How’d that get in there dude do that actually got me for a second is that wild? What is up everybody welcome to dope or nope Today we are joined by the 3 tan men. We got rid of the other guy. We got myself We got this handsome young man right here. You guys know who that is That’s Michael Talementes and then here we have a new member. You guys have never seen him before I swear This is Bryan. Say hi Bryan. Hi. Hi Bryan, Bryan everybody. Say hi to Brian. He’s from Team edge I’m sure you guys have seen him. We’re actually excited to have him back Matt I know you have to what the question everyone’s thinking right now. Where’s Matt? No, they’re thinking why is Tanner in the front? But that is also why no and the answer to that is Matt is a sick boy He didn’t want you guys to feel left out though so I’m gonna FaceTime him to prove it to you that he is in fact sick because your guys probably like Oh, Matt’s trying something that he’s gonna put Tanner in the front He’s gonna run away from the channel never make a video ever good and he’s just gonna hate us. No, it’s not the case He’s just a little sick. Okay. All right guys, I’m calling the old fart right now What’s that face dude you look horrible? Yeah Disgusting and that’s not even because of the sickness. What do you have to say to the kids? Yeah, we’re recording what do you want to say to the kids you’re sick boy guys pulls up his blankie I Just want to say what’s up. I’m actually sick. I’m not trying to like not be in the channel. Don’t worry I’m gonna be in the next video. Don’t freak out please in the comments below like what I could use is Mathias feel better No, no, I’m not connections get better By never letting say goodbye everybody because the Brian be one through three are taken over today’s shoot. That’s right And today we are doing 10 products that are going to trick your Ryan exactly trick your Brian No, we’re gonna trick your brain and we’re gonna start with product. Number one everybody. Let’s do it money maze money puzzle So it looks like it’s amazing that you put your money in and you use it to keep other people out But what if you want to use that money? That’s what I understand So you put this money in a man and you hide it from yourself to have an ice-cream guy comes by Okay, I want to buy one of those chocolate. Acha. You’re like Sarah, please Oh, have you had a choco taco recently? No, are they good? No, surprisingly. They’re not as good as they you service. Yeah They were never good. All right. Well now you’re banned. You don’t have to go at all on this whole time. Oh nothing Nobody’s bought this because there’s no logical reason behind that. There’s two reviews No, Aaron, put a board over the reviews. I’m gonna get three of them one for each of us. Avocado. Hit me Oh, Dangle is me compared to Matt. I do unboxing Gore. Oh This looks so tragic are you kidding me? I’ve to solve this to get the candy No, how do you put the candy in who did this? So when you first get it, that’ll it is a Smell like a nasty fart you like it Anyway you first get the product the lid isn’t attached to it, so you’re able to put whatever you want inside of it And then you snap it closed. I really don’t want to figure out to open this waiting. So where’s the Anandi? Yeah How does it open it up? Also? It looks like there’s a trigger right in there Not if once you get the ball to hit the trigger, it’ll open up the case No, no. No you get it to land in there. Yeah. Oh Yeah set it over the trap kind of like mousetrap but or latches it down so you can pop it over Try it. Okay. I want that nerd. There’s a solid chance that I get so tired of trying to solve this I just break it in half. Oh my god See this stuff frustrates me just as a human being as a human kind. Oh Ah see, this is more my domestic goggles. Wait, let me try I’ll get it for you. Give me like there’s Boy, wait goggles. Everybody takes their hands Thirty seconds, and we know when it’s hammer time. It’s gotta go buddy. Close your eyes First I’m gonna try and push my hand like No, here we go that’s way more effective than all that nonsense Oh Candy Laffy Taffy you know what the problem is this made out of plastic so easy to break open and needs to be So mental or metal, maybe not even metal. I could cut through that. It sucks. I hate Heather So I ready to know what are you right at Brian? I got a lot of it so No Kids, that’s perfect. You can have the candy you get it to open up molecule er aroma. Are you Shawn? I picked it out. So I know what it is. Yeah, you know exactly the food Uh, what we got here is we have volatile aromas. This is a volatile aroma like offensive. It’s gonna hurt your feelings You’re gonna break down. You have a memory much. I get to me some serious aromas here. I feel uncomfortable All right So the premise of the project is that but you use these Forks to eat But in those little holes right there, you can put incense in so while you’re eating say a cake You’re really smelling something different or if you make a very bad dinner But you want it to taste like something else like pretty much Montana cooks for his day make a better dinner Hey, it’s really bad. But it smells like cherries. We don’t want to watch the video I think they’re trying to get me to buy it and stop talking Add to Cart. Oh Do you know how gross that looks what is that eggplant asparagus and eggs? Wait, which one’s the aroma cilantro cilantro zero Mallick How what that’s a team in that launcher launcher. Oh, sorry, you’re questioning 2 tan men. We’re the original tan men I’m gagging right here like bacon and what the heck is that like chives sweet potatoes? Oh, that’s quinoa And well those what are those like little like banana things called you like baby d-prime not Sano’s bananas. Yeah. Yeah say it in English, but Before taking a bite out here be sure to deeply exhale you ensure your lungs are completely empty All right So you’re supposed to get these guys and then this is what you place and your fort it goes in there and then we each Get a little Doppler and you can choose whichever flavor you want. We all just doing something different. No No, how about this I get to pick what goes with yours Oh Eg the fake who goes to the left Ryan you get to pick mine first. All right, they’re gonna pick my flavor Stop oh my gosh, would you guys do to this right exhale? Oh All right, make sure you breathe in as you’re eating it Inhale your nose, what are you doing? Oh Oh wow Can you taste the cake? Yeah, but it’s overbearing with whatever this smell is. What is that? It’s barbecue. Oh, it’s barbecue, isn’t it? No onion. No, it’s got me Barbie that smells like barbecue. You guys are lying No, it’s alright, there’s smoke but there’s something else smoke me. No, it’s just smoke That one is due to be put to you we gave you come on guys. That’s a little tricky one smoke What’s the other smoke hot dog pepper? It’s wasabi. Oh, yeah, I don’t even know how before I don’t know it smells Like overbearing it smells like a forest fire in here Oh My gosh. All right, let’s do Michael really quick. I’m not gonna feed you take Two on their Food What do you got I really don’t know truffles Oh, what did you put on cinnamon? That’s my dad? Oh I kind of smoked a Good way to end your turn. All right Now, it’s Brian’s all you have to keep your eyes closed even for the tasting of no, I’m not doing that I don’t trust you guys. I’m telling you right now. My eyes are gonna be wide open. No, really. I can’t look I’m not gonna have you feed me. What am I? Okay fine? Yeah sure is this I’m gonna feed you but I’ll guide your hand ready go mac and cheese. I can really no no You have to fool eyes closed up as he looked Why did you look at we’re gonna put out afraid This is too wide Jim nobody look up here you got it today. I promise you I got like 20 minutes before we film It on lips like tip over half the fuck Would actually smell good it does Susan’s got mint a little strawberry no. Oh yeah coffee. Oh, I was closer to strawberry Did you really know it was mint didn’t I guess that we’re gonna saw the bottle Alright Brian with the best out of all three of us with this Can I tell you guys something I cheated? Yeah, I’m not on purpose. I mean is it surprise I get out there I just saw like yeah I realized it after whether or not it’s useful or not because I don’t know how useful this is it’s actually pretty fun So I’m gonna ready the dope based off of just you can play at the friends. We got bonnets for fiction Oh just for kids and brain teaser puzzles, the careful examination and study of this puzzles parts and configurations It may reveal what has to be done to free the marble from that’s followed captivity It just looks like a stick in a flash. Yeah Nail in there. I don’t screw. I’m not a bulky kind of guy, you know. All right, we’re gonna add this to cart All right, we got bits and pieces clever products. Oh one of these things like a ship in a bottle, but without the ship Oh, you got to get those things out. No way. Oh wait Is there an actual way to do it Wayne what so I gotta get the pin through the hole on the bottom no wait What you have to get the bolt of it before you can pull up a stick which makes sense because you’re not gonna do another one oh that’s If I just go ahead break the neck I do you get on a boat all the instructions. I’m gonna think smart, okay Wait, look we’re almost there. They got this. You’re not even close, you know, wait, wait wait close Anyway, I have to switch this over to this gotta set it to one boat. My hands are like profusely sweating This is frustration getting nervous Wow what you’re doing dude? Okay. Look at this little like no look it’s simple one two three Just follow the order what what like Bryce said one two, three, and then you’re good one You haven’t accomplished is afar Michael three by now out of at least broke in the balls All right. So this is about as good as it’s gonna get. Let’s be honest another solving them. What do you guys think? Am I give it a no nuts for sure it mess with your brain. You’re so frustrated. You’re so sweaty. It did its job Comic pinball hash comic I’m sorry color cosmic is that not call me? Dude. My life’s a blur right now bills Brain pine ball money puzzle moon a $12.95. It’s got five board count of five stars with four of you. I’m gonna be fun with you I’m only having a meltdown. Don’t worry about it guys See, I’m a little confused though because it’s just like a piece of plastic and it cost $13 But they have a twenty in there. They come with a twenty. We gotta buy it to find out I don’t know Okay, you guys are real bossy. Got the car back. Wow. Thanks Liz beautiful toss couldn’t got any better myself packing is pretty cool in this actually. It kind of looks a little bit retro It’s a lot bigger than I thought it was gonna be. Yeah real quick Can we address that pinball is most overrated game of all time? Have you ever played on a legit pinball machine? Yeah, it’s just over it is smacking balls or something. Why is the money hanging out of the top? What’s the point of the whole pinball machine if I just pull the money out of the bug like it’s take a lot of hand Effort whoa. Whoa. Whoa you’re hey guys, no teams report. Okay. Well, it’s a pinball machine. All right So how bad how bad do you want to beat it? Oh I want it you don’t wanna play I’ll do it. Wait. No, it’s a simply gift card. I see Oh Looks like I have to play it for real. Oh Oh, there we go. All right, so you got three Pinball Pingree levels and you got to get it today. They’re the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, right? You know how bad I want to beat this? Well, that’s what I wanted to do Oh in the hole do you try to cheat? Look what happened I got one bite That’s one laggy that is slide it and shoot it. Wow You really are not very good right sucking bad smack, but he’s never played pinball. All right, you got one more That didn’t count that’s great. That’s three sanded no, no To me baby. No, I was on your thing. You have to get all three though ever. I did get all three. Yeah Oh, that’s a pain. This is already too much effort. This isn’t even a bride teaser This is literally just like how much effort you want to put it a lot or a little Oh Funny game so you can’t hear either a bride. Remember? We’re all making fun Tanner number now guys Hey play back tomorrow in front of tanner. Thank you. Where did it go? Down that’s three. All right passed off to Michael not a real good performance out of you. Oh No, we’re putting it away wait, but I’m so close though. Yeah, my backscratcher no here, let me help you wait, this is cheap I got it Thank you, what’d you do this is wreck 2.0 Micarta channei Oh, what the hell? Yeah party it give it to me You know all the works definitely not we got a beat ox past Well, I get me every time on New York’s cats believe oh I can’t stand these they’re so frustrating when it shifts immediately. No one is when it’s dis Engelmann. This is distinct Everyone joins me when I tried to mispronounce it that I can’t even talk to mispronounce that it’s remediate Internet I ate there it is Wow, this is bigger than I thought I’ve got to be real tiny. Okay Strength oh I see what I’m doing here. No, I got it. I got oh I got it If I do this something will murder you have it watch it. Just come on think I’ll be like I’m done How’d that get in there? Dude, do that. Actually Garvey is like so logged out of those. How did it ring? It surely is a Brian man, I think it’s kind of doped up because at least if you can’t solve it It’s like a keyring doesn’t know I’m sorry. Well, you can’t just just because it’s hard you don’t say nope It’s not it’s like hard. I don’t say no if you keep going you say dope All right So this next product is actually from our edit page guys If you find products that you want to review them to us, we got a reddit page It’s our slash strangest products. You can send them to us. We’ll check them out They may or may not be in the video But the weird of the are the more likely we’ll use them Oh check it out brain stream challenge your mind with this naughty little puzzle by Dutch inventor Get the world’s worst pun. It’s naughty little puzzle Wow. Oh It’s got 93 reviews though, very happy with puzzle. My grandson is still working on it. I live out of state So when I visit my grandchildren, I always bring them a special treat. This is a trap to bring the puzzles Dang it. You’re still trying all that. I made it back to the start. I Was making progress I’m like I’m about to surprise you like this Very happy with puzzle my grandsons still working on it. I live out of space So when I visit my grandchildren are and bring them a special tribute just there’s a grandparent that has no Most fascinating brain teasers brain stream brain string advanced. Um, dang that the hard one we’ve been in for mrs. Completely solved. All right. Oh, All these like little grooves that you can move around. Why’s it so unsettling Michael? Stop being so naughty. Yeah, this feels unsettling Alright, I’m in a mess. Okay, Taemin and then you’re gonna try no way I guarantee you which ten men are you talking to? Be like, okay so one little thing this could have been cooler like if I’m able to start here I can like rotate it all the way over here But it blocks you to where you can only go so far with it certain paths. Yeah. Yeah I’m sure there’s some strategic mindset behind that though. Oh Yeah, you’re not doing that ah You’re gonna screwed up Tammy tastes tan man. Tez Oh tan, man. Tez tan mentos. That’s nice. I don’t racist I’m Gonna say You even play with the same toys really good Alan and I go no I’m buddy I’m having this thing done by 10:00 this shows over enough. Let me try this. Okay? Got it. What? stop How boom what a smart boy. I don’t know. No one looked how he got it out That’s real evidence point ruff. You would know the secret. How you doing? Hey, man, here’s my question. Oh so This is a question of the fans. I’ve never been so frustrated I mean the fans is like I want one of these I asked you one question I know I’ve been tell you I’m gonna ask you it in a second But I’m really a elongated cuz we’re trying to make time. He gets it. I’m gonna take my time here Why why I have this not just like a transformer It was what do you guys think? I think it was a nope? No, that’s the whole plan I think it’s obviously because they didn’t set it up. Right? It’s a dome like it what actually cool before we get into this next Beautiful wondrous product we want to give a huge amazing Shout out to dspace ji who says why does it always seems that the set is out to get Tanner recently hashtag Notification squad let me tell you something. The set is everybody is out to get me I don’t know why but people just don’t like that’s what we brought Rybak because Brian’s gonna be my protector. Is that right Brian? Yes, if you want a shout out just like DS space G Make sure you guys hit that Bell icon and subscribe button and notification all that stuff currency vault Yeah money gifts in money puzzle boxes. You have any denomination check gift cards secret notes. It’s all it’s real boring It looks like a $20 bill on a piece of wood. Let’s see if I’m right You do a live chat I have time Fine. Oh wow Thank You list. So it looks like we have a $20 bill inside of a piece of wood Looks like I was exactly correct and somebody wrote a hundred on it, but that’s not how currency works everybody You have to actually have 100 Oh Would you just think you pick it up? Yeah, I did for a second. I was like the puzzle We just spent twelve dollars on absolutely nothing going to the puzzle. So it looks like it’s all supposed to bow When it keeps it, you don’t know how to do this. Really? Oh So there’s a little there’s like little gaps right here. I’m guessing that’s probably very useful. It’s all feel like they’re loose parts Oh, look at this There’s something loose about these dude, I actually know how to take this off though. Alright, I know I hear you two whispering Come on, how do you do it Liz Liz everybody would give the video a like for Liz All right, Liz. Here you go episode right here. Oh How am I supposed to know that beat the table with it wait Oh, so then you just find it that wasn’t in the instructions. Hey beat table What is the science behind tapping the wood against the table? No, you hold it I hammer This is what teamworks all about It’s my fee for coming here today That’s about the money. I’m gonna make from this Chalian Oh bad. No absolutely. Don’t purr before it go. Nope. Yeah. Wait. Yeah. What? Yeah doper. Yeah, no. No. No, I say no Brian. Did it make you think no, you challenge your brain? No Yeah, you did know how to do it any problem you solved by dog No, it’s not breakup. That’s a real dumb game. Huh? All right. This is the world’s smallest plexus original miniature edition. Oh one of those puzzles Oh Oh Have you seen these before? Yeah, you having like a Toys R Us. Oh, all right. Yeah. All right people like Walmart We’re like having like Star Wars versions with like a giant like Death Star and there’s like a ball in there Like I can’t really move on to another I’ve never seen it before show me the way. Yeah 465 reviews let’s read them all Deliver to Los Angeles. What is this? Unpackaging goal? Oh, are you bleeding? Yeah, we’re not liable for any injuries on this show. Yeah team ed. I never signed away Shoot the start thing is there. How do I know where to start you pulled the start out of it? Oh my gosh, that’s a flaw. I don’t know. Oh, there it is. There it is. There it is. There it is Well, we’re over here already not just like why oh Here we go, I got it I got it. Yeah, okay. Oh this could actually be entertaining. You know what you’re doing Well, yeah the Oh, let me go and go on well That’s kind of cool. You guys probably can’t see any of this Oh, did you anybody here solve this it was in the package friends over weirdo? honestly, though like this stuff gives me anxiety cuz if I’d rather be Down I can’t I didn’t even breathe for that whole time. I’m lightheaded This is kind of satisfying the way it keeps switching up and it’s gone It’s satisfying because of its following it all those paths, but it’s just too much How do I get I made it so far that it just went. Oh, I went over the edge. Yeah, it’s not stuck enough yeah, it’s Just too many I say spree joke. Alright. So Juan Martin. We got National Geographic brain games the game. Wait, that’s from National Geographic Geographic George Robert. Yes. Oh this just in it’s based off of a TV show Oh you have no I didn’t get one. I suppose the only item. Okay, sorry. Alright, so instead of reviewing online We’re just gonna buy it and find out how you play this thing All right We got brain games the game based on the emmy-nominated TV series think you can’t be fooled just where I pity the fool read it again. We’re going to blow your brain mine How’s the brain already mind blown? Alright, so we’re just gonna kind of like sparking up this for you guys. So pretty much there Let’s say nope, right off the bat as a boy. Which setup I’m stressed out. Nope. I say, nope. Alright, pretty much There’s a boy right? You gotta like put these pieces together And then there’s like some chips that go in there, but really what we care about is this, okay? So we’re gonna look at some pictures I’m telling you right now. This might be a fun game, but no much. Is it like a quiz show, right? Okay comment down What are you at him nobody, you know guys, this is what I’m showing them. That’s AJ Wow first I will cover up this card Both players will race to solve the puzzle the first player to say the correct answer wins the correct answer I would I have him a question its first person to say the correct answer wins. I said right ready. I win Here’s a challenge ready. I’m good. I win Have a good game. All right guys this prize did yo Grandpa Brian fell asleep. Yeah, he’s thinking about all this kids at home He’s gonna go home to make some steaks our kaleidoscope poor optical illusion, 7.5 inches pretty not sit Well, how would you say le Rosco P leave? Its goofy boy optical illusion When the captain is white and black kaleidoscope is rotated it creates an animated optical pattern Internally and on the case to learn about optics and stuff by doing stuff. Thank you I don’t know how we got all these records poppin up. Okay. Alright, let’s just grab it log into ravine boy Over and I got a rebel helmet on and then I got DAP skunk over here with that way get me zoom in. How is Oh So you look at that everybody look on camera you spin it depending on which way you spin it in how fast you get different? That’s another oh It works. Yo, this is wild look at that guy’s beautiful might be a home It looks like I’m looking through a telescope like a bunch of a me but or something not amiibo’s I know you don’t like those Michel from that last video check out that video up here where we talk about amiibo This is trippy. You got to look through it. Is this it? Yeah. Wow That’s so amazing Wow, I Mean no Entertaining you he’s a kid. So I guess yeah for kids. That’s great. Thank you guys for watching. We’re gonna let this later a weird One I have to tell you guys the truth I didn’t solve this one table I just use strengthen I just went like and I pulled it apart. I was getting frustrated on it Actually, then it came apart and I was like well brides a fake He’s a cheat and a liar, and I’m mad about it If you guys want to see more of Brian go check out that video also Check out one of these videos with one from this channel. You’re gonna like it. YouTube things are gonna love it I know you’re gonna love it. We love you guys. I can’t drive us off for a little bit Make sure 20 seconds so you guys can see it for a long period of time because I’m a good guy Alright, don’t burn out. Bye the end