It’s a sense of family throughout the
whole university. Everybody feels that it is part of their home and we’re part of
their family. I really loved how family-friendly UNT was. Alayna has actually
already gone to UNT. When she was a little baby, she came to class with me. I
had several professors that would pick her up and carry her around when they
were teaching and it was so cool. I had her I think my second to last
semester in college and just being able to push through that just for her. – And for her. – Yeah, you’re right. And for me ’cause I did need the college degree, too. I wanna go to UNT when I grow up. Every time I walk on the UNT campus, I have that kind of feeling that I am home. As a family it’s continued to be part of our
experience. The University of North Texas provides a great outreach to the community. My father worked in higher education so I was always in a college town and so it’s it’s nice to have that environment to just be involved in the community and do lots of fun stuff with my kids. – Like baking cookies? – Like baking cookies. – Like eating cookies. The really, most heartwarming part of it is sharing the things you love with your family and the community
around you. A lot of those close friends are UNT
employees that you know are my co-workers and they become family. From our Mean Green Family to yours, have a great holiday and a wonderful new year!