I am going to destroy it with a fireball ๐Ÿ™ I’ll give you three seconds to give me a dope. I three two one. NOPE Hello and welcome to dope or no the show in which we rate products DOPE or NOPE or we use a spell to make everyone Fall in love with us Today is 10 (Nice Cut Mathias) magic tricks magicians don’t want you to see (SHHHH) so we’re going to be looking at 10 different magic trick products that mu-mu-mu musicians? magicians How to play living on a prayer dude so each of these products we are gonna rate DOPE or NOPE But we’re doing something special because today we’re gonna play Dope OR DIE *scum* Each one of us has two lives whoever gets eliminated first has to tweet what the other two say first magic trick Wow Puts it on my head my head my head gets spiritual The secret box amazing magic trick this trick is so deceptive. It will fool magicians. Well, that’s pretty useless so magicians The magician Bosley’s like I can do this no Ok, so the idea is that you can shake this it sounds like there’s something in it But there’s not when you open it before I even touch this thing Let me just see if I can figure out the mechanics of it. There’s a false bottom that moves up and down Yes, I thought these Balls bottom that smacks the top and the bottom and it sounds like a shaker. Yeah, I’d imagine I don’t know What do you mean? You don’t know? You said you looked at all these products maybe? a lot reading instructions first no It was the easiest things exactly what I thought it was No Bottom but the issue was when I opened it up and I went like that no, you saw it was foot to him and I was like well is a trick that even magicians will be magic the trick is to shake it so that the false bottom thing goes into the lid and then you hand them the bottom of It flip it out onto your hand. Then you hand them a lid. Okay, that’s better This is right, can we fool anyone with it? I think this is pretty good. Yeah, I think we could pull somebody right? Let’s try. Let’s see who our first willing means. I’m willing audience member and sensual audience on this I want to see something wild and crazy. You keep your pencil. Yes, I will for the first trick It’s a magnet oh Boy, or it’s a false floor proof. Oh, no, there’s an extra ring in there. That’s the exact precise You just know he took it out right there Judy got you off the bat and that’s Conor – What do you guys say dope or no, I think it’s dope i’ma say I say dope no it was said no Yes need to know so I pass through what do you to the next round a kidney stone nice? do ops ESP match board ESP prediction Bantle ESP magic tricks magician ears obtain illusion pop ESP ESP Mensa magic, I just didn’t Thank you Fabulous and mental effect for all audiences very well made. Well, I’ll be the decider when you have to say is very well made It’s not I freaking be going up you girl. I’m very handsome Very well made we checked it Here we go So the audience member has the green cards and then they’re gonna tell them where they want him to put the cards like in what? Number slut they want them to put the cards in schedule of juice. Kyle is G Here are five numbers. Please choose one. I choose three and that he’s gonna pick two next watch. I’m magic Pow I know. Alright guys, so we finally got it here you got to keep this side forward to the viewer So they’re only gonna see this So now with your deck, you’re not gonna place your order what you’re gonna predict their card will be in this last column Alright, so then I predict I think you might put your cards in this order you in turn But they’re all the exact order of what’s already on the back What do you all right, it’s about a big metal. Boom, right? He’s placed his prediction shuffle these cards for me Shuffled what number do you already put this card app in order one, two, three, four five Wait, I’m seeing that you’re putting it in between something. Mm-hmm. I can see that from this angle. I know what you’re talking about There’s no angles here. You just have bad sight. Is it possible? I predicted exactly what you would do It’s almost like it’s a hundred percent possible. You’re right. I knew cuz I’m a genius one second. Hold up Why is that card smaller than the rest? What card? didn’t move How it did move this is what he did. It looked like this and I was like, um, what? Okay, you just gave away your magic trick So I will say this it is very obvious once you see it, but this would have fooled me from anybody I mean like how in the heck did you do this and it fooled me on TV as well for me? It takes way too long to get to such like a mediocre trick. It’s not that mediocre Yeah I mean like all the setup and like any other cartridge pick a card do it in the air late one Another one out. Does your guards like yeah, that was three seconds. Yeah, but I didn’t do it It’s just about how to actually do it. Yeah that one I just want to see magic trick. I will make a child up here Break out my new magic trick on somebody what get on out of here But I’m going to predict the order in which you place your cards in this, okay? I have made my selection now. Have you shuffled your dad? Yes No first card. Where do you want it to go on this? Okay. Give me your card Okay, give me your next one to really fall into my trap right now, aren’t you? What if I told you I knew exactly we’re gonna put each one of those determine whether this product is dope or no Oh, wow, let’s dunk it gosh, you’re on. Let me see go for Old wizard here has done it again. What should I know gonna get you? Yeah I’ll say it’s a DOS. I think it’s a dope. It’s easy to do. It’s a very easy mind trick it says you’d only issue is that you better not see it even the slightest angle because I from even this thing well when it’s Down I can see that there’s two sides to those numbers. You want to buy it too bad cuz it’s a dope dope Guys, yeah today, we’re not doing a like to buy We’re doing a like to live like to live like to live is where you guys Click like on this video to let us know if you want us to go live Maybe 15 minutes before a video the next video that we upload We may go live on if you guys hit the lightbulb like what 75 K make it 100 Okay, okay, if you want us to go live, maybe we’ll play a game maybe we’ll test the product or – let us know by giving a hundred thousand likes and that will let us know that you actually Want to do that because we have to reconfigure our entire setup find some new product to you guys to share into the livestream It’s gonna take some time. So we want to make sure you guys actually want to see that. Oh your Mama your mama mama said my mama said mama said dinner alright We are print flames at fingertip stage magic tricks fire hands magic props magician gimmick accessories fire finger kit Look, that’s Photoshop. They’re all the same flame. What happened to a stub? Why that’s your boy that worry stores all the gas It sounds dangerous. I mean you’re playing with real fire kids only this with parents old supervision only deal with real parents Okay, aren’t you kind of curious if it’s gonna burn your finger? Really? These are Flint. Oh that would that would burn your fingers. That’ll are are you kidding me my favorite? Why’d you feel your finger getting warm already? No, but I think these are also like heat like fire or slash resistant Oh, wow that burned out quick We got five seconds You know anything like in what world is this gonna be a trick where it ice world like you can see things on your finger This thing is so big and thick. I’m sorry brother. This is a no. No, I can see something on your finger I’m just gonna say Right, sorry, Michael your first life is gone Smoke from nowhere Stage magic tricks is this really smoke from nowhere or is it just someone with a something up their sleeve? Well, it looks like someone’s vaping. It’s just a juul so I think the idea is You’ll be able to just trigger smoke and then make whatever’s in your hand disappear cuz it’s also saying music for comedies What would be funny if you just like oh my robes on fire By now Why does this smoke from nowhere? How does that happen smoke from nowhere? Yeah, it’s gotta come from somewhere I have a feeling it’s not gonna work. I’m gonna say sometime. Yeah, it doesn’t work What way doesn’t even work at all, but we found another magic store out in the valley So we got another smoke machine cost a pretty penny 200 smackeroos. Hmm. I walk into the store and let’s go I’m just gonna magic product. There’s a legit full blown dress and magicians and they’re like, hey You’re a respected magician get serious appreciate that So, how do I use it you put on your wrist? Oh I stretch this onto my wrist You got to make something disappear from us I have a doughnut little why I don’t I’m just gonna get rid of this doughnut because I have a stomachache And I’m gonna make it never appear against on never tempted Do those are some big sleeves smoked I made it disappear. I just saw it falling asleep I’m going to destroy it with a fireball. I’ll give you three seconds to give me a dope – what no Am I doing it though, okay So we rated it out. I’m gonna say it’s a no, that’s an open. That’s all I got to say about it. I Still have a life left and my life is worth living multiplying bottles black eight bottles stage magic tricks It looks like they’re like Russian dolls. And this cylindrical object is supposed to mask them tanner What’s a Russian doll? A Russian doll is a doll made in Russia? No The Russian doll trick is it’s a very small doll inside a little bit of a bigger doll inside of a little bit bigger inside of a little bit bigger and so the whole trick is that you just keep Undoing them and there’s more inside and keeps blowing your mind. I can’t wait till my mind is blown Add to Cart we got to Show you guys I have two bottles underneath here. You’ve ruined the bed. No, I did not no Because guess what? Guess what’s underneath one now pudding? Pudding and now I know what you thinking Tanner. Can you move that pudding to the other one? I’m gonna tell you what? Yes, I can and here’s how Boom, that’s actually good back to two smaller bottle sides boy. You’re mocking even more. No, let’s see you wanna go a little lower I can’t There’s only two bottles in there Tanner when you show both bottles that ruins the I now know what’s happening in know the whole point for me was to show you why the pudding went from One side to the other. Yeah, exactly So you show pudding on one and then the bottle on the other you never show both legs or both bottle? Oh, I did it first try now. I want to show you about a little bottle. No, you don’t show big bottles that was the point of the different sized bottles being inside of each other cuz that’s a different track that different Tigers did both of them Even see it in their different different sizes, except that’s what’s shown of a first boom big boys little boy. I Say we take this around the office and we haven’t performed this on someone else to see if they can push what what you and I caught of why we think this trick was wrong have to snap my fingers I’m gonna make the pudding go from here to here. Okay, it’s possible No Ah, do you want to go back yeah check it out. Yeah look under the table Good right why I do it company Matt’s doing stuff How can you put the bottle in the pudding in the same one? Do you want me to do that? Yes Yeah, I can do it. I guess not. Okay Yeah, I will I will leave this room right now if you make it make that happen, really? Okay, I’ll do What I can spawn another bottle and spawn another pudding and put them both in the same one I will lose it if you’re if you bring two bottles out right now, you’re gonna lose it. I’ll lose it. Yeah, here we go Execution zero argumentativeness ten attractiveness seven Product ten so overall that totals to a dope right? You got the dope New ops light and heavy chest MC magic tricks wood and frost magic pro machine now We got this box here. So it’s supposed to be an unlivable box trick. No one can lift the box except you so me I’m the magician for me It’s like and I can lift it but to others it might be so heavy that they can’t lift it It’s kind of that sword. What’s the sword sword in the stone kind of like that sword in the stone? What’s that called? Caliber so here you see my light bucks. Alright. Oh I get how it works already What’s underneath them all just the bugs I don’t understand pudding makes it heavy just to rabid dabble it and then BOOM Oh, I see. He made the pudding solid concrete. Look he can’t lift it now. Actually, it looks like stuck That’s not really what a heavy thing would do. Yeah, you can’t lift No, if you were to lift a heavy thing it wouldn’t raise the table with it’s so heavy it reverses gravity Yeah the table See the Box doesn’t feel too heavy because I can pull the box up. It’s just It seemed to be the issue here so it’s the wrong table Alright, but just so you guys know how this works underneath the finger chips Right right here. There is a clamp And if you undo the clamp, then it releases the suction cup wait, so it wasn’t the pudding I’m a magician so I can do anything with this body But sure what this is once I set it down on the ground you will not be able to live tickle It’ll be so heavy. You can’t lift it on really well You see here, right just to anchor chips something so light is gonna make it so heavy. You can’t lift it. So let’s say yeah Alright dropping it Clothing it back up for one more time for good. Yeah, this is bright. We need one more chocolate To make sure yeah, yeah Are you doing Twisting it off of this heavy surface, you know, it’s heavy the cost of ruining the table to him Scratch it because it was so heavy you so hey I Like put together what the problem was down there cuz you were really fidgeting with the handkerchief So you’re saying is it – no, I don’t know. I feel like if it would have been presented differently it would be a dope I Think it’s a good trick. I have to say no. I’ll give you your dope. All right, thanks bride. I got a dope do-wop do-wop qb2 candy candy not included magic tricks big cube dice – small stage gimmick part I don’t even know why I’m trying to read the title. It’s not telling me anything I know so many words and it doesn’t tell me anything. All these do up ads just are the same exact thing Alright, like cube de candy What does that mean big cube dice – small stage gimmicks proper lusion like what are you trying to tell me how to do? Ten magic sleight-of-hand tricks, okay Oh I get it. You’re supposed to make it. So all the colors of the Rubik’s Cube turn into sour candy There was some kind of jump cut though because look at that cube, and then now look at the difference between that one She’s twisting it the one he’s gonna put down. It’s like soul Yeah It’s like not even a rush to so you have to do a sleight of hand to change the Rubik’s Cube to be able to do this tricky magicians and Cube candy. Oh look Oh, okay. So I see what’s happening. That’s what he’s doing. There is a real rubik’s cube And then basically what you do, what do you do? Oh You throw this on this? Oh You want to see me solve? This Rubik’s Cube really quick? Yeah on camera. It looked really good. Okay Okay, so in real life you can see where it folds out. This would not fool anyone watch. There’s a magic palette I can’t do this. This is too impossible. The issue is you have to carry around this thing The hardest nope, I’ve had so far and that means Matthias you are the loser Sword-swallowing buy premium magic dude last time we tried sword swallowing, but we just got a sword. We’re doing sword swallowing Magic, too. I Don’t trust anybody who name themselves premium magic for starters. No, the esel magic. No, it says buy premium magic, but it’s by Ezell They don’t know who they are. That’s okay Recommend for ages 12 and above really sword swallowing phrases – falling above great. Give add the cards Go ahead and pass it to me Casper. Yeah Wow, oh Is This kind of throw you off when you’re unboxing a giant sword in the tiny box No I didn’t think about I thought it’s gonna be folded into like quarters or something not rolled up like a fruit roll-up check out my Fruit by the foot. Oh, no gonna break it. Wow. That is kind of a sword. No, no other way Come on bro, you’re fooling nobody with this. Oh, oh, that’s what you’re supposed to do Oh Oh, I want to try There should be some kind of like disengagement. Oh Did that cut your tongue, you know stabbed my gums. Are you okay? No, I think you’d be able to fool someone with this if you mastered it. I’ll go try this out on somebody I think so Swallow this whole sword. Okay, here we go. Yeah, I’m gonna guide it in That’s what happens when you try to be such a show-off Tanner wait quiet quiet we will try it on Conner I’m gonna swallow this sword. Okay, sir stab the wall I’m gonna swallow this whole source. I’m gonna guy in Which I can speak wild, what do you think Mike? I don’t know how you’re doing this told you pretty gross if you’re actually shoving the diced it up I hear ya check to that, right? So, what do you guys think I would say it’s a joke I Thought it was gonna be a no. Yeah. Yeah, it’s clearly not a real sword, but Wash it before you put the whole thing in his mouth like respect that’s a dope ultimate victory silver steel appearing bird cage a small sized of appearing cage magic tricks magician stage illusions gimmick props So I’m assuming you can like hide this like into your sleeve and then you can pull it out and then when you pull it Out it’ll turn into that guy and then there’ll be a little birdie inside of it. Wait It’s a bird inside of it trapped magic dude. So the spawns Birds I thought there was a bird in there and then the cage goes like this and closes in on itself and then the bird goes As a bird did you know, you know how to do that you just smacked ran What you doing over there, I am preparing my magic You know that bird looks like I haven’t moved in 30 years, there it is The rubber band looks more alive than the bird I’ll be all right So, yeah, so essentially this just collapses down hides a little birdie in it, and then you’re putting on Inhumane for birds. Yeah, it’s not a real bird But no both to be you know magicians are doing that putting real birds in there I don’t stand that musicians you hide it inside your sleeve like this. Nothing’s happening. I thing you pool by here Adding a little like don’t do it to me. It’s just like a Mary Poppins gag, Iraida, didn’t oh, yeah There’s nothing cool about this so far Mike. I gotta be honest with my soul I just think like the mechanics have to be better of how it also stays closed. I’m gonna say – nope. Sorry, dude. Oh, Cool. What no no Doo-wops if we say that one more time I get a headache professional Coin bucket coin pail magic tricks of magician stage gimmick appearing illusion prop classic toys Accessories mentalism, I didn’t allow the word mentalism That is what I want the picture definition of mentalism And the list So I’ve been given a Bosch looks like this can wear on your head now. I’m a real magician brother. No your Mentalist And then I was giving this half dollar coin Now the way this whole thing is supposed to work is I’m supposed to have a good grip of this half-dollar Okay, wait before you do that. I’m So originally the way Initially the whistles work are these little side pieces right here, right. They press in and out You’re supposed to hide the half dollar coins inside here So that way they release into the bucket without you even having have them in your hand But it’s on both sides. So you can essentially yeah store them on both sides. So you have to hold it like this Otherwise people are gonna look at it. So then you just go I Mean it is just a bucket. So your empty bucket. Let me see if it’s empty Yeah, do you see you empty now? And Then How that I just put the coin in oh, yeah you put the coin no I’m reading the Sun note for myself Straight up though. I actually deleted Twitter from my phone so I don’t go on Twitter and Instagram anymore Why so I can’t but when we did thumbnails on Monday you use your laptop which has it on there Yes true and your laptop is by the crafty. Okay, fine. Let’s go. Alright, Matt. Wait. I’m the one saying alright, Matt and Michael Yeah, you guys take a seat right there. I want you both squat it up. I’m not tweeting. So he tweets first though All right Glenn open your laptop, buddy Right. All right. Here’s what I want you guys to tweet. I am so thankful for at chandamama dog Make sure you don’t spout miss Bella I loved him so much emphasize that how you please go follow him to find out why got to have a plug I’m not plugging myself then why did I win? We’re really playing here. So like making a u-turn or mom at all Just do service so be fine I So appreciate it. Thank you guys guys, make sure you check out this video. It is 10 products That magicians don’t want you to see it was the first time we did a magic video also check out this video It’s one that YouTube recommend specifically for you Let us know if they are right and make sure you guys subscribe and hit that Bell icon Because we have crazy videos coming up and you’re not gonna want to miss something He’ll hate it