– Welcome to Junk Drawer Magic. – (sneezes and coughs)
where we teach you magic out of things you can
find in your junk drawer. – You okay? – No! The new year just
started and I’m totally sick! This is gonna be the
worst year (sneezes) – Or the best year ever. Look at it this way. You’re
getting being sick over with so early. – I don’t think being
sick works that way. – Akira, a new year
can be magical. Here, let me show you. Here I have two $20 bills. Get it? ’cause of 2020. Okay. So, I’ll take my two 20s. Fold ’em once… Twice… three times. One… Two… Three… And now, my two 20s form
to make one $40 bill. With, yours truly on it. – Whoa, how did you do
that–(coughs and sneezes) – And we’ll show you how
to do this trick right now. Let’s go to the junk drawer. For this trick you’ll need: Two $20 bills,
double-sided tape, and one homemade $40 bill. You might also need paper,
colored pencils, and scissors. To start you’ll
fold your $20 bills. First put your two 20s together. Then fold them in
half, folding forward. Make sure to get a nice crease. Fold them in half again always
folding forward like this. Then, fold the dollars up. Set that aside and
take out your $40 bill. I made this one on my
computer and printed it off. But you can use paper
and colored pencils
to make your own. Next, take your $40 bill and
fold it the same way as the 20. Fold it in half forward,
then fold forward again, and finally fold the bill up. Now rip off a small piece
of double-sided tape. Tape the bottom back
left corner of the bill. Tape the $40 bill upside
down to the back of the 20. That’s all the prep.
Now for the trick. Start with your two
20s sandwiching the
gimmick like this. Then, take your back 20
and place it in front lining it up with your
other 20 perfectly. Then, just follow your folds. Once you’ve done that,
flip your 20s three times. One… Two… Three… And on the third time, you should have the
$40 gimmick in front. Now just unfold, and show
your audience how your two 20s turn into one 40. And that’s the trick. – Cool, I’ll give it a shot. (energetic rock music) – Thanks for watching Junk
Drawer (sneezes) Magic. – Akira, we really need to
work on your 2020 perspective. – (sighs) I guess
you’re right, Walker. It’s all about how
you see things. Thank you–(sneezes and gasps) – (whimpers and screams) Oh no! Akira! What
have you done!? Now I’m gonna be sick (sneezes). Oh no, I’m already sick.
Oh, I hate this year. – What happened to the new
year being magical (coughs)? – That was when you were sick
and I was healthy (sneezes). This is gonna be
the worst year ever. (Akira and Walker sneezes) – Walker – (sneezes) – I need the tissues
too! (coughs) – (sneezes)