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out hi welcome to budget MTG Decks I’m David today we’re gonna be looking once
again at 5 must-have magic cards you won’t believe are under $1 and these
cards all used to be more expensive have recently dropped in price either because
they rotated out or got reprinted somehow so they used to be more
expensive now they’re cheaper so you know there’s power in there let’s have a
look at the first card the first card in our list is rapid hybridisation for
single blue it’s an instant that allows us to destroy target creature it can be
regenerated and that creatures controller is gonna create a 3/3 green
frog lizard creature token now blue is renowned for its inability to deal with
creatures usually having to rely on counter spells or bounce spells to get
rid of those pesky creatures first printing gatecrash rapid hybridization
can destroy a creature at a ridiculously low cost and at instant speed
nonetheless the fact that the creatures controller gets a 3/3 token is
negligible functionally the same Pongify fee is selling for almost $4 right now
show you how valuable it is to pick up your rapid hybridizations right now if
you’re still looking for uncharacteristic instant creature
removal in blue we also recommend reality shift up next is seize the day
for 3 in a red so for formatting we’re gonna sorcery that allows us to untap
target creature and then it’s gonna give us an additional combat phase we could
also play this card getting from our graveyard by paying his flashback cost
of two in a red then we do have to exhale the card after that first printed
in Odyssey this card essentially gives us two extra combat phases for 7 mana it
is awesome for any deck which winds through extra attacks like now set and
lighten mastered or extender ghost god of revels or damage trigger commanders
like leaders males from wielder or anna have the eternal remember that his card
only untapped one creature so you can’t swing again with the whole team like
with relentless assault which is also a budget card
the third card on a list is Vora peed for two and three greens so for five
mana we get a five for insect with vigilance trample and undying now
undying states that when this creature dies if it had no plus one plus one
counters on it we’re gonna return it to the battlefield under our control with a
plus one plus one counter on it aggressively costed this solid beater
eats removal and then comes back as an even bigger threat the vigilant trample
means that it’s superb at both defense and offense and if you really want to
take advantage of the undying mechanic which we recommend that you do we
suggest the you pair with ways to either remove the plus one plus one counter
from it like with the ability of Simon guild mage ad minus one minus one
counters to it such as with hatchet bully or make sure that it cannot get
counters placed upon it at all such as with solemnity our next card is TAS
occur the golden Fang for five and a black so for six mana we get a four five
legendary human Shaymin which has dealt which means that we’re allowed to excel
cards from our graveyard in order to reduce the casting cost of this spell by
one generic manner it also has the ability to pay to a hybrid green and
blue and another hybrid green blue so for four mana we can put the top two
cards of our library into our graveyard and then return a non land card of our
opponents choice from our graveyard back to our hand in the right deck this will
be a 4/5 for a single black mana with built in card draw what is not to love
about that if you played as your commander Tasik honor not only gives you
great card advantage but also gives you access to blue black and green giving
you a great selection of cards for a powerful reanimation deck in modern you
can pair with girl mag angler to have some of those powerful creatures you can
cast early game the last card on our list is Tulsa mere wolfblood for for a
green and a white so for six mana we get a three for legendary elf warrior it’s
faced that other green creatures we control and get +1 +1 and other white
creatures we control get +1 +1 and we can also tap it to create a 2/2
legendary green and white wolf creature token named voya so Lesniak token decks
will love the addition of this card as it pumps the team and also
creates a 4/4 token at instant speed remember that the token is legendary so
you won’t be able to populate it to get more copies however it does pair quite
well with cards such as restore redeemed mercy killing and Conclave cavalier
those are five must-have magic cards you won’t believe we’re under a dollar and I
remember these cars are inexpensive now but there’s no reason to suggest that
they’re not going to go back up over time so pick them up right now when
they’re quite cheap and if you do and you want to help other channel pick them
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