We’re back with Anders trying his first indie Today we have one objective and one objective only and that objective is to teach you guys five scooter tricks that you can learn in One single day. Wait, does that make it five objectives? Technically maybe now before we get moving I wanna let you guys know that these tricks are based off of like a beginner level It’s not an amateur level or a professional level If you guys want me to do five amateur level tricks or five pro level tricks that you can learn in one day Let me know in the comments below Let me know if you want me to do amateur or pro or both, but let’s get this started with trick number one Okay So we’re gonna start it off pretty simple today with trick number one being a tire tap now for those of you that don’t know What a tire tap is it’s a trick that came from the BMX world and basically where you’re essentially doing what would be a manual but staying still I’ll either on the quarter pipe or on a bank or even flat while we name off these five trick So when I teach you guys exactly how to do them or at least give you guys some tips and tricks that you can use To get all these done in one day and if you don’t get them all done in one day, don’t worry There’s always another day for those of you guys that are beginners You’re probably gonna want to learn this trick on either either flat ground like this or on a very small Mellow Bank like this one This is what I’m gonna demonstrate on first and I’m gonna set my camera right here and I’ll get a few different angles So you guys can see it in a bunch of different spots There’s a bunch of different tips and tricks I can give you guys when it comes to doing a tire tap now as I said previously it’s probably a good idea to start Either on flat or on a slight bank But if you’ve never tried the trick keep it on flat obviously definitely try it there first What a tire tap is basically when you put your foot on top of your brake and you lean back a little bit so your front wheel is in the air while your back wheel is planted and you kind of give it a little bit of style points if you want to lean it back a little bit you make It look really good the first step to doing a successful tire tap on a spank quarter pipe or anything like that Starting on the ground is to roll at a slow pace Step on your brake and pick your front wheel up Do this five or six times in a row and then once you’ve got it down maybe start to try to stall it and hold that front wheel up in the air for as long as you can once you’ve gotten That practice down you can go forward step on your brake Lean back and maybe try to spin a little bit on your back wheel There’s so many different ways that you guys can figure out how to stay on your back wheel But once you’ve got your balance point proper if you’re good to go now It’s time to take it on to a bank when you’re starting to do a tire tap on a bank You’re trying to basically baby your way up to doing there’s no reason for you to go up and try to do a fufanu Which is where you do a tire tap on the very very tip tip top you have a lot more risk of looping out hurting Your butt your back, whatever the case may be don’t start like that start small start at the bottom of the bank This Bank is about a foot tall and it’s pretty much flat for anyone that’s trying to learn this trick This is the perfect Bank to do it on now You’re gonna do the same exact thing that you did on the flat ground on this Bank You’re gonna go at a slow speed step on your brakes Lean back a little tiny bit and it’s jump into a tire tap position once you’re in that position Try to hold it as best as you can without looping out You do not want to lean too far back to where you fall backwards and land it Like I said on your back on your butt because let me tell you something. I know from firsthand experience It’s not a good time work your way up and slowly or quickly as you want once you’ve gotten all the way to the top and you’re able to jump up do a tire tap and spin the last 180 you’re Good to go spinning that last little bit out of the tire tap can be difficult But that’s what you guys are to be practicing that tire tap spin Motion that I showed you earlier once we got it down on flap Once you’ve got it down in the bank, you can take it the bigger banks You can do tricks into it. You can do tricks out of it. You can go on to bigger quarter pipes, whatever you want It’s a great trick to learn and you don’t see that many people do it very often So tire taps check next trick next trick on the list is a feeble now This has to go with either a feeble stall or a feeble grind which everyone you want to learn You could most likely learn it in one day Here are some tips the best place to learn a feeble stall or grind is on the smallest ledger You can possibly find Now this is not the smallest ledger we have here in the skate park The smallest ledge we have here in the skate park is not actually alleged at all technically This is the smallest legend skate park but it is at the bottom of the stairs If this is all you have then yeah go for it. Learn it on something like this But if you have a small curb that’s literally just a curb which pretty much everybody in America and Everywhere else in the world has a kerb around them somewhere. I would recommend learning it on that it’s a little bit safer because you’ll have to worry about going forward and Hitting your anything on the stairs hitting your mouth hitting your hands hitting your elbow a little bit easier So that’s what we’re doing on the ledge over here step one. You gotta learn to bunnyhops the height of whatever Obstacle you’re trying to do the people on so in this case It’s this ledge which is right about eight inches tall and that’s what I’m going to be doing my people on now a lot of people tend to get Frustrated with fievel’s because they don’t necessarily Understand what the trick is a feeble stall is basically like what you know When you jump onto a curb you jump straight and you just stop because your back wheel stops you that’s almost it all you have To do is turn 45 more degrees or more as long as you’re not passing 90 degrees So your front wheel stays on the ledge and then jump off So many different tips for this trick one of which is if you’re a little bit nervous to jump onto the ledge Don’t worry You don’t have to jump onto it first try you can use your foot once you’ve gotten enough Confidence to attempt to jump fully up on top of the curb or ledge Just jump straight do exactly what I was saying earlier And if you’re already past that point good for you a lot of people tend to be afraid to jump off of the Or curb because they’re worried that their back wheel is going to clip on the curb when jumping in if that’s the case Don’t be afraid to jump out way more than you have to at first you can fine. Tune it later All you want to do is make sure you get off of that curb safely another way to do This is getting into the initial stall normally and then taking your foot off and pushing yourself off That’s not that bad. If you guys are learning you’re learning. That’s exactly what this is all about Don’t be afraid to try different things to learn the trick properly one thing I know a lot of people tend to do when learning people stalls is puts their heels down Don’t be afraid to put your heels down Yes later on the people that think they’re super super Street heads might say something to you But if you’re learning, it’s not that big of a deal Learn put your heels down to support you So you don’t fall off of the stall once you’re confident enough to jump onto the ledge and spin a little bit another tip that You can use to get on to the stall properly is turning a little tiny bit before you jump on to the curb or ledge that helps a lot when it comes to not getting on the ledge totally straight once you’ve gotten all that stuff down getting into the grind is Actually a little bit easier because you can go out the ledge at an angle jump Essentially straight onto the ledge at all. You want to do the main secret to feeble grinds and sliding properly is keeping your front wheel Parallel to the curb. So if that curve starts to turn your wheel has to turn Otherwise your scooter will not follow the pattern of the ledge That’s a feeble that’s enough tips and tricks for you guys to learn that trick in one day trick number three Trick number three is a real 180. Now. What do I mean? What’s a real 180 a real 180 is a real up and turn around come back down? Not not this this is not a 180 when you go on a quarter pipe And you turn from one side of the entire quarter five all the way to the other. It’s not a real 180 You’re just turning first things first. I will demonstrate not a real 180 See that not real the best way to learn this is exactly probably what a lot of you guys are thinking baby step bet That’s a secret to a lot of tricks and scootering is just baby stepping your way up to it so you’re gonna have to start by just turning around that’s a lot of kids start out doing is turning from one side of the court of five using the entire width of The quarter pipe and no jumping whatsoever. And that is fine As long as we’re learning But you do have to step it up soon after you learn him to do that by just doing a small Bunnyhop in the middle doesn’t have to be massive just pick your wheels up. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy That’s step one into learning a real 180 The scariest thing about this trick is going to rekt at the quarter pipe because people think that they’re gonna go up loop out and land on their back which Sometimes happens. I’m not gonna lie. Just go more direct at the quarter at a time So if we’re starting super super wide like this like a rainbow Make that rainbow a little bit sharper and then a little bit sharper then a little bit sharper And then eventually you’ll be able to go straight up and straight down. I will demonstrate Okay now like I said I’m going to tighten up that curve a little bit So I’m gonna make it a little more straight up not fully straight, but just a little bit Again another trick you can learn in one day a lot of you guys left you learn this a lot faster than one day maybe Just a few minutes All it takes is a little bit of confidence and just fully going for a full commitment on this trick But we got going to trip number four Before we continue with this video. I want to give a quick shout out to my sponsor and recruiters shout out to them for always supply me with the best scooter parts as well as Vital scooters Rettenmaier vital grips right now envy Union bars. I got my double clamp down. They’re full and we set up and I absolutely Love this thing a lot of you guys been asking why why I have this scribble on the side of my deck I know. Okay. I know it’s there it has I haven’t missed it but either way this decade it’s absolutely killing it gotta wash that stuff off right there because it’s looking pretty rank and I’ve had these Lambo wheels for a cool minute now since you guys are looking for some really good 120 millimeter wheels these things absolutely Demolish the skatepark, they’re super fast or super strong and be headset everything on this thing is like amazing I love it. But let’s continue with trick number four, which is an Indy So we’re turning the heat up a little bit a lot of you guys might think in Indy How can I learn this in one day? It’s actually not that bad as long as you’re more flexible than I am because I’m not this trick You’re gonna have to learn how to do on a ramp most likely some some people have learned flat, which is amazing I Didn’t learn flat I learned how to do this trick on this exact Bank right here that little homie just did a little jump on And I recommend that that’s where you guys aren’t going to do Indies Let’s give you guys some tips and tricks when it comes to the Indy grab anders has volunteered to try and indy on this bank He’s never tried it before so let’s do what happened That’s a Superman yes Anders, I’ll show you I’ll show you So I’m gonna give a knows a way Tanner’s have you ever done this trick before Okay, I’m gonna give Andrews a few tips and tricks really quick I’m going to tell them these tips and tricks before I tell them to you guys see if it helps Anders and as you ready Knuckles, we’ll be right back. We’re back with Anders trying his first indie And what happened that tip I told you you gotta keep practicing it okay, my man you got it all right deal a lot of people suffer from Well, one main issue and that main issue Is reaching down far enough to grab their deck the best thing that I could tell you guys when it comes to doing an indie is when you get up in the air if you push your bars as far as you can It’ll make the back of your scooter actually come up making it easier for you to actually grab the back You don’t have to grab the very center. That’s not a thing You mean you can but you’ll have to you grab the back your wheel Anything you can even start by grabbing like the back of your shoe just to get the idea right if you do that Baby, step your way up. Like I said all this is about baby stepping You don’t have to send the trick first try but if you do obviously it’s sick Right that is the fourth trick of five now see final trick we’re gonna speed it up a little bit We’re gonna turn up the heat the last trick in the five screw tricks. You can learn in one day is a turndown This is a tough one. This is a hard trick to learn in one single day But a lot of people do shifties we’re taking this trick to this five foot quarter pipe right behind me Now why a turndown Raymond Wyatt turn ten well I wanted to show you guys to turn out because nobody frickin does them and I’m trying to keep them alive By doing them and showing you guys how to do themselves If you guys learn this trick and one, two, three four and five days a week It doesn’t matter how long it is to get to learn it continue to do it because not that many people freaking do it pretty much everybody knows just you know, Actually, I’m just gonna show you guys what the shifty is We can all agree that we have done that trick before right Oh god, I’m falling everybody in scootering is done a frigging shifty. Even if you’ve done it on accident. That’s fine But what do you do a turn down the shifty part the part of your deck the way that it goes out is in front Of you, it goes towards my toes. So I’m pushing the deck like this. This is not what we’re going We’re not going towards our heels here. It’s not where we’re going The SCOOTER is going in front of us for a turndown All a turndown is is a shifty plus and except that’s literally it Every over thinks this and think it’s so complex. It’s really not shifty X up. That’s it Okay, so let me show you guys right now. This is they turn down So we’re doing this shifty in front of us, correct? So we’re pushing the scoot out plus an X up. That’s it This is a turndown right here. So push your scoot out turn your bars. That’s it, and it’s a hard trick to learn It’s weird. It’s very very awkward. But another thing I can tell you is do not lean too far forward It’s all bad. If you lean too far forward because everything has to get all jumbled up You lose your balance you fall is just this is not good. Just don’t do it. Okay, trust me You got to try to whip that scoot out as fast as you can like you don’t you don’t want to be taking your time? To do this and also this this back leg if it is straight It makes it a million times easier. If you actually bring it back afterwards. It’s kind of like a three-part trick It’s a push then a turn and then bring it all back together at once so push turn all together It’s a confusing trick, but you can do it and you can do it in one day if you try hard enough So let me demonstrate the turn down Another thing I forgot to add in there some people like to do them with bows legs straight Some people like to do them both legged like I do whatever is comfortable for you. That’s fine. Both leg It just means your you’re rolling your front ankle. Just so you guys know that’s how I’m gonna do it I’ll try straight legged, but it’s real ugly. But let’s take this one to the hip That’s it that’s all five tricks that you guys can learn in one day these tricks are gonna be harder for some than others So for example, I’m pretty good at turndowns, but he might not be so gonna turn down. It’s correct Correct. So it might be a little harder for some of you guys to learn and others but it is okay You gotta stay determined. You gotta get it. You gotta get the goal. That’s what you guys got to do That’s what it is all about Work hard work hard for these tricks and then don’t stop here work hard at all the other things that you do in your life Whether it’s on your scooter whether it is on your math assignment whether it’s on anything else that has to do with you working on being nicer to other people just Do it do it work on it and it all everything takes practice but Hopefully these five tricks are easy for all of you guys to learn and I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and until next Time I’m out of here. Later