Taoist, you’re making wine here at midnight? Making wine? You know nothing. This is not normal wine. It’s nectar from the heaven. I have traveled around the world alone without any good hobby except for drinking wine. I have drank all the wine in the world. But I’m getting bored of the normal wine. So I tried to make fine wine myself. Taoist, it’s our fate to meet. Since we are so predestined, how about give us some to have a try? I’m not being mean. I’m afraid you’re not capable to bear it. It’s not normal wine. You will get deep drunk only after you take a sip. Don’t waste time. Let’s move now. He seems to be familiar. Taoist, did we meet somewhere before? I have traveled many places. The people I have ever met are countless. Maybe we did meet somewhere before. Taoist, since it is so, why don’t you take off your mask and let us see your face? How rude! You want to take off my mask? It seems that I will drink this wine alone. Taoist, seems that we can’t enjoy it with you. Taoist, farewell. Goddess, let’s go. What a pity! Although it’s a good wine, I can only enjoy it alone. It will be really boring. If Disguising Pill loses efficacy, I’ll be in trouble. Great! My efforts for three years are not invalid. I didn’t expect this wine to have such power. Taoist, what is it in your hand? Come on, hit me with your sword. No more questions, just do it. I didn’t imagine that this wine could give me such a strong power. I’m invincible now. Captain, he said he could give us some. Just say yes. Captain! I’m so lucky to meet you guys. I’m satisfied now. See you. Wait! Taoist, you just said you could give us some of your nectar. Sir, you didn’t want it just now, did you? I changed my mind. Taoist, can we have some? Of course! Sir! Please drink slowly. Leave some to me. This wine tastes so good! Goddess, have a try. Taoist, this nectar is really a good wine. But I didn’t feel my power get stronger. But my steps get heavier. Taoist, I feel… Taoist, you… I’ve told you that it’s not a wine for you common people. I knew who you are. Why are you here? Why did you lie to me? Are you really going to marry Xue Lingzi? Yes, I’m going to marry him and I have to. I won’t go back with you. You get me wrong. I’m not here to take you away. I put Truth Pill in the wine. It’s the pill my father made before. It can make you tell the truth. It can help me get information from my captives. What’s your name? Xue Shi. Why did you come to Beiling? My Leader ordered me to take goddess back to get married with him. Luo God Clan and Xue God Clan are having wars for years, right? Yes. Did your Leader promise that if Luo Li marries him, he will stop the war and never intrude into Luo? Yes. Will he keep his words? Of course not. What will he do? Our Leader said, after they get married, he will wipe out Luo God Clan. You heard that. Are you still willing to go back with him? Luo Li, meaningless sacrifices are foolish. I believe that your grandpa doesn’t want to see you sacrifice yourself in vain. Or he wouldn’t have sent you to Beiling. Go back with me, OK? I can’t go now. Xue Shi sealed my power. I’m just like a normal person now. I can’t escape. Luo Li, do you want to marry Xue Lingzi? I won’t let you do the things you don’t want to. If you don’t, I won’t allow that happen. What are you doing? You can’t run now. But I can. Give me that. Yes. Young Master, it’s time for meal. Do you want me to feed you? Qian’er? Why are you here? You don’t want to see me? Right, why did your father lock you up? The Lake of Dragon is a lie. My father’s real goal is to attack Mu Territory. What? What should we do now? No-face Taoist and my father have set off. What we should do now is to inform Mr. Mu as soon as possible. It can’t be late. I’ll go with you. Young Master! Step aside. I’m going to the Transmitting Circle. Young Master, Ruler said that without his order, no one can use the Transmitting Circle. I’m the Young Master here. My father is away, and I’m the one in charge now. If you disobey, before my father comes back, I can execute you on the spot now. Yes. Bastard! So despicable! Good-for-nothing! Now, go after them! Yes! Is Mr. Mu at home? Young Master Liu and Young Lady Tang, you want to see my master? But they went away yesterday. No, we’re late. Where is Mu Chen? Young Master should have gone with them. But he went eastward with no reason left. He also has left for days. Get me paper and pen. Yes. When Mu Chen comes back, please give this to him. It can’t be delayed. I will. Mubai, what should we do next? I’m going to the Lake of Dragon to tell Mr. Mu. It will be too late if we go from here. We can use the Transmitting Circle here to go to Tang Territory first. Tang is the closest one to the Lake of Dragon. I hope I can arrive in time. I will go with you. I can go ask my father to help you. I need you to go to Beiling School to tell Mr. Mo now. They can help us. When the reinforce comes, head to the Lake of Dragon. I’ll be worried if you go alone. If you are worried, then take Mr. Mo and others to there as soon as possible. Then Mr. Mu and I will be safe and sound. I will arrive in time. Go now. Mubai, promise me. If it can’t be changed, don’t get yourself killed. Mu Chen, put me down. Luo Li, what’s wrong? Are you OK? I’m fine. Idiot, she doesn’t want you to carry her. She is trying to break the seal forcibly. Luo Li, I’ll take you away from here. I won’t let them catch you again. Don’t be so sure. I said you sounds familiar. It turns out that you are Mu Chen. Here I am. So what? I made the wine for you especially. Is that good? Luo Li! Luo Li. Luo Li, you destroy the seal forcibly. Can your body bear it? Cut the crap. Show your strength. Luo Li, how could you break your promise? Do you want our military attack your Clan? Even if I go with you, you won’t spare my Clan either. I won’t be cheated again. Mu Chen, I told you not to cause trouble again. See? You still need my help here. Mu Chen! Mu Chen! Xue Shi, don’t try to take Luo Li away today. Fight! If you want to die, I will satisfy you. Good. We’ll see you next time. Tell your Leader, don’t think about Luo Li anymore. Let’s go. Mu Chen! Wait, I’ll go meet Mr. Liu first. You wait here. Sir! Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. The three of you, protect the Ruler! Yes. Let’s go. The army of Liu Territory should have got there. Why is there no tents? Report! We were ambushed! General Zhou Ye is fighting. What a scene! Mu Feng, the one protecting the Lake shouldn’t be Mu Territory. What do you want? What do you think? Look. We are now in the area just east by south of Mu’s Capital, and the Lake of Dragon is in the northwest of Mu’s Capital. It will cost us two days if we go to the Lake of Dragon from here. My father has set off to the Lake of Dragon. He may have arrived. We should head back to the Capital now and go to Tang Territory through Transmitting Circle, then we can go to the Lake of Dragon from there. It only needs one day. Then let’s go back to Mu’s Capital. The same day next year is your death day! I’ll make a rear guard. You take them leave first. No way! General Zhou Ye asked me to protect you. I can’t leave you here. Fight! Kill them all! Mr. Mu! Why did you come alone? Where is your father? My father is not here. It’s his plot with No-face Taoist. He colluded with the Dragon Clan. He wants to conquer Mu Territory and attack Mu’s Capital. Liu Mubai, you are such an unfilial son. I will give you a lesson for your father today! The reinforce is here. Mubai! We are here to help you. Mr. Mu. Mr. Mu. Mr. Mo is helping General Zhou Ye to fight the Dragon Clan. Please rush out with us! OK. Mo Xingtian, I’d like to know how long you can hold on. Fine, it’s a lot of you. Young Master, Liu Mubai and Tang Qian’er were here. They asked me to give you this. Where are they? They came in a hurry. So they left this bag here. Mu Chen, the battle of Lake of Dragon is a conspiracy between my father and No-face Taoist. They want to siege the main force of Mu Territory and conquer Mu’s Capital. We should take precaution as soon as possible. I have gone to the Lake to inform Mr. Mu. Hope we can stop the plot in time. Liu Mubai. What to do now? Who is in charge of the defense of the city? Shu Zhang. How is it? Don’t make him move. Are you alright? Thank you for coming to help. You should thank these two kids. It should be the matter between Mu and Liu Territory. I never expected Beiling School would get involved. Liu Qingtian colludes with the Dragon Clan to plot the Beiling. Mu Feng, it’s not just that you two territories are at odds with each other. Mubai, your father did that. Not you. You know black from white, and helped Mu Feng. That’s a good action. Mubai, I’m really grateful for that. That’s what I should do. Mr. Mu, Mu’s Capital is in trouble now. We should go back now. Capital? Why? I’m afraid that my father has pitched camps with the army outside the Capital. Mo, there are so many of us. If we move together, that’ll be obvious. Here is a way. We can branch out into two columns and siege the Capital together. OK. That’s also what I want to do. I’m Shu Zhang, greetings, Young Master. General Shu, how many guards do we have now in Capital? About three thousand. How many of them have magic power? Less than two hundred. And most of the tops have left with Ruler. No. It’s far from enough. Young Master, what happened? It’s not enough to fight against Liu Territory. Liu Territory? Aren’t we already allied with them? Liu betrayed our alliance. Now they have gathered army and will come to attack our capital in a few hours. Liu is threatening. We can’t resist it at all. General Shu, please open the Transmitting Circle and escort the people to evacuate safely. Yes. I will send guards to gather the people. Young Master, how will we protect our city? You leave together with the people. Young Master, I’m the defender of Mu Territory. I can’t give up our city. Shu Zhang will live or die together with the city! General Shu, we can get our city back again. But if I lose you, I can’t get you back anymore. Nowadays, there is a great disparity between the enemy and our forces. There is no need to fight unnecessarily. It’s not to guard the city, but the safety of our people. I got it. Go now. Yes. Luo Li, I’m sorry. I wanted to help you. I never expected to get you involved into this. What can I help you? Come with me. Mu Chen, how does the picture you want look like? I’ve never seen it as well. But it must be dirty and old. I want the City Protection Circle of Mu. I haven’t been born when the last time they used it. Mu Chen. That’s it. Let’s go. Mu Chen, how will the City Protection Circle be like? Manpower will be exhausted. The size of the magic circle that humans can control is limited. If you want to start a circle which can protect the whole city, you should integrate it into the city when you build the city. It’s here. The circle won’t be started at ordinary times. But at the critical moment, as long as the power is poured into a specific place, the whole city will become a huge circle. That will be the City Protection Circle. But, Mu Chen, aren’t we going to evacuate? What do you want to do by starting the circle now? We are going to evacuate. But we can’t let Liu conquer our capital so easily, right? We should cause them some troubles. Young Master, the people are all gathered. OK. Let’s go. Mom, will we come back soon? Yes, we will come back. Young Master, you leave first. I will bring up the rear. General Shu, you leave first. I bring up the rear, or there will be a mess in the people. And, take care of Your Lady in the future. Don’t worry, I will protect Young Lady. Mu Chen, let’s go. You leave first. I will be there soon. You didn’t plan to leave. You want to stay here alone. If Liu Qingtian can easily capture the Capital, he will have plenty of time to search. The residents need time to retreat. The longer I stay here, the safer they will be. If you stay, I will stay as well. Luo Li! When I asked you to leave me, you didn’t. Now, I won’t leave you here alone either. Luo Li, sorry that I lied to you. But I don’t want you be in danger. The people of Mu Territory are up to you now. Ruler. Guys, how is it going? The soldiers are all gathered. If you give the order, we are ready to attack the city. If we take down the Mu’s Capital, Mu Territory will lose its main force. Then it will be soon for us to conquer Mu Territory. Liu Yang, why do you look worried today? Uncle, Mubai has been missing since we set off. He is supposed to be present at today’s meeting. But why didn’t he show up? Guys, I have my own arrangement about Mubai. I worried too much. Please forgive my rudeness. I know that war is coming. Young Master’s absence will effect the soldiers’ morale. But the masters of Mu have been away. There must be a mess in Mu’s Capital. There will be no problem to conquer it. Ruler, we will take down the Capital. Good. Report! Ruler, the gate of Mu’s the Capital is opened suddenly. They give up resisting? Ruler, what do you plan to do? To be on the safe side, send a squad to check it first. Uncle, I’m willing to do that. Mu colluded with the Dragon Clan to kill my father. I want to revenge for my father. It’s dangerous on the battle field. If something bad happens to you, what about your mother? It’s also my mom’s wish to revenge for my father. Please let me. You… Mr. Liu, Liu Yang is being filial. Please let him. Liu Yang, take the order. Yes! Mu Chen! Lucky that I can see an acquaintance now. Mu Feng killed my father. I will kill his son! Mu Chen! He wants to fight against the Liu’s army with his own power. Young Lady! Where are you going? Young Lady? Young Master send you with us to protect your safety. You can’t go back there before I go back. Guards! Wait. General, listen to me and stay here to protect the people. There are so many people here. They need your help. But I can’t wait and see Young Master… General, if you really regard me of Young Lady, then stay here. Yes. Young Lady, we’ll head back to Capital after the people are settled down and help Young Master. OK. Ruler, we were ambushed. Our soldiers… Where is Liu Yang? General Liu… Uncle, I’m sorry. You’re not to blame. How many people are there? I only saw Mu Chen. Only him? Go have a rest. Yes. There can’t be any force in Mu now. But it must be a trap if there is only one man. Guards! Ruler. Give my order to gather the war magicians and make the Great Magic. Attack the city! Mr. Liu, there is only Mu Chen in the Capital. When the Great Magic is made, it won’t be long before we take down the Capital. We already start to use the Great Magic while there is only Mu Chen. If their main force didn’t leave, I’m afraid we can’t take down it. I don’t know how great the power they have accumulated is. No matter how great Mu Feng is, his soldiers are all only normal ones. Besides, you have me to help you. You don’t need to worry. Of course. We all know your great power. With your help, we don’t need to fear the army of the Mu. Jiuyou! Jiuyou! Jiuyou! Jiuyou! What? You scared me! The enemy is coming. Why did you come now? I have something to discuss with you. You need my help, right? Liu used the Great Magic to attack. The City Protection Circle can’t hold on for long. I want to use my power to supply it. But my power is not enough. I won’t help. Jiuyou, we’re connected to live or die together. If you don’t help me, you will also be in trouble. Why should I help you? Don’t threat me with that. Why don’t you escape? I can’t! Everyone can escape. Why can’t you do that? How could you keep the City Protection Circle on your own? You’ll never know without a try. Wait for me. Report! Ruler. How is it? The Circle hasn’t been destroyed. Give my order. Increase the power output to break through the City Protection Circle! Yes! Are you alright? Haven’t died yet! Who is that? Ruler. General Shu, why are you here? We wanted to go back to the Capital after we were sent out by Young Master. But we didn’t expect that Liu Qingtian’s encirclement was too tight. We tried several times and couldn’t break through. But Young Lady is skilled. She sneaked in alone first. Young Lady? It’s Miss Luo Li. How is Chen now? After he sent us out, he has been protecting the city alone. Alone? No. With his temper, he will keep fighting till death. We can’t go back through the Transmitting Circle. No. We have tried these days. The Transmitting Circle is closed. Mr. Mu, let me help you to go back. Mr. Mu, how about we hurry up and go to the city to save Mu Chen tonight. No. The war magicians need to rest at night. The whole army is on the alert. If we make a scene, it will cause a situation. That’s right. The war will start tomorrow morning. At that time, the defense will be relaxed. It will be a good chance to sneak in. General Shu. Master. Listen, when we go save Chen, Liu Qingtian will badger with us. You can take the chance to attack and capture the leader. Get me the map. Look. I really don’t understand. Why are you defending an empty city? For my people. Mu’s Capital is the heart of Mu Territory. If we lose it, the whole territory will be done. So I will do whatever I can do to protect this city. We can get back the city, but the life can’t return from death. You said this yourself. If you want to shield the people, you have been doing that long enough. We should go now. If Liu Qingtian conquers the Capital, he will take the Capital of as a stronghold and quickly raid other cities. At that time, more cities will be lost and more people will be in danger. The only thing we can do now is to hold them back and wait for my dad to bring reinforcements back. When your father comes back, you will already be dead. Liu Mubai said he would inform my dad. He will go. I believe that he will stop this plot, and my father will come with the reinforcement in time. Such an idiot! You said you didn’t want to help me. I’m not helping you. I just don’t want to die with you. Thank you, Jiuyou. Save it. Report! Is the City Protection Circle broken? It was broken at first, and the Great Magic has taken down the barrier. But a purple power showed up suddenly and fixed up the barrier. Purple power? What is that? It can’t be from normal person. It seems that there is not only Mu Chen. What to do now? Don’t worry. Let the magicians keep attacking. Master, won’t you help me? This is the first battle for Liu to dominate the Beiling. If I help you, even if you win, how will you build your prestige and command the people? Give my order. Keep attacking! We should take the city down today! Jiuyou, are you alright? Shut up. Don’t distract me. We did it! Jiuyou? Jiuyou! Jiuyou! Jiuyou! Jiuyou!