Hello, I am Saddam Azzi In my previous videos, I revealed to you the scams of the most famous magic of the world And from it the magician Shebin Lim The magician Mario Lopez The Witch Rhianna The magician of Smoothoni The magician Chris Angel Magician David Blaine Magician Eric Chen And a lot of global magicians And in this video I came to you in the twelfth part To reveal the secrets of your most famous magic tricks Made by the most famous magic of the world
 On the stage of the program Jot Talent Uncover the tricks of this little witch The trick is to know what the jury members are thinking The magician deceived Matt Franco And knowing all the playing cards after mixing them repeatedly Trick rulers inability to move the carton And the witch moves it easily This strange trick, which many did not find any explanation But before I start, I like the video To see how many people are interested in exposing these scams The first trick Trick to know all playing cards after mixing them repeatedly This trick is one of the most powerful magic tricks It was performed by the famous magician Matt Franco Where the magician mixes the papers again Then he tells them that the first card 9 is dead Then he mixed the cards and told them that this was the king’s card Then, mix the leaves again
 Despite this, the magician can know each card before opening it It really is very confusing! A player of lightness may be able to know one or two cards But he can get to know all the playing cards After mixing it over, this is really confusing Well let me try this trick with you These are playing cards that I will mix again I will also mix it without looking at it
 In order to make sure that there is no arrangement Now the card on top is the card of the King of the Hass I will confuse the cards for the second time The card on top is the Ickah Mix the cards The card on top is a 6-spit card And this card is the king Mix the cards This card is 4 Asbet This card is 10 This card is 4 sheria Mix the cards This card This Queen Card his is a 10-card This is the King’s Card This queen What is the secret of this trick? The secret of this trick is in these papers themselves These papers are not just ordinary papers
 Rather, they are dedicated papers Behind it was a small mark
 Show the name of each card This mark was made in a very professional way This mark is embedded in the pattern
 Behind the paper I guess so far you have not seen any sign
Because it is very difficult for a person to notice But if you move this card closer
You can see here that there is a number It is number 9, and this indicates that this is the card 9 Aspet This card draw a letter K
 And indicates that this card of the king Thus the magician managed
 Simply knowing all the cards The second trick Trick to know what the referees think
 And write it before entering the program A trick performed by little witch Easy Simpson This smart girl She enters the stage and puts questions for each member I asked Simon to think of a name everyone knows He answered him .. I am Then Amanda asked what is your favorite time? The hour answered, half past six Then she asked David to take the metal money out of his wallet So he took out two and a half pounds Then the witch tells them that she knew all of these things She wrote it in his paper
And put it in this shelf To drop the shelf
And take out the paper inside It shows all the expectations that members spoke about Here, all members will be very surprised How could she know what the referees were thinking ?? Some may think that they cooperated with this girl
 But this is not correct In fact the little witch
The rulers deceived in a very smart way In fact, when the judges answered questions The witch’s assistant was writing everything
In this paper behind the scenes When he presented the chair to climb on it He was putting the paper behind the chair like this As for this circumstance, it is empty from the beginning At this moment, I took the paper behind the chair with the envelope
 Just like this In order for the witch to appear as if to take the paper from inside the envelope The envelope was pre-drilled from the back like this And when she enters her hand from below
 Take the paper from behind in this way You put it in, then you get it out of the mouth of the envelope To appear as if it actually took out the paper from the inside And so the trick was done The third trick The trick is to move the heavy box This trick is one of the most famous magic tricks Made by witch Easy Simpson The girl enters the stage with a small box in her hand Two books graduated from him
Then she asks Simon to take this cardboard Simon tries to take it but he can’t He is asking David for help But they also could not move the box from its place! The girl asked them to stop She goes to open the box and takes out a deck of playing cards Then take the box with her hand, simply and without any effort Here, the rulers are surprised and embarrassed So what is the secret here? In fact, the secret of this trick is very complicated Many witches could not decipher this box Indeed, the mind cannot imagine such a box
 Two men could not move him from his place While a ten-year-old girl
 Simply taking it Some have interpreted the secret of this cartoon
 It lies in the presence of adhesive plastic like this These plastic pieces are fixed to the bottom of the carton And when the girl puts the carton on the table
 This material sticks to the table And it is difficult to take the carton at the time But this explanation is completely incorrect He appeared under the box for everyone and it appeared empty Therefore, the logical explanation for this hoax is as follows Firstly In order to solve this mystery
You should know that this box was not made from cardboard only Rather, it was made from the inside of the magnet To be exactly the same design as this box Then it was worn on the outside with cardboard
 It appears as just a regular box This is why when the rulers tried to move the box
 They use all their strength for that Despite this structure and the wall of the carton is not affected Or it shrinks due to the pressure force on it If this box was just a carton, it would shrink directly
When it is taken So this is a magnet box But the most important question !! What is the reason for the weight of the box?
 When rulers try to move it? The secret here is that the magnet inside it
 It was built in a very smart and professional way As the magnet is programmed from all corners of the box To control the attraction force in the box
Via rement remote control When the rulers try to move the box
The electric attraction is turned on Through one of the charming assistants And this trick is done Finally What is the trick that amazed most of all these tricks Share your opinion with us in the comments