hi everyone I’m pixie kitten and this is
a video I have put together to celebrate my first year of streaming I started
streaming in July of this year 2019 and it’s been really great
I started streaming on YouTube I’ve since moved over to twitch but it’s been
so much fun I’ve been a part of the early access events for arena and I was
also a part of the festival of the Fae events I was also a sponsored streamer
for my birthday week this year by Wizards that was super fun big THANK YOU
to Wizards for asking me to be a part of those events I really appreciate it and
they’ve been so fun also huge thank you to card sphere for
supporting me on my content creation journey from the videos that I make to
streaming and everything in between I love card spheres so much and they’re
the best sponsors anyone can ask for most of all thank you to all of my
friends and followers and subscribers and patrons you all make everything I do
worth it and I just appreciate you all so much everyone who shares my content
or jumps into my chat or plays the direct challenge with me thank you so
much from the bottom of my heart I love you all so very much I hope you enjoy
this video hey Mike what’s up I’m playing some standard twenty20 and it’s
not going well oh my god I’m so mad right now
but I’m gonna say nice just because I’m not a bad at home this opening hand is
like not great but I’m keeping it anyways here’s what I’m doing
guess what lady you’re getting in there and you’re doing some work for me
because you’re an elk now and otherwise you’re useless so this is actually super
great Oh what just happened Oh Oh No what is that that’s not good oh
no Workshop elders artifact creatures you control have flying oh shoot I hate
that card oh oh oh four or five six seven Oh at
nine oh oh my gosh oh my gosh thank you so much I’m glad somebody knows what
they’re doing around here five six seven eight nine wow I’m such a scrub I guess
I’ll keep that whatever they’re dead all I have to do is sacrifice this oh yes
yes my jakey death run my jakey deck one more dress no boat no regrets my cheeky
one oh let me just like destroy this person really fast
oh they’re milling me you know what we’re gonna straight-up concede they’re
milling me so I’m out I should probably not keep this hand but I’m going to so
there’s that a choice yeah the opponent said no
thankful to wrinkle oh oh no no don’t don’t
kitty stop what what just happened what are they doing
oh they’re trying to draw cards they’re trying to draw cards I’m gonna play soar
into next I’ll attack three attackers yay yay they can only block one of my
creatures oh I forgot to say good game I got it in
I got it in yeah hey my good nice work hi I should have witch’s vengeance tits so
that it would have done much damage to me that would have been a good idea I did not mean to do that oh let’s see the cards we got high alert
ooh what is that I don’t I have no idea what just happened so I guess I’ll just
play this one thing that’s lighting up on my screen because otherwise I’m just
not sure I don’t know if I’ll live through this ah I did oh but they got
life link back to oh oh shoot their stupid statue yes yes that’s five damage Oh No okay here we go our opponents name is BB
D so that’s a little strange what does that mean something I don’t
know what it means kook attacking but it’s just for
non-blue players attacking so trivial I don’t want to
destroy my opponent by attacking them I want to destroy my opponent by breaking
their soul countering everything they try to do here it is I have to counter
it I have to I did it I did it I’m sorry if I’m yelling sometimes I go back and
listen to my videos and I realize that I’m like legitimately just yelling good
game whenever officier control does come at him she player that player oh oh I
got it I got it I figured it out I figured it out oh no
this is not good ladder and dog river dang dang they said oops and I don’t
know why I do not know why they said oops
did I do something wrong dude I drew a swamp oh my gosh okay I’ll do three
damage to them and then it doesn’t matter yay yay yay good game good game
oh wait they have blockers what did I just do I just do with one creature
what’s wrong with me yeah okay I got this
this oh no don’t counter it I can’t believe my death dump truck deck
1 7 games this video brought to you by card sphere
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