Hello everyone! Welcome to a new video! This time I’ll do another unboxing Like always haha As you may know, this year was Magical Mirai 2019 And I couldn’t go, like others years BUT I bought a lot of merchandise almost all the merchandise haha
of Rin & Len! And here it is I’ve been waiting for this package for a long time Magical Mirai was in August, now is October When the merchandise came out I made a list of the items I wanted to get And I got all of the list!! Except for… two items… But I found them already and I’ll buy them soon But it was really really difficult to find all the merchandise of Magical Mirai Really difficult Anyways, as you can see it isn’t a big box Because is not a scale figure or someting like that They’re just acrylic stands, badges, straps, etc Well, Let’s open the box! Hi! we help owo Here they are My camera isn’t focusing it so much haha I’ll show each thing later It’s really difficult to make a unboxing wearing gloves First A small package Sorry I’m a disaster to open things haha Hmmm I can’t open it She’s so small You’re not going to be able to see her from here but it’s a small acrylic stand Everyone told me these acrylic stands were small But I didn’t expect it to be SO small (。•́︿•̀。) I paid $13 usd for this?
JK Second item! Everything comes in different packages because I bought it from different sellers I buy from Japanese auctions A lot of people asks me how I bought my merch And I made a tutorial in my merch account (Kagamine_twins in instagram) I’ll leave the link in the description But if you want me to do a video of how to buy, I can think about it! The strap of Len!! Soooo beautiful and small But it’s bigger tan the acrylic stan so I love it SO CUTE Look it’s you Next Inside the packet it was another package so funny The mini acrylic stand of Len I love it because is Len and he looks so beautiful Why they put the items in these packages that are so difficult to open! Or I’m too silly to open it? There’s two items An I think I know what they are Is a acrylic Keychain of Len So so beautiful It’s funny because I didn’t have these keychains in my list but at the end I decided to buy them because they’re so beautiful! The other one should be Rin Te keychain of Rin! Next Those are the only ones I know what they are because I can see them Those are the badges from Cocollabo! If you don’t know Cocollabo, they make a lot of beautiful merchandise that I love! Is always so pretty Like these badges I think they are the most beautiful item in the box x) They’re cushion! Those ones I’ll open them okay when I show them better Those are the badges that you get in- ( Ò﹏Ó) I have slippery hands because of the gloves Those are the 3 pins you can get in gatchas Those who are random Here’s Rin, Rin & Len, and Len This is the last package but it has more packages inside So it’s not really the last one Is the strap of Rin! So now I have Rin & Len! They’re together My babies Wells those were all the items I bought of
Magical Mirai 2019 BUT I also bought badges of Magical Mirai 2018 That was my favorite Magical Mirai I can’t open it because of my gloves I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist anymore It’s really frustrating to do a unboxing with gloves I’ll take off the other one Better I should have done that earlier As I said I bought Rin & Len badges from Magical Mirai 2018 That was my favorite Magical Mirai Because Rin and Len had their 10th anniversary special Here’s Rin and Len Next, I bought a badge of Snow Len These badges of Rin and Len were so difficult to find And I found them with the same seller of the Rin strap It has heart shape! so so beautiful! I love this snow! I love all the snows of Rin and Len And this is the badge of Rin That’s all that was inside the box A lot of merchandise of Rin and Len from Magical Mirai 2019! I wanted to do a video like this with the merch of MM 2018 But as I said I couldn’t get so much merch from that Magical Mirai I got two small figures And my happi Here And I couldn’t get anything else so I didn’t make any video But this year I said “I’ll buy everything!” And I bougt everything Almost everyting But I’ll buy the rest later My babies looks really beautiful, right? Now that I got of my gloves we match Gao!~ That’s all for this video! I hope you like it!
And I’ll do more unboxing videos! Because I buy a lot of merchandise of Rin and Len Also tell me if you want me to do a room tour or more like a Merch tour Because as you can see I have a lot of Merchandise of Rin and Len that I’ve been collecting for years And a lot of people asks me to do a room tour But I buy mercandise all the time so I’d have to do an actualization all the time haha But maybe I can make one every anniversary of
Rin and Len! see you in next video! bye bye!