– What the frick?
No. – It just really messes
with my mind. I don’t know.
I can’t look at it any more. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, are you ready
of us to mess with your head? – Oh no.
What the heck? – (FBE) Because we have
some gnarly optical illusions for you to check out.
– Yes. I love optical illusions. – Yes, I love optical illusions.
I literally look at those all the time in my spare time. – (FBE) We’re gonna show you
ten of some of the more popular optical illusions
from around the internet and just see what you think
of them. – Oh, I’m excited. – You know what’s cool
about these probably, is that they’re gonna involve
a lot of geometry. That’s dope. – “Motion Pareidolia.
Please observe the up and down motion.” – A bunch of dots.
“Did you see up and down motion until the end?”
Yeah. – “Only the first five frames
had up and down motion. The last five frames
were purely random.” So they were moving,
but just not up and down? – “As you view the next clip,
think you yourself: ‘Right, left, right”
Okay. They all look random. – “Now, think to yourself:
‘up, down, up, down, up, down'” I just see it moving
a bunch of times, but it’s between one
picture and the other picture. – No, it was moving up and down
every time I said “Up and down.” – (FBE) This is basically
your mind creating the illusion that you wanna see.
– Exactly. How am I gonna know
if it’s up or down? For real, how am I
gonna know? – So, on the side,
I see three little Pac-Man creatures. – A little Pac-Man triangle.
Three triangles. Does it move? – I see circles,
not semicircles. I see pizzas with a slice
taken out of them and then I see
a Star of David. – It makes an image using
the negative space of a black triangle like that,
but there’s actually no triangle at all.
Our mind learns to fill in the gaps, so we perceive it
as a triangle. – (FBE) So, for this one,
there is no black triangle, but the absence causes
your brain to complete the shape. – What?
There’s two big triangles, one’s white and one’s black. – I think that’s it’s just
three circles, then a white triangle,
then they put a black triangle and made it look like
there’s no triangle there. – (FBE) How many different
colors can you see in this photo? – This is such a trick question.
I’m looking at it and I’m like, “How many
colors do I see?” My eyes deceive me. – How many different colors?
There’s three. – They keep moving.
Pink, blue, and orange and green. – So, there’s definitely
the orange and the pink and then there’s a blue
and a pink, but when the blue and the orange
are together, the blue looks more green. – (FBE) So, what may
appear to be four colors is really only just three colors.
The blue and green are actually the same color.
– Wait, hold up. Hold up, I think you’re right.
What the frick? No. – The colors are just making
it look different. I see. – That is what it is.
Got you, but it’s because of the contrast,
pink on this side and orange on this side,
the shade looks different. See, this is really interesting. – (FBE) So, for this one,
the closer you get to the image, the wider
and brighter the white spotlight seems to get.
– Okay. Oh my God, that’s cool.
I like that one. – That is so interesting.
Why is that? – It looks like it’s glowing.
I feel like there’s a train coming towards me. – It does do that.
When I’m here, it’s almost to the edges
and then when I’m back here, it’s only in the center. – Oh my gosh, it does.
No, okay, no. No, that’s dumb. – As I get closer–
oh yeah, it does. But it’s not–
it’s just ’cause of my focus. This is not really that dope.
Come up with some cooler optical illusions. – Okay, sort of blurry.
Sort of looks like I’m looking through a foggy glass. – (FBE) So, pick a spot
in this image and stare directly at it.
The longer you stare, the more the rest of the image
disappears. – Everything’s so blurry.
Oh, it looks like it’s shrinking. Oh, that’s cool. – I feel like that kinda
didn’t work for me. I’m gonna try to focus
on something else, though, because the blue thing
is first of all, it’s more prominent
than the others, so everything already
kinda disappears compared to it. – It’s going away.
It’s going away. It’s gone, it’s gone. – Oh [bleep], yeah.
It happened. Wait, hold up.
That’s trippy. – It is definitely disappearing.
Will it stop? Then when you blink,
it comes back. – What?
That’s so weird. The bottom half is gone.
If I blink, it’s back to normal. That’s so weird. – (FBE) So, if you blink
while looking at this gif, it almost seems to reset.
If you quickly blink, you can see numerous
random patterns within it. – That’s trippy, actually.
I just made my eyes become a strobe light. – Oh my God.
It looks like the circle– there’s a circle in the middle.
If you blink really fast, it looks like the circle moves. – When I blink I see
a circle in the middle, kinda like a target.
You know the Target logo? It’s kinda like a bullseye. – It’s so cool.
This one’s cool. Damn, I could look at it
for a while. It’s kinda trippy. – Seems like something
I’d wanna, you know– in those adult coloring books,
draw, color in. – It just really messes
with my mind. I don’t know.
I can’t look at it anymore. It’s giving me trypophobia. – This is one of the stair things
that’s not really… Okay, gotta figure this out. – This is a mind [bleep].
I see it, I see it. Okay, I can’t tell if it’s
two blocks laying next to each other, or two blocks
one on top of each other. – It’s one piece of wood.
Wait, what? I’m confused what this is.
Oh my– I see it now.
It’s sideways. – It’s supposed to look like–
if you like from down here, it’s two blocks on top
of each other with the nail
going this way, but if you kinda progress
up to where the hand is, it looks like two blocks
next to each other with the nail going this way. – (FBE) This is a real life
photo version of the sheer stairs. – Yeah?
How did they do that? – You’re making me question
things about my brain I shouldn’t be questioning
right now. That’s really trippy though. – (FBE) Which of these
two monsters appear larger? – Are you serious right now?
It’s gonna be one of those things where you put them next
to each other and they’re the same size. – The one that appears larger
is the one that is chasing and the one that appears
smaller is the one that’s being chased,
but I feel like without the tunnel, they’d be
the same size. – I think it’s just the perspective
that makes that one seem a lot bigger than that one,
’cause that one has a bigger shadow and it’s
coming from the tunnel when the tunnel looks smaller. – I bet you they’re the same size.
Are they the same size? – (FBE) Well, they are both
the same size. – Oh, okay.
That’s weird though. How does–
that one looks so much smaller than that one. – What you’re doing is
you’re comparing the drawing of that guy
running to the background which are those bricks.
The environment’s changing. It’s not–
oh my gosh. – “Ambiguous Garage Roof.”
Looks cute. It’s so tiny. – ♪ (piano) ♪ – So, I guess it does
bend down in the mirror, but it looks like it bends up.
What? Oh my God, it’s…
How is that possible? – Ah, I get it.
Okay, so it looks like it’s flat because of the angle we’re at,
but then you turn it around and it is shaped very odd. – Maybe it’s something
with the mirror. – Flip it over. – Oh, no wonder.
You see, look. This one’s cool.
I like this one, ’cause he’s explaining
“Oh, this is how we did it though.” – That’s weird.
Even after knowing that you know the trick,
it still tricks you. When it turns around,
it still looks like it’s just a curved line.
That’s crazy. – (FBE) So, do you see
the white and black rope shape that spirals
downwards? – Yeah, I do. – (FBE) Those are not spirals,
but actually separate circles. – Oh yeah, I see it.
Wait, they’re all separate? – What?
I need to find one. – But it looks like it connects.
It looks like it– oh, no.
‘Cause if I just follow it trying to see it connect,
it’s not going down. – It’s the pattern behind it,
which is what makes your mind see a spiral
and it’s so weird, ’cause it really looks
like it’s going clockwise. – Oh my God, they don’t connect.
They don’t connect! Ah, that’s tripping me out.
This big one, it looks like a circle,
but all the rest look like they connect.
How much time do you have to have to thoroughly
think, “I’m gonna make this optical illusion
to confuse people.” Oh my God. – I just need to stare
at nothing for a while, like a blank wall,
but then I’ll start seeing things in there, probably. – What you think that
you are visualizing in the world can be
completely different than what’s actually there, too.
Our brains are scary. They like to work
in the most efficient way, so they take the smallest
amounts of information and they try to put it
together in this quick, “Okay, I know what I’m seeing.”
But you’re not. You don’t know what
you’re seeing. – Thanks for watching us
get our minds blown on the React Channel. – Any of these trip you out?
Let us know in the comments. – Bye, guys. – Hey, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you for watching.
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