Have you ever heard this sound before? It’s my absolute favorite sound And it’s been fascinating me for many years now. But I had never heard about it before Until I moved to this remote place by the lake. I didn’t know that the ice can
create the most magical And otherworldy sounds. It excites my spirit And during the last years I’ve spent many winter nights by the lake Listening and recording the sounds of the singing ice. These sounds can best be heard in the
beginning of the winter Just as the lake has frozen to ice As the surface of the ice gets thicker It creates a strong tension in the ice Until it cracks. And as the cracks move fast over the ice It creates these strong vibrations and sounds That can be heard many miles away. The sounds of the ice is different
every winter Depending on how fast the ice grows And how much snow is covering the surface. The colder, the louder sounds. Being out on the ice when it sings the
most is a very special experience If the ice cracks close to you You can feel like a wall of vibration from the sounds Almost knocking you down. It’s very powerful And I have to admit, it feels a bit spooky to walk down to
the ice in the nights Changing batteries in my sound recorder While being surrounded by these loud, strange sounds. It’s like the sound of an ancient spirit awakening under the ice Roaring out in the night. And, the ice does not only makes this magical music It also creates a masterpiece on the ice.