank you, Chizhevsky. It can’t have been just nonmagi. Someone’s… We’ll solve this problem ourselves. And while we’re doing that,
you don’t say a word to anyone. We learn everyday magic in childhood. That’s why no one remembers it. You don’t say anything to anybody. Magic can’t be erased. What’s wrong with Bahrushin, then? It’s just not possible. He’s been writing reports by hand for a week. Why are you guessing? He didn’t give the emergency signal and he didn’t even try to save… I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t covered me. Thanks. I address you today not as the Supreme Enchanter. I address you as a ordinary person who has a family. I’ll be open with you. I’m scared. Scared because we are now thinking about what sets us apart from the nonmagi and not about what unites us. We have forgotten about the unity in which we find strength. We have forgotten about our great
mission. — Well done.
— Since the dawn of time… — That was complex magic. I’m impressed.
— ….we have borne a responsibility… — Love creates miracles.
— …and it is our duty to protect them… …and be an invisible, but bright moral guide. We are all children of this world. But we mustn’t forget it is we who possess the great gift
endowed by Mother Nature. This gift cannot be taken from us, just as you cannot take the soul or the power of love. Are we brave enough to look danger in the face? We are threatened by our own pride. We must respect our truce. Our main task is not panic, to maintain the balance
between the light and the dark. However, he is wrong who considers
our peaceful disposition weakness or cowardice. One of us has been killed. We are faced with a serious challenge. My heart is filled with anger and I want to shout so that
everyone hears me, Enough! To murder one of our comrades is to spit in the face
of the whole magic race. We cannot, must not,
let this go unpunished! We must respond to those whom… We must respond to those whom
Mother Nature herself created not equal to us. Lower than us, worse than us. At last! Let them run and hide now! I call upon you today to tear off your humiliating masks
of tolerance. We shall be ruthless to our enemies! I want to see your fury! We will rid ourselves
of the nonmagi among us. They are nothing, mediocrities, here by mistake. They take our jobs in the Supreme Council, jobs which rightly belong to the next generation of magicians. They, the nonmagi, will be locked up until we know the facts behind the murder of a Council Guard and punish all the offenders. We cannot think any more about compromise. Any of them may be a traitor. We must not take this anymore. We shall undertake acts
of vengeance and intimidation. I want every nonmag to quake with fear. We have prepared portals which will transfer us
to the streets of their cities. And we shall kill all who stand in our way. I call on you to enter the battle with unwavering hearts. This is a battle for the future of the magic world, for its revival. Magic first! Thanks for introducing me to your friends. Shut up! They’re cool guys. One magician is worth a thousand of them! Mother Nature made her own choice! Today we stop hiding. Our time has come. We are the highfliers. — Chizhevsky, you grew up in a nonmag family.
— They are dirt beneath our feet! — What are you doing?
— We must not back down! It’s three minutes to midnight and I do a puzzle every day.
Excuse me. We shall devour these worms! YES! Have you come to free me, Misha? Or as usual just give me moral support? I’m sorry it turned out
like this for you. You know, it’s good at least one
of the family isn’t a coward. You? It was you at training! You’re going to rob a third of magicians
of their magic? Well, I hardly think they would agree to it
by themselves. Have you gone mad? You understand magic is a gift, the light of the soul. But they don’t. I just want to live among normal people. You can change the world as much
as you like, starting with yourself, but let’s be honest, in this marsh you can only drown. The only thing good for them is napalm. Napalm! Then we build a new world. You didn’t grow up with magicians. Is this why you were gifted with magic? Do you really pity those who bought into this nonsense? “These vultures must be punished for the death of our comrade!” Misha, they really are waiting
for those portals to open, ready to be transported to the nonmagi, to kill them. It’s a trap. Just like your Bahrushin, they’ll erase
all their magic in a wink. Pop! No more magic! Have you totally lost it? I’m sorry about your magic. But you would’ve got in the way. Although, you know… I did it! Your words just now somehow
hinted at my family. Isn’t that a bit supercilious? I’m going to tell them all now. Tell them what? Go ahead. Try! Chizhevskiy and his men
locked you up in here! Oh God, Misha! To get everyone away from there you need to give the emergency signal, and the only ones who can give it are the Masters of the Guard:
Bahrushin and you! He can’t any more. And you ran to your imprisoned brother. Just as it was planned. How did you do that? Open them! How did you do it, idiot? Magic. What are you doing, Misha?
They’re magic. Listen to me! Who are you going to kill? They’re no different from us! Magic doesn’t make us special! Get out of the way! It’s a trap! You were called here specially! They can erase our magic! They’ll do it to you too! Are you ready for revenge? YES!!! The portals will open in Five! Four! I am now a nonmag! — Three!
— Well? — Two!
— Who’s first? — One!
— I’ve lost my magic! Attack! Actually, it’s a compliment. You knew I was normal and would refuse. No, Misha. You’re just an average copy-cat, running after that idiot
Bahrushin all the time. “I don’t agree with these fools, but they have the right to express their own point of view”. Do you even understand
what that means? It’s my fault. No, it isn’t. They’ve been planning
this operation for 3 years. No, it’s my fault
you’re the way you are. That we’re here now. If there was no magic at all, everything would be a lot easier. Maybe it was given to test us? And we… …I didn’t pass. Sorry. So… …now I’m supposed to get all emotional and give you the key, right? Are you alright? I heard everything. Is it true? It’s true. I can’t hit anybody! Lara, stop. They’re a wild mob. They were given too much and they decided to start a war. To make themselves feel important
at the expense of the weak. Why do they need magic? Let them run! How can you say that? You’re a Master of the Guard! — You’re…
— I’m a nonmag now. It’s over! I couldn’t stop my people. I couldn’t save them. You don’t understand, nobody can stop a war alone. Even the strongest magician. There’s absolutely nothing I can do! They don’t deserve this. We have to do something. Magicians don’t give up. I’m not a magician anymore. So what now? We can’t leave them to lose their magic. Run to them, you traitor! Go on! Are you having doubts? Stop! The emergency signal!