A lot of people think magic is just a
fun hobby but for us it’s so much deeper than that. I’m Claude the Great. And I’m Candy And I’m a Professional Magician. And I’m a Professional Magician’s Assistant. Magic really became a part of our lives when our best friend Tom died
in fifth grade. The last time we could remember him smiling was at Jenny
Richmond’s birthday party where there was a magician performing. So we knew we
had to make others smile using magic. It’s really all about spreading the joy Magic. We’re completely self-taught It’s just
so exciting when we can discover these things ourselves that normally take
people years of professional training. We’re not in it for the money mm-hmm all the money that we raise goes straight to more magic supplies. What
else could we need? How do you do that one- Okay that’s not- you’re the assistant. Okay? Alright. Oh! Madame! Madame! Please. Enjoy the show. We’re here to entertain. Madame. No thank you. Have a nice day You don’t need to use that. Okay. Today’s a big day for us. This is our most difficult trick yet! Come one! Come all! Come watch me saw this woman in half! Alakazam [screams of pain] [blood spattering] Oh that’s not good. That’s not good. [dying gargles] You okay?