Hey, magician Rich Ferguson here. Today I’m
going to be teaching you five simple party tricks using nothing more than a straw. Now
maybe you learn the simple trick likes to sticking a straw up your nose and pulling
it back out but you’re looking for something a lot more impressive for something to do
for your friends and your holiday party or private party. Well, I hope you enjoy these
five tricks. You can do anytime, anywhere. This first was very simple just take a straw
wrapper, tear a few small pieces of these on your table. You can use these in just a
minute for this little trick that uses physics. Take the straw paper, slide it back and forth
over the straw. You’re building up static electricity and now you have yourself this
magic wand that is going to pick up the papers just like this. Get near the paper and the
paper jumps right to the straw because it’s statically charged. Now you can also put on
your hand it had a jump from your hand up to the straw and kind of dances around. It’s
pretty cool. Now you can bend the straw and actually discharges some of the straw and
some of the the paper that’s on it will fall off. See now it’s not even got the charge
anymore so what something sticks to it you can use what looks like magic by bending this
straw and the pieces fall back down now similar to the magic.
Now similar to the magic wand trick, there’s another trick called suction you’re going
to utilize a straw and a glass of water. Stick the water in, put your finger over the end
and demonstrate how it holds the water back. Let it go. Do this a couple times and say,
“I can do this with air.” Then you get a straw you do the same thing. Pull the wrapper off
get it statically charged. Then, you pick up the little pieces of paper by apparently
trapping air inside by doing this. You’re doing absolutely nothing because you have
this one that is statically charged. You pick up a little pieces of paper and then you let
go, and the trick is you bend the straw a little bit, and that’s going to release a
static charge to make paper fall back off. Time to this. This is what it looks like up
close. In this next one you’re gonna have someone
hold a straw between their fingertips like this and you can take a dollar folded in half,
lengthwise so you have this ridge right here. All you’re going to do is come down and karate
chop that straw half or take it out on their fingers. The secret is so simple. Here’s what
it looks like when you have someone hold the straw. Here we go, right here, watch. So we
actually broke the straw on that attempt. Here’s the secret: when you come down, you
extend your first finger and that’s what actually hitting the straw. It happens in just a blink
and it sure does look like it’s the dollar that penetrates or smashes or takes the straw
out of the fingers. This next one’s kind of evil. It’s one of
my favorites to do in bars, especially when the person discovers it on their own and you
just kind of sit back and laugh so you not really getting credit for it at the moment
they find it. So what you do is you go buy someone’s drink that’s got a straw in it.
You’re going to swap out their straw for one you’ve already tied a knot into and this is
how simple it is to do. Walk forward, drop your straw, remove their straw and just keep
going. It just happens in a blink and you do it when the person is not looking of course
and what they’re left with is a straw that got a knot and they can’t suck at it. So you
watch them try to suck on their drink and it’s pretty funny. I did this trick to a friend
one time with my wife on time in a restaurant and all throughout the entire night the girl
kept going to her drink. Nothing came up and she kept just giving up. She tried again and
again over two hours, it was hilarious. So hope you enjoy that.
Hey, I thought I’d mention that a lot of these tricks are coming from my book Tricks to Pick
Up Chicks and this is out misleading title. It’s not pick up a book it’s not a seduction
book or a book on how to manipulate women. This is really a play on words. All it is
is tricks to pick up chicks. It’s magic tricks, bar bets, you know, icebreakers, party tricks,
things like that. And that’s what this book is and a lot of these tricks I’m sharing with
you are coming from this book. I just want to share that with you in case you wanted
to get something like this is a gift for a teenage boy or college boy. This thing is
hilarious. But let me teach you one more trick and I
hope you enjoy do these parties. They work for me and they’re really throw-away tricks,
they’re not amazing tricks, it’s really just to kind of break the ice and have fun of people
at parties. This last one is called “Forces.” It’s so
simple you’re going to be blowing the straw across the table. B ut it’s going to look
like you’re just gesturing with your hand because by the time you blow and you stop
blowing, the wind traveling, then you gesture and the straw moves. So the timing of this
is what’s so key. There’s also a method where you take the straw wrapper off, get the static
charge on this and as you gesture you can repel or pull the straw because it’s gonna
attract to your body. So there’s two different methods. Let me just show you up close what
this looks like. To use the static version of this trick, just stroke the straw one more
time with the paper take it off, and now it’s statically charged. You wanna place this on
a hard surface like wood or glass, that will be a lot better and this is essentially what
it looks like. Well there are five very simple party tricks
for you. I know they’re not mind-blowing magic tricks so for you magicians that are subscribed
I don’t need you trolling through the comments making comments like “I know how to do those.”
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