Illusions are the perfect way to test the
connection between our brain and our eyes At first our eyes see an illusion,
then our brain tries to make a sense of the situation and most of the time, what we see isn’t always
what we get That’s why very few things on the internet
have captured the attention of people the way illusions have Now, let’s see if you can solve them in less time than you think you can So friends, get ready to test your brain,
because these are some of the best optical illusions that will blow your mind First let’s see if you’re good in numbers Can you count how many girls are there in
this photo? Is it 2? Is it 4? Is it 8? or is it 12? And the right answer is there are only 2 girls in this photo But How? So, let’s see how? At first glance, you might think there are
more than 2 girls But actually there are only 2 girls in this
photo with one mirror located here And the other one located here Now, let’s name them as Mirror 1 and other
one as Mirror 2 Now, this is exactly how the situation looks like Just to make it simple, let’s divide the
Mirror 1 into multiple segments i.e. segment 1 segment 2 segment 3 segment 4 5 and so on Now segment 1 is a direct reflection of 2
girls from their left hand side segment 2 is a direct reflection of Mirror
2 located on the right side of the girls segment 3 is a reflection of segment 1 from Mirror 2 segment 4 is a reflection of segment 2 from Mirror 2 In the same way, you’ll see that segment
5 is a reflection of segment 3 from Mirror 2 and it goes on Bit confusing, but, hope you got our point So tell us in the comments guys, did anyone of you got right answer in your very first attempt? Here’s another optical illusion that will
make you think twice until you get the really simple meaning behind it As you see here,
it’s a simple photo of a couple hugging each other But, if you look closely at their lower body,
you’ll be confused and find it almost impossible to work out where the couple’s legs
begin and where it ends? So guys, can you tell whose legs belong to
who? And how’s that girl getting her feet in
that position? So let’s see how fast you can spot the answer? Take few seconds out and look closely So, were you able to find out the answer
and if you did found the answer, you must have seen that the boy’s shorts
which are of half black and half white color are covering the legs of both him as well
as the girl Yes, that’s right! So, let’s move on to the next one! Do you notice anything special in this Mask? Now, most of you might see a blurry face of a man with a pensive i.e. serious kind of look But if you look carefully,
you’ll find that there’s also a couple kissing each other with lady on the left side and the man on the right side Now, once you detect these two individual
faces, your brain will now flip between both possible
interpretations of the mask and alternately you’ll be able to perceive
both the possibilities, i.e. the serious man’s face as well as that
couple kissing each other Wanna confirm it? Then have a look again! This illusion you saw is called Bistable illusion
and it’s also called the Mask of Love. Now this one is no ordinary picture because there’s an iPhone hidden somewhere down there in the carpet So, can you find that missing iPhone? Let’s take 15 seconds for it and your time starts Now Three Two One Time’s up guys So, to those who found the phone, a big
thumbs up! And to those who haven’t, no worries Here’s a little hint for you:
Just look out for the camera lens of that phone and have a go at it again I’m sure you’ll nail it this time around Let’s start! Yeah there it is? Great job Guys! In this photo, there are 12 black dots which
are evenly placed at line intersections Yes, we’ll be able to count all the 12 dots,
when we see them one after another But here’s the thing,
your brain simply won’t allow you to see all 12 dots at once.
let’s try this! let’s see if you can spot all the 12 dots
at the same time Take 15 seconds to look at it and your time starts Now Three Two One Time’s up guys! So, how many dots were you able to see at
once? five, six or more than six dots? Even though the count varies from person to person most of you will not be able to see all 12
dots at the same time You can see few dots but other dots disappear
as you move your eyes around the rectangle So guys, these were some of the best viral
illusions Hope you enjoyed it! If you want more of these illusions, then
we have one more illusion video with the link in the end screen Let us know in the comments how much time
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