Hello everyone Today we’re going to talk about Magic Coffee Cream! So this thing is from a trendy video online I saw the other day basically you make whipped cream with instant coffee Without any dairy products It’s just a concentrated instant coffee You can make whipped cream! It really provoke my interest as a chemical engineer Bubble stability! It’s gonna be very interesting! So Besides the fact that I think it’s just too beautiful in science it’s pretty practical as well Because now more and more people are vegan probably because of animal protection or environmental factors Or he/she has allergies, he/she can’t eat eggs or milk So there is very few options for dessert can’t eat eggs I think it’s okay But if you can’t eat dairy Cream milk heavy cream if you can’t eat any of these There’s almost no western style dessert for you!! in the USA Because a lot of people are Vegan Or some people are lactose intolerant On a party I can’t bring a dessert with any dairy products That equals to no choice you know? So I think this is actually pretty practical We can use the whipped magic coffee cream Do the frosting on the cup cake or the decoration of the regular cake It has lots of application So the stability of the bubbles, frankly speakling It’s not just in baking! it’s an important topic In the recent popular molecular gastronomy New American cuisine, or French cuisine, there are a lot of them Use whipped sauce To create a nice, gentle, mellow texture to attract the attention of the guests So to be honest the trick here is you can apply it to a lot of cuisine And before we get into the science let’s just see how this thing actually Work! it’s really, really simple All you need is instant coffee So first of all the ratio is very important You must follow this ratio to make the whipped cream So we start with 200 grams of sugar And twenty grams of instant coffee Remember to use this instant coffee powder Add cold water 160 grams It must be cold, not hot It must be cold And then you can see the amount of this coffee Actually, it’s very little, it’s all at the bottom of the bowl And then I’ll put it in stand mixer About five to ten minutes You can do it with a handheld mixer, but it’ll probably take a little longer And after whipped you turn the instant coffee into this big bowl of whipped cream! So this whipped cream It really looks like the regular whipped cream I can put it in the decoration bag like this A little espresso can be made to three big bags like this And then we put it in the decoration tips you can do it like this, like regular whipped cream Squeeze out pretty patterns Does it look like real whipped cream? No difference So this magic coffee cream Up to now I’ve put it in the fridge About three or four days It’s like regular whipped cream it collapsed a little bit But in general the shape is still pretty good So it’s really very stable bubbles About the taste Because there really isn’t any milk Just instant coffee so the taste is like very very light, compare to regular whipped cream It’s a bit more refreshing you don’t feel like anything stuck in the mouth about the flavor I think it’s pretty good Because Vegan recipes has no the smell of milk or egg So to make it tasty, you would need a very strong aroma to replace the flavor of that custard this recipe Instant coffee It’s a very good choice Because it has coffee aroma And then because this recipe actually uses a lot of sugar to make it work But coffee is bitter, though there is a lot of sugar I think it’s very balanced! It’s not too sweet So let’s talk a little bit about the science of this thing Why on earth is can coffee make such stable bubbles? First of all If we look at a bubble A bubble is a membrane of water with gas in there right? If a bubble need to avoid being broke To avoid rupture First it need to resist gravity If we just look at the The top layer of the bubbles the most easily breaking part it’s affected by gravity But at the same time it’s pulled up by the surface tension of the fluid So if the surface tension is pulling up, it can resist its own weight pulled down by gravity so Bubbles are less likely to break That surface tension is affected by a lot of different factors One of them is the viscosity of the liquid That means that if the liquid itself becomes thicker The surface tension is larger that’s why we’re adding sugar. if add some sugar or some starch The liquid becomes more viscous The surface tension will go up and beside the surface tension There’s another very important thing, which is the surfactant the surfactant actually is the protein in coffee And a lot of people are scared to hear this surfactant But surfactant is actually in your daily life! It’s soap, dishwashing liquid Body soap Anything that is cleaning agent For example, soap The molecules of all the surfactants look like this. a nice round hydrophilic end and a long hydrophobic end This kind of molecule One end like water and the other hate water So you can stabilize the bubbles this hydrophillic side is going to melt into this membrane in the liquid the other hydrophobic side is suspended in the air, so that the bubble become stable So Why can proteins act as surfactants? Here is a paper I found Let me show you what the protein molecules look like Protein is a long chain of tangled strands So look like this picture but if only this picture And a lot of people might say that the molecular formula looks scary So let’s take a very simple thing This is a belt. Protein is a polymer So it’s got a lot of amino acids The small molecule binds to a large molecule So let’s look at this belt you cut the belt into lots of small pieces all small pieces are different amino acids When all connected it’s called protein the paper has simulation, showing protein changing between hydrophilic/hydrophobic depends on the folding So what does this actually mean? It’s really not that hard We just talked about protein is a long chain It will have black hydrophobic parts on it and the silver hydrophilic part so when the protein folds it can fold into different folding pattern Let’s say Fold like this This silver part is wrapped in it Now it’s a completely hydrophobic molecules But if I fold it this way, the hydrophilic side is exposed it become both hydrophillic and hydrophobic So because the protein itself is a giant polymer He has all kinds of different hydrophilic and Hydrophobic component So the natural folding of proteins, usually there’s hydrophillic parts and hydrophobic parts So protein can act like soap as an surfactant So in order for you to have better application of this magic coffee cream I’ll teach you to make a super, super simple vegan chocolate cake So first let’s take two cups of cake flour Three quarters of chocolate powder This is a Dutch cocoa powder And then we add a teaspoon of salt With 1.5 cups of sugar, add 2 teaspoons baking powder About baking soda and baking powder and all kinds of Dutch/regular cocoa powder Look at this video And then Mix the dried powder together so that it’s easier to mix well later And then we add 1.5 cups of soy milk the reason of choosing Soy milk It’s because the vegan chocolate cake has no eggs There’s no milk it’s actually protein deficient, it’s not very tasty on the texture soy milk It’s has highest protein among all plant milk Compared to almond milk or walnut milk So here I use soy milk If you don’t use soy milk, and choose water or other plant milk Remember to add some banana or nut puree for a little more protein Add 0.5 cups of oil and stir well. the oil is very important. Oil can make the cake soft Must use oil! After all mixed well In theory you should be able to see the batter Can be easily used to drew a star like this if that’s not the case Add A little bit of flour or soy milk Until it becomes something like this So the cake is lack of the aroma of egg and milk So here I’m adding a whole melted chocolate bar To enhance the flavor of chocolate For the comparison of cocoa powder to chocolate bars, see this movie So after added the melted chocolate bar It’s going to be a little bit closer to brownie not chocolate cake And if you don’t like that You can also use banana puree Or the nut puree To enhance the aroma to replace The taste of eggs and milk Also the batter with chocolate bar quickly coagulates after cooled So try to get it as quickly as possible into your favorite baking mold and bake! The baking time depends on the size of your container I baked 350 degrees for 20 minutes As long as there is no raw batter inside you are done So because I want to do all the different decoration I bake the cake rectangle And then I cut them into small pieces with round molds. and as you can see the magic coffee cream Can be made into cupcake frosting, or popular naked-cake style Since piping bags are also fine So if you want to decorate it like a regular cake you can do it too The only thing to be aware of is the coffee cream is coffee after all So it is soluble in water And if you pour this nice coffee whipped cream with a little bit of water Can you see that the surface starts to melt? it’s going to melt into liquid coffee after stirred Okay, So here is the conclusion So in a very simple way, the coffee whipped cream can have this stable bubble It’s because sugar increases the surface tension in the liquid And proteins in coffee can act as surfactant So the sugar in this recipe is very important So about this coffee cream That’s pretty good It’s not too sweet It keeps the shape for a very long time The aroma of the food is also very good It’s nice to pair with a chocolate cake Ok! so I hope the movie will help you today Please subscribe to my channel if you like. I’ll see you in the next Bye bye