To recap last time’s reading vlog, *music plays* So, I decided to read Little Women for
the first time. I’ve actually never read it before but I knew the movie adaption
is coming out with, like Emma Watson, so I decided to pick it up. And actually just
kind of random, not really relevant to the story overall, but they were talking
about scarlet fever on page 278 so here’s like a fun fact about me. I
actually had scarlet fever when I was a little kid, like very little baby, and my
mom bought me like a stuffed bunny rabbit to get through it in the hospital.
The book says there was never such a Christmas dinner as they had that day
and I feel like that coat is a good one to represent how this book really
captures that like traditional sense of family coziness. It’s very quaint and I
really enjoyed that aspect of it, although I’m gonna be honest guys and
please don’t come for me, because I know this is so dearly beloved by so many
people, but I did get a little bit bored sometimes. I feel like not a ton was
happening, however, later in the book around like page 600 or so with
Beth and Joe I think it was, I started to get a lot more invested in the sisters
relationship and things like that. *music plays* *music* “cause we’re in this together now…” “I’ll be your light, I’ll keep you from darkness”… *music* “even when the sun don’t shine”… *music* Wow! You made it to the end, I hope you
come back again. I’ll be here next week.