the standard hardtop is now a panorama
roof with a clear tinted panel and a sliding shade it lowers in just over
fifteen seconds and with the magnesium frame it’s also
about thirteen pounds lighter now i know that doesn’t sound like much but since
the roof is the farthest point from the road it lowers the car’s center of
gravity significantly for better handling the truck is large enough for two golf
bags even with the top down but the fun starts before you even open it a new option called hands free access
lets you open the lid by waving your foot under the bumper it’s so easy even when the arms of full
not only does the trunk lid open this way but it automatically tilts the
folder top off what we call Easy-Pack to make loading even easier this spring we’ll launch the SL-550
followed by the SL-63 and SL-65 AMG performance models together these new models will continue
the SL’s rich heritage and tradition well into the future