Hello, I am Saddam Azzi Magician Shen Lim Canadian magician who rose to the throne of magic He has become the most famous magician in the world He holds the one million dollar prize
  In the famous talent show, Got Talent In this video, I brought you the second part To show you the secrets of this magician’s deception His trick is to change the color of the card as soon as he passes his hand over him Trick playing cards disappear from the bag Trick converting card number 6 to card number 9 This strange trick that really dazzled everyone who saw it But before I start, press the like button To see how many people are interested in revealing the tricks of this magician The first trick The trick of changing the color of the card by just sliding his hand over him The magician displays a blue playing card
He passes his hand like this And it turns into a red card suddenly A really amazing trick But let me try this trick with you What is the secret of this trick? The secret here, my friend, is as follows First, the magician taking two red and blue balls The balls are glued like this To make the balls end up like this When performing the trick, the magician places the card in his hand With his fingers, he raises this part of the card up Another magician’s hand is to cover up what’s going on From the inside of the hand, he pulls the card inward like this You can also see the effects of the turns on the card from here The second trick Trick the disappearance of playing cards from the bag Despite the simplicity of this trick, it is effective The magician takes the playing cards
  And put it inside this plastic bag But suddenly the cards disappear
  The bag appears completely empty How did he manage to get the cards out of the bag so quickly? Let me try the trick with you first In fact, the magician did not insert the cards into the plastic bag as we thought Rather, in a smart way, he put the two balls behind the bag and like this At the appointed time, he pulls the balls out behind his fingers Then throw them to the back of the table this way and very quickly The third trick Trick the card into the bag The magician shows the card 2 heart And inside this bag was placed 10 card Aspet But suddenly, a 2-core card moves into the plastic bag The 10 Aspet card disappears in a very strange scene Well let me do the trick with you So what is the secret here? The secret here is that the magician owns two balls
They were signed in the same style The first card I put it with the 10 Aspet card
 Inside the plastic bag and like this As for the second card, he put it in his mouth When performing the trick, the magician grabs the plastic bag
 Fingers his hand this way Then he turns his fingers like this The bag turns to the other side The fourth trick Trick converting card number 6 to card number 9 This is a hoax
One of the most powerful tricks that the sorcerer Shen Lim performed Where the magician displays a card 6 heart in his hand But suddenly, this card will be transferred from Card 6 to Card 9 In a scene that looks really magic When I watch this trick the first time I said then
It can’t be just a hoax But in the end, everything that happens is just a hoax But before I reveal to you the secret
Let me apply it with you What is the secret of this trick? It was done in a very smart way
Its secret lies in this same card The hearts shown on the card are not all real graphics There are even two hearts that were placed manually And tie them from the back with a hidden thread and like this When I perform the trick
He pulls this little piece with his finger These hearts move to the middle of the card For Card 6 shows
It turns into a 8-card in a very stunning scenery In order for the trick to look more professional The magician is keen to cover the number 6 with his finger
When there are 8 hearts on the card And when it turns into 8 hearts, it covers the number 6
 With his finger, the card looks like a real 8 card The fifth trick A trick that turns all playing cards into one card The magician shows the playing cards on the table Suddenly, the cards disappear and only one card appears in his hand I will try to convert these papers into one sheet What is the secret of this trick? The secret is simply that of the magician
  When he put the cards package down the table and like this Hold the card above
And made the rest of the cards fall to the back of the table Finally I hope that the video and explanation you like it Don’t forget to tell us in the comments What is the trick that amazed you more than showing all these tricks?