– What’s up everybody? This is Mary Jane Gibson. – This is Mike Glazer. – And together we are Weed and Grub. – And we are here to bring you
a very glazed Thanksgiving. – In the Magical Butter
kitchen where we are going to teach all of you at home how to infuse every single part of
your Thanksgiving meal. – Follow as @weedandgrub on
Instagram and hang out with us as we prepare this amazing elevated feast. – This turkey gonna get you high. Call your mom, ’cause she’s
gonna be proud of you. – It’s about to be
Danksgiving you’ve ever seen. – Ohh, hit it. (whack) Sexy.
– That’s right. – Let’s go. (whack) Damn!
– Ohh, yeah. – Sign me up.
– Oh my god. (purring) Yeah, you like that? You like that?
– Yeah. Let’s go.
– That’s right. (whack) Another quintessential piece
of our Danksgiving feast. – And these are jewel sweet potatoes, which is amazing, yeah right. They do look like they’re
from Crash Bandicoot. (video game sound effects) What are we doing Mary Jane? – So, first it’s really easy,
we’re just slicing them. And we’re going to put
them on a baking sheet with a drizzle of a
little bit of infused oil. – Cue sexy music. (saxophone music) – Even give them like a little mix around to make sure they’re sort of coated up. – Squeeze your taters in there. Did you ever try to get off
the phone with a sweet potato? – Uh, no why? – They won’t stop yammering. (drum riff) How long are they going
to take in the oven? – Um, until they’re done. – Until they’re done. – Yep, usually about 30-35 minutes. – So slap ’em in the O, er sorry, wow. – Yeah, now you slap ’em in the O. – Slap ’em in the oven. – And let them go. (air horn) – Mary Jane would you hold this? – Oh, yes I would love to
hold these sweet baby taters. (whirring) – Tilt it a little bit for me. Can you work with me and
move the bowl as I mix? Thank you.
– Absolutely I can. – Yo, we are like a human Kitchen Aide. So what you do at this stage, you’re going to want to
add that brown sugar. – Sweeten them up. – I mean they’re sweet, but
they could always be sweeter. Hit ’em with that cinnamon. You ever do the cinnamon challenge? – Never…cheers. (coughing) – Best part, nuts! – Toasted nuts?
– Nuts! Yeah toast up some nuts, nuts! Walnuts in, look at that, boom. Now grab your Magical Butter spatula and now you just want to do a fold because you don’t want to crush your nuts, know what I mean?
– I do. – Like Mr. Belvedere
– Totally. – Yeah, do you know that story? – I don’t. – He sat on his, nuts!,
during a table read and they had to cancel
production for three weeks. – Really?
– Yeah, look it up. – Oh Kevin, do me a
favor and tell everybody to wash up for dinner. – Now, time to add the marshmallows, and then we gonna glaze it! (air horn) Now we’re just gonna hit
it with the marshmallow, spread ’em all over,
top it with them nuts. Let’s glaze! (rock music) – Uh oh, this Thanksgiving
is all about glazing. – Let’s get glazed. Sweet potato casserole, glaze it. – Green beans, glaze it. – Turkey, glaze it. – Corn, glaze it. – Stuffing, glaze it. – Cranberry sauce, glaze it, with fire. We’ve got our 22 pounder
magical butter ball (slapping) and we’re going to elevate
it with some Magical Butter. – That’s what’s up, ready?
– Yup. Whoa.
– Ready? – Feel loose?
– Feel really loose. What are we doing? – So we’re gonna add some Magical Butter to some regular butter.
– Okay – Three sticks of Magical Butter to two sticks regular butter. – I don’t want to waste any. So three sticks of
Magical Butter is how much Magical Butter to regular butter? What are we looking at here? – So three sticks of Magical Butter to two sticks of regular
butter is going to give us about 20 miligrams
per pound of bird. – And this a 22 pound bird
– Correct. – Which means,
– It’s gonna be powerful. – It’s a powerful number. Oh, butter baby. – So now we are going to get it all over this juicy bird.
– Great. Oh, this smells amazing. – Yeah, you ready to slather? – Yeah, let’s slather the bird. (jazzy guitar music) I mean look it, oh don’t do
it, sorry, is that gross? – That is kinda gross. – Like is that gross?
– Yes. – Like if they did Ghost the remake, I bet that they would like baste a turkey. – Totally (slow romantic music) – The things that you want to consider is like getting every inch
of it covered in butter. Crisp it up with the Magical Butter skin. And then baste it, and then
you can also cover the tips. – And you’re going to want
to butter the cavity as well because you’re going
to put all of the bread and goodness in there. – Yeah also, if you don’t want to call it the cavity that’s okay. – Oh, you can just call it the inside. – The inside.
– Yeah. – I mean you could call it a turkey hole. (laughing) You ready to get this thing in the oven? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Wait, we gotta stuff it first. – All right so you’re
gonna want to stuff it because all of these aromatics make the whole bird more flavorful. – If you have some extra bud, throw that in there for the terps. – And if you want to throw
a glazed donut in there, you know, make it a little sweet. So it’s like a little
sweet and a little savory. You know, a little throw
back to where it came from. (turkey gobbling) And then these eggs will actually be hard boiled when they come out. – Ohh
– So that it’s kind of like making breakfast from the inside out. – Technique
– Yeah, some would say. I’m gonna have to get deep. Do you mind holding it?
– Sure (drum riff) – Little trick, you know,
wanna throw a GoPro in there. GoPro cooking! I’m gonna have to get deep. – And now we’re ready
to roast this bad boy. Turkey in the oven, turkey in the oven, hi ho the deery-o, turkey in the oven. – All right, let’s get serious. – Mike Glazer
– I’m in a blazer. – He’s blazed.
– Let’s make some glaze. – We’re going to put some soy sauce into our pan on a medium-high heat. – Perfect, love the
sizzle, love the drizzle. – And got some vinegar
– Perfect. – And we’re gonna add in some brown sugar, and then we’re just gonna
melt it all together and use a whisk to mix it up. Whisk me.
– Whisk. – Oh, it’s a tiny one, not a tiny one. – You don’t like a small whisk? – No thanks
– Oh, I hear ya. – Gimme a big fat whisk. – I feel ya on that, there you go. – Oh, you now I love a big whisk, but that one is too big. – Too big?
– Um hm. – Heard that before. – Do you have one that’s just right? – I do, how about this? – Now that’s a whisk I can work with. – So everything’s melted
and now you’re just going to incorporate it together until it boils. – Until it gets to be a glaze. – Just like me; you know what
my nickname was growing up? – No
– Donut. – Oh, why? – Because I was a little roly poly kid and my last name’s Glazer. Nobody needs to know that, it’s personal. This isn’t therapy. By the way, check this
out; I can return this. – Oh, it cost 420? – It did cost 420! – I whisk this would go faster. – Our turkey’s getting golden
brown in the oven right now. And about 30 minutes before it’s done, we’re going to pull it
out and we’re going to put this glaze on there. – Oh, put a little bit
of me on your turkey. Let’s Bob Ross this bird. Yeah, a nice happy little bird. Doesn’t matter how you glaze it, if you’re glazing it, you’re
doing it the right way. – Are you a professional glazer? – I am a professional glazer. – These are my parents.
– Oh, nice to meet you. Does this mean I’m like
an honorary glazer? – Yeah, I can get you a certificate. So as you’re painting it,
you can’t do it wrong. You can only do it
right, because it’s you. And you don’t make mistakes. You learn new ways of achieving goals. Dang, that turkey looks good! – Gorgeous, look how
brown and juicy it is. – Right, ohh! What do you know about that. Psst, Mary Jane, it’s gravy time! Key component to any
good Thanksgiving meal. – Gotta get your gravy right! – So much drip. – I’m so serious about this. – Yo, step your game
up, cause if it’s wrong, you’re not welcome. How do you make this gravy? I almost called you baby, is that okay? – Yeah
– Okay What do we do first? – To make the gravy, you start with some drippings from the turkey. – Delicious
– All right – Mamma mia, slide you a little flour. – Yep, and you’re just
going to start whisking. – So you’re making a roux, essentially. If you don’t know what a roux is, that’s what Google is for. Yo, do you know Young Gravy?
– Uh uh – You don’t know the rapper Young Gravy? – No
– Gravy, dressing, wrist, flex I put gravy on anything. – What would you put gravy on? – I would put it on… (stop watch ticking) …a pizza, I would put it on
pasta like an Alfredo sauce. Why don’t they make pasta gravy? Like fettuccine Alfredo but with gravy. – That’s such a good idea. – How good would that idea be, right? And then like a stroganoff,
like a turkey stroganoff, but instead of a cream base
you’re making like a gravy base. This looks great. Can I get you a little salt and pepper? – For sure
– CBD salt This is great too because it’s infused, but you have full control over how much or how little you want
to add to your meal. – That’s right. – So with some CBD salt,
balance you back out, and if you really want to go for broke, add a lot more gravy. – I love that, I love an infused sauce because you can sort of like,
you can always have more. – You can always have more. Yeah, and I usually do want it. Can I dip a toe? (angels singing) – How’s that flavor flav? – It’s very good; it needs
salt, it needs pepper. – Okay, let’s salt and pepper it up. (harp music) – It’s so important to taste as you go because what you’re putting in your mouth is what other people are
going to put in their mouth. So you want to know what
their mouth is gonna be, because that’s being a good cook. You know what we need?
– What? – Our gold gravy fountain! (timpani drums) (Thus Spake Zarathustra
by Richard Strauss) – The Dankest-giving ever! It’s wavy gravy. – It is wavy gravy. (disco music) You wanna make a wish
to the gravy fountain? – I do
– Do you want to say them out loud so
they actually come true? Because I believe if you keep it inside then it’s not gonna come true cause nobody knows what you want in life. – Okay, you have to say your wish out loud when you wish on a gravy fountain. – Truth
– New rule – Okay
– Okay – What is your wish? – I wish for everyone to sit down together for the best Danksgiving ever. (gentle orchestral music) (glass clinking) – So I just want to say, thank you all for having us to this
beautiful Thanksgiving meal where everything is infused. Shout out to Magical Butter. Shout out to Mary Jane Gibson. Shout out to this crew here. Cheers everybody, thank you so much.