I’ve spent the last week lurking around
London, deciding which people to bite. I’ve been doing it in a game, too. That game is Vampyr, an action adventure with
a fascinating twist: the more people you hurt, the easier the game becomes – you see, you
use their blood to power up our hero. But the more necks you suck dry, the messier
the world becomes. To help you get through the game with minimal
casualties I’ve put together a list of advice – it covers everything from combat tips to
the location of cures for London’s various illnesses. It’s everything I wanted to know first time
round, so I hope you find it useful… Early in the tutorial you’ll be asked to
buy one Aggressive Skill. With names like Claws and Blood Spear they
all sound fun, but I’m going to recommend Shadow Mist. This move causes spikes to burst from your
feet – or the feet of a targeted enemy – causing lots of trouble for everyone involved. This is my pick of the three moves for several
reasons – one, it does 250 points of damage, which is the highest damage rating of the
three available attacks. Secondly, it does shadow damage – in the early
chapters of the game, this is an attack type that few enemies are resistant to. You’ll find lots of humans strong against
melee and ranged attacks, so a shadow move gives you an advantage. This is another reason not to pick claws – they
are a melee attack and lots of humans are resistant, making it weaker. But the real reason I like Shadow Mist ties
into the second move you need to get unlocked… Reid’s bite attack is arguably the best
move in the game. For starters, biting enemies refills your
blood meter which is what you use to fuel your vampire powers like Shadow Mist and self-heal. Secondly, you can upgrade bites to heal Reid,
giving you a top-up in the middle of a fight. Biting is also your stealth attack. If you approach an enemy from behind you can
slam them to the ground and get a sneaky bite. You have to walk up to an enemy for this to
work – by gently tilting the analogue stick on the pad or using the Q key on a keyboard. To make this free hit work as hard as it can
I recommend spending experience points on Hard Biting. This increases bite damage and with just a
couple of upgrades it lets you use a stealth attack to wipe out an enemy’s health bar
in one go and kill them easily. Unless you invest in this, your stealth attack
will always be underpowered. But what I really like about bite is the way
it can combo with Shadow Mist… Mixing biting and Shadow Mist is a great trick
as one move draws enemies towards you, and the other kills everything around you. When I see a group of enemies together, I
pick one to attack and run at them.. When I’m in range I use that secondary stake
attack to stun my target, opening him up for a bite. Your stamina refills during the biting animation,
so don’t worry about really hammering that secondary attack. As soon as the feeding ends I drop Shadow
Mist at my feet and dodge backwards – nearby enemies will run straight into the attack
and it hurts everyone. One important thing to note about this – don’t
lock on to an enemy during this move, as that triggers shadow mist at their feet. You want to use it where you stand as that’s
where enemies swarm. It’s a great combo that can be triggered
over and over again. Because stamina recharges during the feed
you are ready to stun the next attacker, and because you just fed you always have the blood
for shadow mist. Goons won’t stand a chance. The streets of London are patrolled by rival
factions – vampire hunters and, well, vampires – so it’s possible to make the two fight. Once engaged with you, enemies will follow
you for some distance, letting you lead them towards other nasty creatures. Get them close enough and the two gangs will
kick off. If they don’t kill each other off completely
they’ll at least hurt each other, letting you swoop in and finish them off in a weakened
state. If you want to make it more fun you can place
bets on who will win – a werewolf thing or four dudes with clubs? My money’s on the sneaky vampire watching
from the sidelines. Of course, it’s also important to keep weapons
in good working order. The problem is, it can be hard to find the
materials needed to upgrade your killing implements, so you need to choose carefully. My first bit of advice is not to waste materials
upgrading the used machete and use stake you’re given – neither can be upgraded above level
two. It’s better to hold on materials until you
find weapons that can be upgraded up to level 5. When you reach Pembrooke Hospital after the
tutorial, head upstairs towards your office and look in the room on the left to find the
used hacksaw – this is a simple, fast weapon that kept me safe for most of the game. I also focused on upgrading the Priwen Stake
– you can find it in this Priwen base you visit as part of the wrong target investigation
you unlock when you speak to Thelma Howcroft in Pembrooke Hospital. Here it is on the map. These are the weapons I’ve favoured, but
the important thing is that you pick a couple to focus on – try everything you find and
you’ll never have the parts to develop anything serious. And while we’re talking about materials
and upgrades… once you sleep and wake up on a new night, make sure you revisit old
locations to collect new items. The game has a habit of restocking areas once
you’ve left them – or at least letting you search containers you couldn’t loot the
first time round. Enemies also respawn, and will drop new resources
when you kill them. It’s particularly good habit for collecting
medical supplies. I’d certainly spend time running a quick
loop of the map before you visit the merchants – they charge a huge amount for things you
can easily find for free. Deciding when to drink blood is the big dilemma
in Vampyr. Sucking on someone’s neck will boost experience
and help upgrade skills which will lower the combat difficulty. The downside is, you destabilize the region
and can negatively impact the story. If you must drink blood, however, take your
time doing it. When you first meet characters you can only
access some of the XP contained in their blood. To raise the XP, you need to get to know them. This is quite simple – most info is gained
by talking to them and their neighbours. Some clues are hidden in documents – just
take time to search every room in the area for letters and notes. Other information can only be uncovered by
completing investigations – these are side missions that characters will give you. It’s worth noting that if you kill a character
before doing their investigation mission, you won’t be able to do it. The short version is: if you’re going to
drink from someone, don’t do it until you’ve raised their XP bar to the highest level. Killing named characters comes at a steep
cost, so you at least want to get maximum rewards. Another factor that impacts the XP value of
a character’s blood is their health. When you look at the Citizen Menu, you can
see which characters are sick – the yellow part of the health bar shows you the experience
you’ll be losing if you drink from them in this state. To heal people you need to brew antidotes
at the crafting table found in any save room. But at the start of the game you only have
recipes for illnesses of heart. To brew these you just find the relevant ingredients
by looting objects around the hospital. To learn the cures for illness involving the
lungs, you need to visit Dr Rakesh Chadana – he can be found outside the northern wall
of the Pembroke Hospital. He’ll sell you the enigmatic formula. Take the formula to a crafting table and analyse
it and you’ll learn how to heal a cold, bronchitis and pneumonia. To heal problems involving the mind you need
to head to the cemetery in the north east of the map. Follow the path through the cemetery to the
north west exit and you’ll find a body by a broken wall. It’s here on the map. Search the body and you’ll find a Strange
Formula. Analyse this at a crafting table to unlock
cures for headache, migraine or miralgia. Slightly more fiddly than popping a paracetamol. A quick note on the cemetary – you will naturally
go to this location a few hours into the story missions, but you are free to visit it as
soon as you reach pembroke hospital. It’s home to LEVEL 16 enemies, but a low
level hero can run past them. The biggest challenge is getting into the
cemetery as it’s guarded by level 15 vampire hunters. You can’t open the gate while under attack,
so be prepared for a fight. The ol’ Shadow Mist trick will work. If you do decide to start drinking the people
of London, you might wonder how mesmerise levels work. The mesmerise skill leads people to a quiet
place to drink their blood. To activate it, you start a conversation with
your intended victim and press the left bumper on the control pad or Q key. But not every neck is available from the beginning
of the game. Each character has a different Mesmerise level. It roughly works out that the more XP a character
has to offer, the higher their level is. Your mesmerise level raises as you play through
the main story missions – it is tied to big story decisions at the end of key missions. I won’t spoil any here. I guess this is to stop you from killing important
characters early in the story, but it does mean you have to wait ages to drink the juiciest
characters. Like this tasty priest. I’m counting down the days… While you can explore the map at your own
pace, there’s one kind of side mission to be careful of. Some areas have residents who are under attack
from vampires – save their lives and they’ll become part of your story. But if you fail to save them before you next
go to sleep, the character will die by the time you wake up. Problem is, if you discover one of these events
in an area with high level enemies, you’ll have to kill those enemies to avoid failing
the mission. My advice is this: if you stumble on one of
these events, throw everything you’ve got at it. Don’t be afraid to use health serums and
unload all your guns – it’s better to blow some resources than a lose that character
forever. If you’re really worried about them, I’ve
listed the events I found in the text description – that way I won’t spoil any surprises for
you. Those are the tips and tricks that have been
helping me survive the cold, foggy nights of Vampyr, but as always I am keen to hear
your own suggestions. Have you got a vampire build that’s doing
the job for you? Let me know in the comments. And while you’re there, why not give the
video a like and subscribe to the channel. I would use my mesmerise skill to force you
to subscribe, but I trust that you’ll do the right thing. Hopefully see you again soon. Good bye!