YOUR MIND Hi there! Camouflage is a kind of thing that
makes you invisible. It`s the type of stuff that chameleons do. Masters of camouflage
show a lot of effort in their attempts to conceal themselves. Military people for example
do a lot of this stuff to perfect their craft. But today we will focus on some random, accidental
cases when people didn`t even expect to become chameleons. So let`s have a look at 55 accidental
camouflage cases that play tricks on your mind.
1. At first glans you kind of feel like this guy`s got problems. Where the hell is his
middle? Well, in reality it`s not all that bad. It`s one of those rare cases when camouflage
outfits do work! 2. Feels like there s a hole I the chair.
What a great coincidence. What`s especially cool is that the dots even align diagonally.
How crazy is that? 3. I didn`t know they invented transparent
socks! Or is it this that invisible guy from that movie invisible?
4. Wow! What a way of coincidence! Where the hell did they get that boots?
5. Hey buddy guy! Where the hell are you socks? That`s what they mean when they say merged
with nature. 6. The owner of this cat often has trouble
finding his little ginger buddy. That`s because it looks just like the floor. Poor kitty,
wonder how many times people stepped on it`s tail.
7. If you think that this is an accident then you`re wrong. This guy`s outfit is an integral
part of his style. He wouldn`t be able to play billiard if he wasn`t wearing that sweater.
Next time he will probably paint his head in a matching color.
8. Cat that looks exactly like the carpet it`s sitting on. I hope this kitty is swift
enough to avoid all the people`s foot. 9. Chameleon ivy. Never saw anything like
it in my entire life. 10. You can barely see that owl. And that`s
what the camouflage is all about. Helps animals avoid predators.
11. Here is another example of a cool looking camouflage. Wonder what`s this birdie called?
Do you guys know this type of bird? I never saw it before.
12. This girl was obviously very surprised when she saw that her shirt has exactly the
same patter as that sheet she stands beside. 13. If you touch this carpet you can accidentally
stroke a dog. Not that it`s a bad thing, just unexpected.
14. A great example of a camouflage illusion. 15. Looking at this photo you don`t immediately
see what`s the deal here but when you look closer you can actually see some tree frogs.
16. Just try to find a kitty! 17. This is a difficult one. Now there is
a puma hiding around here somewhere. You have 20 seconds, see if you can find it!
I hope you guys managed. Now let`s see. There it is.
18. If you re tired of people waking you up all the time then you might wanna try to conceal
yourself with pajamas. 19. Now this guy on the far right is a total
master of camouflage! Even his eyes are the same color!
20. A furry cap!? I don`t think I ever saw one. A strange piece of headgear indeed. But
wait a minute! This isn`t a fury cap! It`s a cat on top of a cap.
21. These two doggies are natural masters of camouflage. They re like yin and yang.
22. This is when you know when you found the right place in the world. Your niche so to
speak. 23. Now I saw a lot of weird things in life
but I only saw invisible cars in the movies. So this is definitely something new for me.
24. This is a rare case when a paint on the building looks exactly like the color of the
sky. It feels like the whole thing was photoshopped. But I reassure you guys, it`s the real deal!
This is the original photo. No Photoshop stuff! 25. Wow! You don`t wanna mess with that guy!
Look at him emerging from a human skull. He probably ate that man alive and now using
his skull to protect itself. 26. Another interesting camouflage illusion
example. One with the nature, yeah? 27. Well, lets see if you can find a little
someone hidden in this photo. It`s really funny. You have 20 seconds to find the little
buddy. 28. The girl who took this photo wrote this:
“I`m dressed exactly like my napkin holder” Don`t worry girl, don`t cry. If you can`t
hold your tears, use a napkin ad keep on rockin! 29. The owner of this tail thought they were
never gonna find him! 30. This pair of slippers is still there because
nobody can see it. No wonder. 31. What a pitty! The guy caught a fishy and
had a photograph taken. The trouble is that you can`t really see the fish cause it blend
with the guy`s khaki jacket 32. Here`s a comment fro the band members:
“So we were playing at this Irish Pub and turned out we both looked just like a flag
behind us somebody from the crowd yelled it was a camouflage show”
33. I didn`t know doggies were that good at hiding!
34. It probably hurts a little to realize your shirt looks like a hotel carpet.
35. Or when it looks like your own couch. Although this guy seems fine with that.
36. So lets see if you guys can find an ipad on this photo.
I wouldn`t but it there though. Cause you know… Somebody might accidentally sit on
it and you know… There will be no ipad no more.
37. This girl`s shoes look like pebble underneath her.
38. At list 9 out of 10 people stop for about five seconds when they see this. I mean it
does look confusing, doesn`t it? 39. And what a hell is this? Are these Siamese
twins? Or is this some kind of human fan? 40. It`s kind of hard to believe that this
thing is a genuine piece of art and you know, not just some dirty window.
41. Do you think it`s just some pole sticking out from the ground? Nope it’s a road sign.
That`s how looks from the back. Because of it`s color it looks almost transparent.
42. The guy who took this photo wrote this: “My socks look exactly like my girlfriend`s
carpet”. Dude! Are you serious? Don’t you have other things to do at your girlfriend`s
place? 43. This woman`s coat looks just like the
chair she`s sitting on! That`s exactly the same pattern! Well, at lists it looks better
than that armchair in the lower left corner. 44. A football camouflage isn’t the best
option if you catch my drift. 45. This guy was so inspired by the paining
he decided to buy a similar coat! 46. Frying pans become the one with the table
top just to avoid getting burned. 47. Guys and their cars! On the other hand,
why the hell not? 48. Have a good hard look at this photo you
guys. Now tell me, did you notice a woman sitting on that couch there right away?
49. At the right place at the right time. 50. It must be so nice to realize that your
very expensive tabletop looks exactly like a pack of frozen pork.
51. The time when your sweater matches the mountain. Well, almost.
52. How wonderful! This guy`s shirt looks just like the inner part of that bowl!
53. Yeah, right. Well, let`s just say that we don`t see you guy.
54. Who could have thought that sheep are great maters of camouflage.
55. Office edition. That`s certainly what it is.
And now let’s have a look at a few cats who feel like they totally mastered their
camouflage skills! Let`s see if you can find those little fellas! Remember that you can
always press pause if you need more time to think!
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