MJH 1/100 Wing gundam EW Partial assembly process Overall display (+FLAMING SNOW water decals) Height about 17.5 cm (to the head antenna) Movable display Parts on both sides of the head are easy to loose, it is recommended to apply glue The parts here on the arm are easy to come loose The buckle of the styling hand is easy to loose Poor joint tightness here in the legs The gap between the outer nails of the arm is obvious Weapon accessories, backpack The buckle here is easy to loose Difficult to stand after installing wings, need to use stand stand The manual does not have instructions for assembling the stand. You need to find the manuals of related products online. Bird mode Simple deformation, less buckle, loose overall Partial assembly precautions Lots of remaining parts after assembly Assembly is tight here A1 7 and F1 are tightly assembled A1 2 is easy to fall, it is recommended to apply glue 15-8 needs to be placed behind 15-9 There are fewer assembly problems, some parts are tightly assembled, plastic materials are poor, and some small parts are easy to loose; joints are moderately tight, and the manual lacks stand assembly instructions and deformation steps; the outer arm parts have poor color effects, and it is recommended to purchase separately Water decals can improve the overall effect