peace be upon you welcome to a new wall design idea! today, i’ll show you how to create a 3d design using a piece of cardboard. let’s see how to create the cardboard mold! this a rectangle of cardboard or hard-paper it dimensions are 26*12cm you can make it larger or smaller according to the area of your wall from this side of the rectangle measure 6cm and add a mark and from this side measure another 6cm and add a mark connect these 6cm marks to the opposite corner of the shape! this is 6cm connect it and connect the other side the same way to create the shape you can see now grab scissors or a cutter and start cutting the extra parts this is the mold we get after cutting the extra parts now bring a marker and start let’s add the lines first place the mold right here this tape is going to be considered the beginning of the wall align the mold to the tape and add lines from all directions the next step place it adjacent to the first shape after finishing the first line, we’ll reverse our mold this way place it in parallel with the upper one and draw your lines the third line will be the same as the first one so that, we get the 3d effect of the shape it gives the illusion that it’s coming out of the wall after drawing the lines using the black marker and the mold the next step is to bring some black paint! the wall is painted with a white color you can use any kind of paint you desire now, bring a small size brush like this one if you can’t follow the lines, use tape to define the shape you want to fill with color then you remove the tape after you finish and so on in the next line, I’ll reverse the pattern i’ll not paint the cell right at the bottom of the painted one i’ll paint this one by this, we have come to the conclusion of our lesson we created an elegant 3d design using simple tools if you like the idea, like the video, comment share, and subscribe