– What?
It leveled. – My brain can not
understand. – Do I even see everything?
I guess, I don’t know. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Back by popular demand,
we have some optical illusions for you today.
– This is the coolest one. Are you serious?
Optical illusions? Yes, I always wanted
to be on these, ’cause they’re so cool. – Oh, these are so fun.
I used to have a book full of optical illusions
that I would just look at when I was a kid. – I was actually looking
at some yesterday. – I see a lot of the same ones,
so a lot of the same ones are over done.
Hopefully, these are different. – (FBE) Well, we’re gonna
show you ten of some of the more popular
optical illusions from around the internet and see
what you think of them. – Okay.
I wonder if the blue, gold dress is gonna be in there. – I’m excited.
These are fun. – (FBE) So, what do you see?
– I see a face. Now I see two faces. – Two faces, I guess.
One looks like it’s facing this way,
but it also looks like– oh wait, no.
No, okay. Wait, it’s just a really
wide face. – At first, I saw it
as one giant face, but now I see two faces
merged together. – I see two people
kissing. The right side of the photo
looks like a girl leaning in kissing. – (FBE) It’s the question of
do you see two kids faces in profile or
one big face straight on? – I can see both of them.
I saw the two kids first and then my eyes
adjusted and it saw one face. – I’ve seen stuff like this.
It’s almost kind of like the vase one, where
it’s like do you see two faces or do you see a vase?
It’s kinda like that. – Oh, this one’s messing with me. – Oh, okay.
So, it’s a big mirror. Yeah, it looks like people
are sitting on the edge of the windows and also
climbing down. – Whatever’s happening is
on the ground, but then the mirror
makes it look like it’s upright. I was really confused
because the people sitting in the windows,
they must be like really chilling back in there. – I like the way they can
toy with that. It’s not really much of
an optical illusion as it is just having
fun with mirrors. – (FBE) This is actually
kind of an effect that people will use
in films when they’re trying to make it look
like someone’s hanging out of a window or
falling off of a building, stuff like that.
– I didn’t know that and I’m doing film,
so I’m gonna keep that in mind. That’s cool, though.
I didn’t know that that was a thing. – I never knew that.
That’s really cool. That really confused me.
This picture really got me. I was like, what the heck
is that? – These are hands.
They’re hands painted like animals, but really
well done. – That’s really talented.
That is so cool. – I can do the dog thing
with the shadow. You know.
That’s about it. – The thing that gave it
away was probably the fingernail or the finger
on the eagle. – I’ve seen people do this
on Instagram. I think I know–
I don’t remember what the guy’s name,
but he also does full body ones too,
where the people pose in certain ways and the way
he paints them makes them look like animals.
It’s so detailed. Look at that eyeball.
That eyeball has emotion and it’s a hand. – Even the nose on the zebra,
it’s weird. Makes me feel weird,
’cause it’s like– it looks so realistic
on someone’s hand. – I’m looking at a wall.
The only thing that stands out is a rock
or something. – A turtle?
But just the head with no shell.
What is that? Or is it a fish?
It kinda looks like a fish now on the side.
Wait, what the heck is it? Oh, it’s a cigar
or a cigarette or something. Oh my God. – So, it’s first a picture
of bricks and then someone says,
“Wait until you see it.” There’s a cigar in the thing
and you can never unsee it. – I know there’s something
specific I’m supposed to be looking for,
but I could never find it. – (FBE) If you stare long enough,
you may see a cigar sticking out of the brick wall
in the center. – Oh, I see it.
That’s trippy. – Dang it.
Making me blow my mind. – I didn’t even see it at first.
Wow, that’s so– that’s insane how your eyes
are like you can choose what the image looks like
and you don’t even know if you’re getting all of it.
Do I even see everything? I guess, I don’t know. – (FBE) You’re going to read
the color that you see out loud. – Read the color or… – I’ve done this before
just years ago, so I might be a little rusty,
but I used to be really good at this. – Oh, the col–
All right, green, blue. Wait. – Green, red, blue, yellow,
blue, black. – Red, blue, green, black,
red, yellow. – Green, blue, black, blue,
red, green. – (FBE) Good job.
– I did it. That was a struggle. – You don’t focus on the words.
If you just look at the colors and go through it.
You have to think of what the color is,
just forget about the word. It was just me trying to
figure out the word of the color. – I see within the man’s
hairline, a wall. – Oh, I’ve seen this.
This is famous. This is a painting.
So, it’s either two elderly people that are holding each other
with a cup in between them, or it could also be
these two people singing to each other. – I see both things.
See the faces of the older people and I see the two young
people that are playing a guitar and standing
next to each other. – It’s so crazy.
Their eyes are their faces. It’s really weird and then
their hats or sombreros are their eyebrows. – For the girl’s side,
it’s like a curtain and for the guy’s side,
it’s a little archway. – I just have a lot of respect
and admiration for artists that actually take the time
to put all that planning into this image.
The result is just so fun. – Wow.
Oh, it looks like there are holes in her leg.
It makes me wanna look away. – Okay, this has to be
body paint, right? – That’s crazy.
People are so detailed. That itself, that’s literally
an art. – Okay, I’ve seen this.
This is a tattoo, right? And it looks like
carved wood. – (FBE) This is actually
a tattoo on someone’s leg. – It’s a tattoo.
The tattoo artist was pretty good, then,
because it kinda seems like paint was involved. – What, that’s a tattoo?
That is so cool. That’s some mad talent.
Look at that. Look at the shadowing.
There’s light hitting it in certain areas,
all the shading and stuff, and there’s shadows.
That is just mind blowing. That’s so good. – Okay, I was making sure
it was makeup. I was like, please let
that be makeup. – Oh my God, this is cool.
This is like a makeup artist. I’m impressed.
I’ve never seen makeup like this before. – That’s crazy how she
blended in her lips to match the wall perfectly. – It’s kinda good for pictures
but not good for real life because you can clearly tell.
It’s like a clown, you know they’re frowning
even though they have the happy makeup. – I see that her lips
and her nose– no, no, no.
Her lips are painted in white so it’s camouflaged.
Dude, the power of makeup is crazy.
The fact that you can do that, you can transform
yourself into a monster with makeup. – I think it’s supposed to be
a dog creature, but I think that’s really cool.
I’m really into makeup, special effects makeup and stuff.
I appreciate it and I would do it for films
and things like that and painting realistic
things on yourself has never been a specialty
of mine, so when I see stuff like that, it’s so cool. – This is pretty cool.
Probably if you were in that room–
wait, I just realized. ’cause they have those shoes.
Is it glass? Okay, this takes a second. – How do they make it
look like that? My brain can not understand. – Everyone’s walking on
the floor and the floor looks like it goes on forever.
That’s really cool. I would love to walk
in this room. It would freak me out. – (FBE) This is a room
in a museum and it’s called
the invisible floor. – Oh gosh.
I know there, I would have a mild panic attack
walking in. – I would be terrified
if I was standing on there, ’cause I’m afraid of heights,
so even though it’s fake, I’d probably still get some
vertigo. – The human mind is so weird.
This is obviously a floor, but just because it looks
like real, it scares me. It makes my heart drop.
I would have the natural instinct to go as close to the wall
as I could and not be in the center of that room. – I see it’s kind of like
a scale where the triangle is tipping down one of
the sides of it. – Oh, that’s so crazy
because you can– I can see it literally inching. – It did look like
it was leaning, but now with the lines gone,
they look completely straight. – What?
It leveled. It was a box with a triangle
and then the box with this triangle
weighing it down and then the lines
disappeared and it just, whoop. – (FBE) This one’s called
the Tilt. The boxes don’t actually
tilt, but the stripes added make it seem like they do.
– That’s kinda weird. I don’t see it. – Even though I understand
that the stripes make it look tilted,
it still looks tilted to me. I can’t help but see
the tilted box. – They’re cool.
I like things that make you think.
They’re kinda like brain games. – Some of these, you can
have conversations about, you can have debates
whether you see this or that. I like the fact that
you can do that, have a little conversation
or debate about it. – They’re really fun
and whoever comes up with them, that’s crazy.
I don’t even understand how one can think
“Maybe if I add stripes to these boxes,
they’ll look tilted.” More like whoever thought
of that thing with the mirror and the ground, that’s so cool.
That’s so cool. – Thanks for watching us
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