hello magician , welcome back to King Of Magic and Today we are going to do MAGIC SECRET REVEALED !!! and in this video we are going to do magic with…. Bird (dove) What it is look like ? Lets See This trick is great for beginner in dove magic can be done with simple ordinary object and NOT using special jacket or sleeve Before we go to the secret, Dont Forget to LIKE this video So, what is the secret to make dove appear from tissue / napkin ? The Secret is very simple and we are going to do it right now okay for this trick, we need tissue / toilet paper and also with the box We Hold the dove gently using the tissue for cover it like this with 2 or 3 pcs of tissue paper This is i am holding the dove (with the tissue cover it) behind the box like this Use the bigger box or choose the tissue box that has something like cloth on it so it can safe to cover the bird (dove) behind it okay guys behind this several tissue is a dove we must cover it specially at the head of the dove the tail is more camouflage with the tissue because same color=white so it is better use the WHITE dove and using the white color tissue also i am using this kind of box with cloth like this take several tissue pretend to use it for your face take another tissue and put it at the bottom we hold it by clip it with tip of your finger take another pieces and you can put it on your mouth and now you want to put the box on the table while you put it to the table, misdirection by looking at the box (DONT LOOK at your hand that holding the dove) after that bring the tissue together also pretend to use it for wipe your face be careful to hold it tight while you do this you must practice to hold it and look like there is nothing inside after that final step is to reveal the dove while you are holding you must hold it with SIDE VIEW face to the audience after that just release the grip, and reveal the dove wow its MAGIC Produce a dove from tissue !! Nice isnt it ? and now we are going to learn another dove magic this time we are using the towel / the cloth / the blanket whatever is it From towel can produce the dove This is a classic trick but i modified it so you can learn it and perform it with simple method and no special costume to wear Learn it right now besides the towel we also need we also need one more thing special item called DOVEBAG you can buy this at many magic shop and also at my online magic shop www.rajasulap.com so the method is very simple, the dove is hidden behind the towel at the dove bag the dove bag has a zipper so the bird cannot move out without open the zipper at the end there is something like a fishing line with a loop shape so we can hanging it behind the towel use the towel / cloth that has the same color with the dove bag so we hold the towel like this we can pass it from one hand to another hand we can spread open showing the towel we can show both sides empty with special move like this cross the arm but before you cross your arm, you point out your middle finger and make a distance so the towel dont cross till the end and can cover the dove bag behind it if we dont do that, the bag can expose so you the move will look like this and also this one another move that will convincing the audience that the towel is empty hold one end of the towel with right hand, grab another end with your left hand and then i will release the right hand but if i just release the dove bag can expose right ? so when i release the right hand, immediately my left hand move the towel to my right hand at slow motion it will look like this but at actual speed it will look like this look like we are showing both sides of the towel empty this the view from behind (Magician’s View) we can pass the towel and the bag from one hand to other hand like this (Make sure the loop strong enough!) cross the towel with holding your middle finger so the towel do not cross till the end bring the towel together and we show it one more time with the last move after that put the towel together becarefull the loop make sure not to wrapped around dove neck when the dove came out and now all i have to do is just open the zip and stick out your finger for the dove stand on Now for the last dove magic trick at this video it is very visual magic trick how to make picture of the dove into real dove WOW its MAGIC ! WOW How come Dont Worry because King Of Magic will tell you The Secret Okay for this trick We need very special magician props called The DOVE FRAME So this is a special frame with the picture of the dove on it and it has a flap also has a spring in that flap so when its flip release it can move so fast and the dove we put it on inside the special space between the flap and the back Don’t worry cause the back is made from elastic material so the dove is safe okay guys lets try to put the dove inside and there is a hook to hold the flap so the flap will not open like i said at the back of the frame there is a elastic material , you can look clearly at side view don’t too long hold the dove , i suggest do this trick at the opening of your magic act show the frame in a flash open the hook but still hold it with hand after that we just release the flap and the dove will came out and landed at your hand So You have it !! That’s 3 Beginner Tricks with Dove Magic That i recommend for you as the beginner in dove magic Thank You For Watching This Video Don’t Forget to hit SUBSCRIBE and also hit the bell for the notification so you can immediately know when i upload NEW Video especially MAGIC SECRET VIDEO See You Next Video, My Name Van Gabriel From Raja Sulap (King Of Magic) Channel Create Your Miracle ! (BLOOPER) just release it. 1…2…3… one more time