Passing spirits, come.. Passing spirits, please come.. Stop. ‘A lady died in a road accident
in a place called Mati Penang..’ ‘..which is in Kaulalampur
the capital of Malaysia.’ ‘People say that the Ouija
Board is reason for this.’ ‘Sneha is the name of the
girl with these beautiful eyes.’ ‘Her thinking is very similar
to that of Ram Gopal Verma.’ ‘Like him she does not believe in god
but she believes spirits and ghosts.’ ‘She is trying very hard
to make a film on them.’ ‘At night she dreams
of making the film..’ ‘..and during the daytime
she works in a Software Company.’ ‘This is Sneha’s friend, Krishna.’ ‘Actually her name is Krishnaveni.’ ‘Actually she is a girl but
she does everything that boys do.’ ‘That is why everyone has
cut the Veni from her name..’ ‘..and so they call her Krishna.’ ‘And she too has taken this lightly
as she likes being called Krishna.’ ‘She loves photography so her
eyes are always on the look out..’ ‘..for something new.’ ‘Her name is Neharika
but everyone calls her Neha.’ ‘As she cannot think independently..’ ‘..she supports what
Sneha and Krishna say.’ ‘When they three come
together they just enjoy.’ “I want party!” “I want party!” “I want party!” “I want party!” “I want party!” “I want party!” “These sexy,
sexy looks baby are like oxygen..” “We are angels!” “We steal oxygen
from whoever we meet.” “This body is also crazy..” “Live and enjoy your life.” “Go around sing and dance..” “Live and enjoy your life.” [English rap song] “Look at my selfie..” “Just want to dance, all night long.” [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] “Sunday to Sunday!” “No, Monday, just Sunday all my love.” “Sunset to sunrise round the
clock body shaking..” “..oh, my love!” “What’s app round the clock..” “Vodka with..” “What’s app round the clock..” “Vodka with..” “Come on shake your body right now.” [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] “Party! Party! Party! ” “Party! Party! Party! ” “Friendship is our life.” “Friendship is our breath.” “We three are one.” “We dance in joy.” “Our heartbeat becomes music.” [English rap song] [English rap song] “Let’s just go rock it,
shake it, move it right away.” “Don’t think just live.” “It is useless looking back.” “The sky too will bow down.
We will just fly.” [English rap song] “I want to dance the night away.” “You want the party
and I want the party.” “Let’s all dance all night long.” ‘Moni, cutie!’ Cutie! Cutie! You want this? Good girl! Good girl! – Moni!
– You are so cute. – Just look at her!
– Hey, have you seen Moni? Sir, I have not seen her. Moni! It is so late at night.
Where is she? Oh! So you are here? Come on, it is very late.
It is time to sleep now. She will not come. If you stay with these drunkards
you too will become like them. Let’s go, dear. – K.K!
– What? – This is not right.
– Don’t say this. You should not do
this with decent girls. You and decent? Moni will not come
means she will not come. – Hey! Hey, Sunder!
– Sir! Come on take Moni away
and put her to sleep. – Yes.
– No one will touch her. Mr. K.K! – Just chill and get..
– Dear Moni, come let’s go. – ..more drinks for us.
– No! Moni! – I will surely bring that.
– Moni! While searching for as
job when I came to Kaulalampur.. that time an Indian helped
me in opening this restaurant. I am sparing you just because
you are Indians otherwise.. What do you mean, otherwise?
What you would have done? Fine! It is very late. In the morning
you might have to go to office.. please go now. Office? Hey, no! Fifteen
days holidays that means vacation. Fifteen days holidays? What have you
decided to do during this vacation? We will make a short film. – You are going to make a film?
– Yes. You will make a film? – Super, madam!
– What? – I will also accompany you.
– Yes. Hey you, first go and do your work.
You are not fit to watch a film.Go! There in India there
are one better than the other. What are you going to do then? K.K! You are insulting us. Just one chance..and we
will leave everyone behind. As it is such boring
films are being produced. This hero..heroine..everything.. becoming so commercial. Today no one is even thinking
of making something new. No! There is no one! And photography!
There photography too is not good. It will be fun to watch
if they do it without shadows. It will be super if the
camera moves in a round rally. Okay! Okay! Okay! I will produce a film now.
You prepare for a short film. Neharika, you are lucky!
You will win an award. – Krishna, we are doing a short film.
– Yes! Yes! We will change the destiny
of the Indian film industry. – That’s enough now!
– What? What do you know about films? Just think!
There are four hundred junior artists. What if even one does
not get any dialogues? You feel bad.
You don’t know anything. I have acted as a junior
artist in 150 films. What? But this industry never
gave me a chance as a hero.. ..and even I did not
say anything to anyone. – Hey you, come here!
– ‘I will come right away!’ – Saying that there is shooting
here they brought me here. – Yes. As the producer had no
money he went back to India. Hundred days..okay, I am here
from the past hundred days.Okay. Did I ever..did I ever utter
a single word against the producer? – Tell me.
– Never! And you three are drinking
Scotch here and talking.. ..nonsense about my industry? In front of me you are
talking about the industry? I feel like breaking your head! – This..I want this same anger!
– Yes! What? – Friends,we have found our hero.
– What? Wow! What a face!
What a body! What expression you gave! Superb! You are
absolutely fit as a hero. Oh, my hero! Please sit. That means you are taking
me as a hero in your film? We are making a short film.
You are confirmed. – Congratulations!
– Thank you. – Oh! Get away from here!
– Okay, madam. – By the way, what is your name?
– Balraj. Nice name! Dance, fight, do you know everything? – I know a little.
– Don’t worry. We will train you. Great! This filmy
man also befriended you? God only can save you now. Mr. K.K, you are insulting
my hero and technicians. Yeah. – Exactly! – Come on, guys!
Let’s search the location. Yeah! Your Bala has become crazy! Come on! – Cheers!
– Come on, cheers! – Let me dance! You are disturbing me.
– Please come! Join us. – Bala, come on,
– have it. Wow! Good! Good! Oh, my god! Look, in our picture we
will put up a set of ball dance. – It will be fun!
– Oh, no! You just watch I
will do superb acting. – Bala, it is old style.
– We will make a love story. Who has the time to love nowadays? Who will watch a love story? No way! – Love story is ruled out.
– Yeah. By the way instead of the
excitement of a love story.. ..what if we scare
the audience with ghosts? We will be successful! This means we will
make a superb horror film. Yeah! Horror story! The co-star
very camera friendly, you know. No, no, no! What about
my image in the horror film? You don’t worry, Bala!
I will take your very good shots.. – ..with extra ordinary camera angle.
– Say, okay now? Thank you.
By the way what is the story? Story? We will have
to search for the story. What? – Are you ready?
– Where are the horror books? Yes. What will you say
about the Ouija board? Ouija board is useless.
It is just a way of making money. What is this?
All are talking about horror? There is a craze of horror
films amongst the people. That’s true! [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] Good! Very good! You all are working very hard. The story should be interesting.
Am I right? The film is scary, right? Passing spirit, please come. Passing spirit, please come. Passing spirit, please come. Passing spirit, please come. Passing spirit, please come. Passing spirit, please come. Passing spirit, please come. Are you there? You go and see. – Go, go and see..
– Go and see.. – Go!
– Go! – Go!
– Go! – Go!
– Go! – Go!
– I will go and see. Go! See! Brother! – Sunder, you?
– What are you doing? – I will slap him.
– I have brought lunch. Brother, food! I have brought food. Hello! Hey, look, listen!
He is telling something about Ouija. My name is Iliyas. Nowadays the whole world
is playing with this Ouija board. All call it spirit and
ghosts but I call it the soul. This Ouija board is a
medium to speak with the soul. See this! This is the Ouija board. By keeping the coin like
this we can call any soul here. If they are near and
they like they will come here. At that time this coin
will move from its place. Through these alphabets
they give us the answer.. the question we have asked. You must never play this Ouija alone. And if you are not well then
don’t play it even by mistake. And there should be nothing
related to god in that room. You must play this in darkness
only in the light of the candle. You can face trouble
if you ask some question.. the soul which it does not like. It entirely rest on the soul
to come and go from this board. We should not raise our
finger once it comes on the board. You must raise your finger
only after you exit it.. ..otherwise they can do anything. – Sir, you regularly play Ouija?
– Yes. As I invite them daily
at times there are many souls.. ..who keep waiting for me. Will there be someone
waiting now also? Sir, our Badshah must be waiting,
isn’t it? Yes! You are right.
We will call Badshah. Seems like he knows a
lot about spirits and souls. Possible that he only is a spirit.
Keep quiet. – Close the door and windows..
– Yes, sir. – And off the lights as well.
– Okay, sir. – Vijay!
– Sir! Badshah! Please come! Please come! Badshah, have you come? Are you here? You can ask anything. Badshah, will I become a hero? He is not a parrot
who predicts the future. The soul is not aware of
the future otherwise they would.. ..tell us what is going
to happen in the future. I have a friend named
Varun in America. Can he tell us where he is? Write down! Badshah,
can you tell us where Varun is? Badshah, are you there? Thank you, Badshah! Good-bye! – Vijay!
– Sir! Switch on the lights. Okay, sir. Red face! Green cloth! White corridor. He could not tell us properly. There can be some interlink in this. Okay, sir!
We will leave now. Thanks a lot. – Okay..
– Always remember one thing. Ouija is very powerful. There
is no need to go very deep into this.. ..otherwise you may
have to face problems. He fooled all of us!
He only shifted the coin and told us.. ..that the soul has arrived. – He managed all this so well.
– Don’t say that. If Badshah has come
here he must be listening.. whatever we are saying right now. All this is nonsensical.
Neha, you once call Varun directly. – Everything will be clear.
– You are right. – Do it.
– Yes. Hello! What are you saying! Oh, my god!
Okay! Okay! Please take care! 30 minutes back our Varun
met with an accident. What? – He is seriously injured.
– Oh, god! He has been admitted
to the hospital. At that time..long corridor, red face.. – Green curtain..
– Yes! – Badshah was trying to tell
us that Varun is in hospital? – Yes. That is possible! Badshah must
have told about this accident only. – Are you mad?
– Really a spirit had come there? I don’t completely believe
in all these things but there is.. ..surely something in that Ouija. Great! Taking this as our base
we will make the short film. The name of our film will be Ouija! Madam, I have brought
Ouija boards for our film. I will show you. Madam, this is Ramsay brother’s type. It is totally colorful. How is it? – Tell me, madam?
– Superb! If you take my close-up
and stick it in the center.. ..and if you make
a poster then just see.. Even if anyone asks for a
ticket in black for ten thousand.. ..they will not get
the ticket for our film. Balu, ours is a short
film and not a feature film. This will get released on U tube. Hey, show another board. Why? Didn’t you like it? I will now show you,
V V Vinayak style, full lights.. – Wow!
– Yes, see.. – Black, white, red and blue..
– Yes. – If we make like this the film
will definitely be a hit. – Yes. Hey, this is final. Make it. This looks like a
children’s playing board. – This won’t do.
– What? – You didn’t like this also?
– I did not like it at all. Sunder, that is not the case. It should be like..the
spirit should come there.. It should be like that. Understand? Your choice is also great! Okay, see this now. Yes! Exactly! This is what I want! Wow! Superb! Whichever angle you look at it.. looks totally camera friendly. – This is final.
– Let me see. – Hey!
– Yes? Make a duplicate of this as well. What for? What if this gets
misplaced in the shooting? – Great!
– Wow! Bala, you are a genius. As he is the senior
most junior artist. We did not even think of this. Don’t praise me so much!
I feel overjoyed. Fine! So everything is set. Okay! From tomorrow death kill starts. Let’s play.. – Have you put the lens?
– Awesome! Just superb! – Everything set?
– Yes, – Everything is set.
– Yeah, perfect. Looks good. – Looks good.
– Where is Bala? So exciting. Looking smart! Oh! As brother is going
to become a super star.. ..I will become his
personal make-up man. Brother, what is this?
You are pushing me. – How is my get up?
– Oh God! Hey! The make-up is too much.. No touching.. You and your get up. You are looking like
Rajkumar of the olden movies. – You have gone mad.
– You are jealous. All of you are jealous. As I look the best amongst
you all you are jealous. Oh! Oh, hello! There is no need to give
so much build up. Understood? Yes! – He will not listen to us.
– Right. – Let’s just attack!
– Come on! No! Listen.. What condition have you made of me? From hero you made me a zero. – Shut up! I will beat you..
– Leave him. You are looking nice
even in this get up. Bala! Cheer up! Come on! It’s okay! Hey! Hey! That’s my lucky locket. Bala! Subject demands! See, you are a super hero! – Come on.
– Superb. Bala, you have the first dialogue.
Do you remember? – I remember. Ready!
– Okay. – Krishna, camera!
– Rolling. Action! – Cut, cut, cut., what is this?
– Sorry! If you don’t deliver
the dialogues properly I will bring Sunder in your place. Move aside! I mean,I have brought juice for you. I will deal with you after the shot.
Ready, one more. – Okay!
– Yes. – Krishna! Camera!
– Action! – Passing spirits please come.
– Passing spirits please come. – Passing spirits please come.
– Passing spirits please come. Are you here? What’s your name? S! U! N! N! Y! Sunny! Sneha! Sneha! Sneha, what happened? ‘We should not lift our finger
once it comes on the board.’ ‘We should lift the finger
only after you exit it.’ ‘Otherwise it can do anything.’ What happened to you? Sneha! What has happened to her! – Sneha!
– Cut it! That means,
you had already planned this? But why didn’t you tell me? You would do over acting if
we would have told you, that’s why. You too are involved with them? – Hey, what are you doing?
– Come here. – Cut it! Superb!
– Here, hold it. Done for the day, guys! – You should not say like this.
– Superb! They say, pack up! – They are making a film, it seems!
– Great! – Okay, pack up!
– This is their first film. – Okay go now.
– Tomorrow’s call time, 8′ 0 clock! There is no need to tell me.
I am an artist. On time. Yes. – Costume and make-up..
– Okay.. okay.. – ..Sunder you handle it.
– Okay madam bye. All of you come,
I will give you all a nice party. – Niharika!
– Hey! Niharika! It is pack up! Niharika!
What? Do you still want to play? Niharika! Hey, come on! Let’s go! – Come on now! Come.
– Come on. – Let’s go.
– Really? – Tell me, Neha!
– That..did you move the coin? No! I did not move it. What? You didn’t do it?
Then did it move by itself? Don’t be silly! Getting emotional
Bala only must have moved it. – Surely that must have happened?
– Of course! Chill! Our first days
shoot completed successfully. Enjoy that!
Why do you doubt unnecessarily? Good night! What is this that has happened! It’s been only a
few days that I met you. I had started liking you a lot. Before I could say anything
you went away so far from me. – Brother, juice!
– How was my acting? You were great! You cried so well! – Are you praising me or teasing me?
– What is this, brother! – What?
– What? What is this? Why is Niharika crying? – We are acting and she is weeping?
– Yea. What if she is acting better than you? – Is that so? Come, let’s go and see.
– Yes, let’s go. What happened to her? She says Loveleen is
dead and so she is crying. – Oh! Loveleen!
– A witch had come at night. A witch had come at night
and she killed my Loveleen. A witch had come?
She died due to infection. That’s it. Why are you making
a commotio0n for that? You don’t understand. We had not moved the
coin on the Ouija board. That coin moved on its own. That means a witch had come there. Is that what you think? Neha, I had moved the coin. Oh! So that’s it! – Really?
– Yes! – Promise?
– I promise you. – Oh! – I said that at night
just to make you tense. I never knew you would
get so upset. Sorry! Okay! We will not
do the shooting here now. We will shift to K K restaurant.
Okay! Okay! – Let’s go.
– Ready! A! B! C! D! E! G! A! I! K! L! L! N! O! – Who gave you this board?
-P! Q! R! S! – Children should not play with this.
– P! Q! Come, let’s go out and play. Come.
Come, my dear! Come with me. Come. Wonder how did this board came here. Oh, no! No one is punctual. 8′ 0 clock was the call time. I only did not come on time. Moni! Moni! Bala! Neha! Bala! Open! Open! Open the door! No! Saw that! You called me
a coward but you too get scared. Wow! This looks so natural. If there would have
been a hidden camera.. – ..your fear would have got
totally captured. Sure! – Yes! – Shut up!
– Take this! – I never get scared.
– I am coming right away! After all I am an artist. – I was improvising.
– Oh! Okay! – Acting!
– You act very well. Okay! Okay!
Come on, let’s begin the shooting. – Bala!
– Yes! – You are walking casually.
– Here.. Suddenly a witch will
come from behind you.. ..she will catch your throat
and you will bang against this tree. – See, like this! Okay.
– This way. – Okay! See my acting now.
– Krishna, camera! Rolling! Action! Cut! Cut! Cut! – Bala, what is this?
– Feel it. You are acting like a child.
Be more natural. It is easy to say. – You will know when you do it.
– It is very simple. – Sunder, hold this!
– Look at me. – Yes, do it and show me.
– Have a look. Go there! – Okay!
– Come – Here..and see..see..
– Ready! – Say, action!
– Action! You have to do it like this.
Understood? – Niharika!
– Yes! – Stick this sponge properly.
– I will take care. Camera! Rolling! Action! – Yes!
– Wow! What a shot! He gave a superb performance,
isn’t it? Correct! Bala, lovely! Good shot! Hey, Bala! Get up! Bala! Bala! Hey! Krishna, what poked him? If you see there was sponge
over there and nothing else. He just missed otherwise
his brain would have got damaged. I can even give my life for the film. Yes, we will surely take
that but first go and rest. Go and apply medicine on the wound. Such wounds are ordinary
for a hero like me. Do you know one thing? The film becomes a super
hit when the hero is wounded. He again started. Oh, god! Yes! It is true. Amitabh Bachchan was
wounded in the film Coolie. That film ran for a year. In the same way Cheeranjeevi
from the South was wounded.. the film Quaidi. The film went on for two years. Now see, both of them are great stars. What do you understand from this? Get the hero wounded
and make the film a hit. As I am wounded our
film is a super hit. Just see,
my cut outs will be displayed. And I will become the super star. – They are great heroes.
– And me? – are super hero.
– Correct! Yes! Shall I tell you one thing? The hero is wounded
and the film is a super hit. He again started. Amitabh Bachchan was
wounded in the film Coolie. It is difficult to stop him.
Come, let us throw him on the bed. – That film ran for a year.
– Let us together pick him up. – Come on.
– Come on, Bala! Get up! Get up! – Get up! – When you get wounded
the film is a hit. – Okay!
– Okay! – Bye!
– Bye! – Take care! Bye-bye
– Bye-bye! – Take care of yourself.
– Yes. – I will.
– Take care of Bala as well. – Bye!
– Bye! Bala! What is this? Bala, will you stop this nonsense! Bala, I am not Niharika to get scared. Why do you do all this? This Bala has started playing games. Bala! What is all this? Bala, this is too much! I will not spare you. Bala! Bala! Bala! Bala! Get up! Help me! Bala! Bala! Bala! Get up! Bala! Bala! Bala! You went inside the room.
When you turned around and saw.. ..there was a wall
in place of the door? – Oh!
– Yes. After that she fainted. When she regained consciousness
we found her on the terrace. – It is a good story.
– Story? And this wound? See this! You too see this. You must have got wounded
in your intoxication. Krishna,
all this is your hallucination. – Room, door, wall..
– Do you also wish to say that? Then what? Day before yesterday
Sneha experienced it.. ..and today you have experienced it. What are you all up to? Since the time we have
started this horror film shoot.. ..all have got so involved
in it that all are hallucinating. I cannot wait anymore.
We will have to take a break now. Let’s go to the beach!
What, you’ll don’t want to go? Never mind.
I will sit. We will stay here. Okay. – Let’s go!
– Yes! “My look is like that of a new car.” “It looks like Rolls Royce!” “Without the lens it is showing
dreams of films in my camera.” “My clapboard was new..” “Colorful dreams are filled in it.” “My life was empty but
it is now taking a musical turn.” “By drinking and sweet talks
don’t trouble me by praising me.” “Dance and be merry or pay the bill.” “Come, sing and dance with us.” “Don’t think too much
now that we have met. “Get immersed in your dreams.” “Don’t think too much
now that we have met. “Get immersed in your dreams.” “Hey, our hearts are Indian
in this foreign country.” “Take a step and blow the top.” “All together sing and dance.” “It will become Munni’s song.” “Just once enjoy and see.” “Take a step and blow the top.” “All together sing and dance.” “It will become Munni’s song.” “I have the quality
of bringing the Oscar.” “All the credit goes to you all.” “I am top in acting before
going to Hollywood and Bollywood.” “Shall I show you that?” “Whether it is Shahrukh Khan,
or Aamir Khan..” “I am Sherkhan, I am Shamsher.” “From the Silver screen to Digital
I will become the greatest hero.” “Hey! My life is very happy.” “Friends, just enjoy your life.” “Don’t find any other hero.” “Don’t make any other trailer now.” “Don’t go away from me.” “Chill, chill and wait.” “My life is very happy.” “Let me enjoy in zest.” Hi! So tomorrow we
are meeting at five. Right? Thank you.
And don’t forget to bring my earrings. Yeah! Yes!
And, I am picking you up at five. No changes, okay? Okay? Yes! Cool! Okay! Yeah! Okay, bye! Hi, Sneha! Come on,
come on, we are waiting for you. – Neha!
– Come on, come on, let’s go. Neha! Neha! Neha! There you are!
What are you doing there? Come. Come. Oh, god! – Sneha, what happened?
– What happened to you? – Neha! Krishna!
– Hey, listen.. – What happened?
– What..what happened? Bala, I saw it there!
I saw the devil there! I don’t understand anything. What is going on? What did you say?
He chats with the spirits? You are educated people.
Do you believe in such things? He only had told us
about the Ouija board. After starting the short
film something or the other.. happening with us
that is why we have called him.. talk to the spirit. Earlier you never believed in ghosts.. ..but now suddenly what happened? We also have started believing
due to circumstances. By his face he does
not seem trustworthy. I think he is a useless man. – Hello!
– Oh! Hope I am not disturbing you people. Not at all, sir. Mr. K K, your restaurant is very nice. Thank you very much. Sorry, I heard what you were talking. By the way I am not any
Ojha who knows black magic. Nor am I any scientist
who does research. But I have some knowledge
about this Ouija board. When he called me I thought
there must be some problem.. ..that is why I came here. Mr. K K, I need your
help to solve this problem. – My help?
– Yes. I need your help only because
you have faith in spirits. Come..please come with me. Please. Let’s go. That spirit which is troubling
these children, please come. Please come! Please come. Are you here? What’s your name? What’s your name! S! U! N! Y! Sunny! Sunny? Sir! Sir, are you all right, sir? Iliyas, sir! – ‘My name is Sunny!’
– What! – Sunny!
– What, Sunny! – Sunny!
– Sunny! Why are you troubling them? Where am I troubling anyone?
I am just playing a game. What is this happening? I enjoy playing with them. Stop this game.
These children are very scared. Have mercy on them. Please go away. – No! I will not go!
– Hey! Don’t you understand what I am saying?
Didn’t I say, go away! You are telling me to go away!
Did I come by you calling me? Sunny, please, go away.
We are very scared. Please, go away! – Please, go!
– Go away! – Please go away!
– Please go! Please! Please go away! Sir! – Iliyas, sir!
– Iliyas, sir! – Are you okay?
– Sir! It’s okay. I am fine. You cannot handle the spirits. All of you please don’t
play with that Ouija now. – Yes, absolutely, sir.
– You are right. Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! – I will leave now.
– Thank you, sir. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Oh! – Stop this madness of
a film and concentrate on your work. – Yes.
– Okay! – Hey, Sunder!
– Yes, Sunder.. But why Sunder? First go and throw
that Ouija board out. – Yes, I will go right now.
– Shall we make a film.. ..after all this has happened? You will stop the film?
That spirit went away. Hey, some other spirit will come.
You go and do you work. Go. Uncle, wait! This film is my life. – My acting career will be ruined.
– Don’t listen to him! He has gone mad. – No way!
– My life will be ruined. – He is mad!
– Don’t follow us. Looks like there will
be one more Sunny! Oh, god! Bala! Hey! How are you? Bala! What happened? Hey! Say something. Won’t you talk to me? Well.. Okay. I have lot of work to do.. What is it? You won’t tell me? Okay. Enough! Bala, give me a break. Tell me, what is your problem? Please complete the
short film. Please! Look, don’t talk about that.
Tell me if you want.. ..any other kind of help. I don’t want anything.
You just make the film. Film? You want only that, right? Okay! Listen! Listen, Sneha! Where did she disappear? What do you all think? What do you all think I am? Tell me. What did I ask for? I asked you to make a short film. – Am I right?
– Yes. Why do you scourge about it so much? Finally tell me. Are you going to complete
the short film or not. You don’t want to do it? Okay! All of you don’t
know about my character. For me Mumbai and Kualalampur
is one and the same. I was living my life. By calling me.. ..and making me a hero
you instigated my feelings.. and now you are running away?
To all of you, I will.. Saw that! Saw that!
Saw that! You got scared, isn’t it? You got scared, isn’t it?
Just look at your face. Look, that film is my future.
Please agree. Please start the
shooting again. Please. You do so much of drama.. – ..for a short film?
– Yes. Just see, you have ruined my make-up. I am not going to make any film. Oh! This kind of acting is of no use. I will have to do something else. No, movie! No more Bala. ‘I think he has become crazy.’ Oh, no! Bala! Bala! Bala! Hey! Where is Bala? Brother went away without
drinking the juice. – Yes.
– What? Yes! Speak out. Where is Bala? Brother went away without
drinking the juice. Yes. Hey! What are we asking
and what are you answering us? Where is Bala? No, movie! No Balraj! Yes, movie! Yes, Balraj. All right! We will make the film! Where are you, Bala? – Where are you?
– Come here. Brother, come out.
Brother, the film will be made. Bala, have you gone mad? It is just a short film. – Will that change your life?
– You are absolutely right. So many days I was
also one in the crowd. First time I got a
chance to show my talent. I thought that my life
will be made by this short film. Please listen to me.
Complete the short film. – Please!
– Okay. – We will make the film.
– What? – Atleast for Bala we will make it.
– Yes! Yes. Let’s do it for our friend. And then that spirit? As we were making a film
on a ghost the ghost had appeared. What if we give the same
story a form of a thriller? – How?
– I mean.. ..we will make the
people believe that.. ..the spirit was doing
what we all experienced. And in the climax,
in the end what if we reveal.. ..that there was no spirit or ghost.. ..but someone from amongst
us was doing this? A nice thriller movie
will be made. Yes. – I don’t understand.
– Let me explain. On the first day when
the shooting took place.. only took that fish bowl
from the hall to the bedroom, right? I took it, so? At that time you must have
given it poison and killed it. And we will make people believe
that the spirit had done this. ‘That means Bala had killed Loveleen?’ I killed Loveleen? No. No. The hero will become
the villain of this film then. If this happens the audience
will not come to know. No me. It will be better
if Niharika kills Loveleen. – What?
– What? – By the way why will I kill her?
– Because you are Psycho. You like to beat and kill. As it is we daily
see you beat someone. At times you sit in front
of the mirror and make strange faces. ‘You give weird expressions.’ Seeing all this the
public will believe.. Don’t make my character a villain,
understood? Correct! What was sleeping
in Krishna’s house that day? You! So who frightened
and wounded her? You. What if we make
people believe this? How? I was unconscious. That can be a drama. At night you woke up.. frightened Krishna. And you only wounded her. Instead of me staying
inside and doing all this.. ..the film will look more thrilling if
Niharika stays out and does all this. This is only better. No! This seems unbelievable. We will talk about you now. Not doubting you and if
you go yourself and bang hard.. ..against the tree, then?
It will be so thrilling. ‘He is really a psycho.’ Hey, no! Better than that.. Who had arranged the sponge?
Niharika had arranged it. Who was hitting the nail from behind?
Niharika. All that is nonsense. Okay, we will take my incidence. As you are from the film industry.. From your experience.. if you enact that lady and that
sound it will look so interesting. We will get the thrilling
point of the film. ‘Is he the one to scare Shilpa?
He is the one.’ Who was the first
to enter from the door? Niharika had entered, right? She only was trying to come
in and kill you. We will do like that. Excuse me. I am the director. If you do as I say the
film will be made otherwise no. If this is so then
what you say is right. – I will suppress my talent.
– Great! I..I only did whatever has happened.
Will anyone believe that? – I believe!
– Saw that! You have become
a villain from a hero. No, problem! Vinod Khanna
too was a villain in the beginning. Okay, guys! Let’s go! Come. Listen! Bala only has done all this.
I really have doubt on him. Did you see?
He was trying to make me a villain. – Am I a villain? Am I a villain.
– No, no! You are not a villain. Bala is the villain. Thanks, dear. Let’s go. ‘Bala was right.
Niharika is a psycho.’ ‘I will have to stay away from her.’ [Sanskrit Shlok] [Sanskrit Shlok] Come on, ready the shot.
I will act and show you. – First you need to..
– And practice. Okay. – Listen! Keep this light at the back.
– Okay, Krishna. – Yeah!
– Let’s compose the shot first. – I am acting like a psycho.
– After that we will see that. Is the expression okay?
Or should I do a little more? – Oh!
– Niharika! Are you okay? Will you kill me? You will kill me? – No!
– Don’t touch me! Neha! ‘She looks a total psycho to me.’ ‘I will have to stay
away from her now.’ Okay! Just leave it! Let’s
start the shoot. – Okay?
– Yes, fine. – Okay, Balu! Ready?
– Okay! – Camera.
– Okay. All right! Ready! Action! Will you killthyis also
like you killed Loveleen? What? I killed Loveleen?
What are you saying? I have understood everything now.
You are a psycho! All this started happening
only after you came. – You are only doing everything.
– Niharika! What are you saying? Please don’t talk in the middle. Do you know what
had happened that night? He was playing with us by
talking about ghosts and spirits. He had targeted all three of us.
He is a psycho. – Please don’t talk like this.
– Shut your mouth! We don’t need you.
You go! Go away from here. Get out! – Bala!
– Get out! Bala, she is in a trance! Don’t mind. He is trying to kill
us and you are stopping him? Let him go!
Let him go. Didn’t I say, go? Neha! Babes! It’s okay! Listen.. ‘I will have to save
myself from that Balraj!’ – What are you doing? Tell me!
– No! What happened to you? – What’s happening, dear?
– No! – What’s going on?
– No! – Please, go!
– Hey! – What are you doing?
– Don’t come here! – No! Don’t come near me.
– Tell me, what happened? – Why are you scared?
– Please stay away! – But, why? But, what?
– Please stay away! Stay away! – What’s wrong with you?
– Don’t come near me. – Tell me, what happened?
– No! Stay away! Please! – Please! Don’t come near me.
– Come on, Sneha! – Please! No!
– Tell me at least.. Oh, god! What is all this! What condition have you made? What has happened to you all? You are not talking to each other. No one wishes to
see each other’s face. What is this? I made up a story and you
considered that to be the truth.. ..and started fighting
amongst yourselves. Do you all have basic
common sense or not? Sorry, madam. I was living like a junior artist.. ..but you all made me your friend. You considered me your friend. You decided to make
a short film for me. That made me very happy. I don’t want such a film
that will create misunderstandings.. ..amongst you three. Stop it. I, who used to stand
in one corner of the screen.. you all brought
me to the center. Thank you very much for that. I will never forget your favor. – Bala! – Superb! You act
so well! You were great! If the camera would have
been on it would be so much fun. We would shoot this dialogue
and add it in the film.. ..the film would
become super hit then. Stop it, Niharika! What? What is this you are talking? When there is a
misunderstanding between us.. ..and when Bala is feeling that.. ..and you are busy cursing him,
Niharika! By the way he is not at
all involved in that incident. Yes! You are right!
He is not at fault at all. I am at fault.
You hit me so hard even then.. ..I consider you my friend.
This is my mistake. For you he is good
just because he said sorry. I understood one thing.
He was trying to kill me. You too attacked me yesterday.
Am I right? And Sneha is supporting you. This means all three of you
together were making me a target. Neither do I want you nor
your friendship. I am going! Neha! You are thinking too much! Neha, as you think,
we are not your enemies.. All of you are murderers. – I am going away from here!
– Listen! You don’t think about.. – Neha, listen to me..
– Neha, please.. – There is no need to go. Okay? Neha!
– Neha! Bala! Help me! Please help me! Someone, save me! Sneha! Bala! Where are you all? – Neha!
– Neha! – Neha, what happened?
– What happened? – Niharika! What happened?
– Are you okay? – What happened?
– Over there! Over there! Over..there.. Niharika, what happened? – Neha!
– Over there.. – There is no one over there.
– Neha.. – Believe me! See for yourself.
– ..there is no one there. – Neha!
– There is no one.. See there! See there.. Neha! – Bala!
– Yes! Bala, please save me. – Why did you go out then?
– I have just come. That means, who was with us till now? The one who was with us, she was.. She was a devil! What? Immediately call Iliyas sir! Call him! – Iliyas sir! Niharika has been..
– ‘All of you come home.’ – Let’s go!
– Yes. Let’s go. – Vijay!
– Vijay! Where is sir? – He is dead?
– How? ‘He returned home after meeting
you all in the restaurant.’ ‘And then he started playing Ouija.’ Sir, wait a minute. I don’t understand anything That means the one who had
come to the restaurant that day.. – Spirit!
– Yes! – Correct!
– Yes! He had come in this form.
That means it can come.. ..anytime and in any form? I found this near sir’s dead body. – What is this?
– What is this? – Come on, let’s go.
– Yes. – Thanks.
– Okay, sir. Let’s go. – KK!
– KK! – KK!
– This means even KK.. – Come, let us go and see.
– Yes, let’s go. – KK!
– KK! – KK!
– KK! – KK!
– KK! KK! – KK!
– KK! – He is not here.
– Where can he go? Oh! KK! Body.. – Is it over there? – No! Nothing must
have happened to him. Come. Let’s go. That means.. ..KK? KK made all the attacks on us? So is KK the one
who killed Iliyas sir? His phone is also switched off. – Don’t cry. Daddy will come.
– Where is KK? Even I have not seen him
since the past three to four days. Wonder where he has gone? We have no enmity with KK. Why does he wish to kill us then? If the blood stains on that paper.. ..belong to KK then we
will come to know everything. We will come to know everything.. – ..if we track his cell phone.
– Yes. You do that and we
will clean the paper. Okay? – Yes.
– Let’s go. Let’s go. (Sanskrit Chant) You can do it! Come on, fast! – Fast! Come on!
– Yes. – No! It is not showing.
– We have to. Please! – Did you see anything?
– Nothing. Wait a minute! – Did you find anything?
– Neha, wait! – Yes!
– Yes! Yes, yes! We got it! we got it! – Yes!
– Where is he? yes! – Got it! Here!
– Yes! – Yes! Yes! Very good.
– Okay. – Thank you! Thanks a lot.
– Most welcome. Bye! Bala! There is polish remover
in my car. Go and get it. – Go.
– Okay. – Neha!
– Yes! – Neha!
– Yes! See this! Fakir Baba! Fakir Baba! Who is he? We will clean the whole thing and see. Did you see what happened? – Neha!
– Sneha! – Neha!
– Help! – Neha!
– Help me! No! No! No! No! No! Sneha! She is a devil! Leave her! – No, she is lying!
– Sneha! – Sneha!
– No! – Believe me! I am the real Neha.
– No! I am Neha. I am Niharika!
Leave her. She is a devil! No, she is lying. I am only Neha. – Leave her, she is a devil.
– No, please save me. – I am Niharika!
– Please save me. Try and understand what I am saying. No, she is lying. I am Niharika. No! No! Sneha, I am Neha! Sneha! Oh! Neha! Neha! Neha! With my hands I pushed Niharika.. In the same way what
if she comes after us? It is possible! But we will finish KK today. But death is after us. But from now on we will be after it Let’s go. – KK!
– Balraj, wear this. – Wear this!
– You made me kill Niharika! KK, why do you wish to kill us? You only made a plan to kill us,
isn’t it? Me? Why will I kill you all? Wear this talisman first. – Is this your new plan now?
– Listen to me. – This is for your good.
– Who are you? – Please..please wear this..
– Leave me. – Listen to me..
– KK! – Hey! KK.
– Leave this! Balraj, listen to me. You too wear it. – Is this a new way of killing us?
– Don’t remove it! If you will remove the talisman,
you will die! All of you will die! Try and be sensible! I am not trying to kill you! I am not doing it!
But that devil is trying to kill you. That devil is following you
since you started your shooting. I met many Ohja’s
to save you all from her. But no one helped me. After that I went and met
a very powerful Fakir Baba.. ..just three days back. I was shocked to hear what he said. That devil wishes
to take revenge on you! – ‘She wishes to take revenge!’
– What? Have faith in me. Till you have this Talisman
with you she cannot harm you. Please don’t remove
this Talisman. Please! But why does that devil
want to take revenge on us? That is because she
died because of you. Because of us? Who is she? Her name is Maya! Maya Devi! ‘Maya Devi! Maya Devi!’ “Come and see my face
which the best of all.” “See my zest of killing
the enemy with my lips.” “See how my hips sway.” “See my zest of attracting
everyone towards me.” “This is my new way and
also my life and my death.” “This life is only full
of youth and nothing else.” [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] “There will always be a star in me.” “I always wish to remain a star.” “Let the world turn black.” “That will become the
kohl in everyone’s eyes.” “Everyone is happy with
the shock I give them.” “The tinkling of the bangles..” “The yearning in the body.” “I look like a damsel but
my body is like that of a devil.” “The tinkling of the bangles..” “The yearning in the body.” [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] Dheeraj! Dheeraj! Where are you? – Dheeraj!
– What is this? – What?
– What do you think of yourself? Do you know how much
I have toiled hard to earn.. ..this wealth,
this property and this respect? As you came from a
poor family I accepted you. But day and night you
keep going to bar and parties. Initially I never believed all this. But after that when I
saw with my own eyes.. oh, no! Only then I believed. Don’t stand in front of my eyes.
Go away from here! Otherwise not me but
I will have to use my gun. – Get lost!
– Dheeru.. Since, my childhood
I have faced many problems. I never knew was peace
and happiness in life. It was our wedding day
when I first smiled in my life. And that too when you
touched me for the first time. Great! Initially my life was a hell
but you gave me all the happiness. You kept me with you. You showered all happiness on me. After acquiring this happiness
I could not control myself. I crossed all my limits. I am really sorry, Dheeraj. Henceforth I will never do this. If you wish you can scold me.. ..but please don’t tell
me to go away from here. Who do I have in
this world besides you? I am sorry! I am so sorry! I am very sorry, Dheeraj. Darling, this is not
the time to get angry. Don’t take stress. Let’s romance. ‘Really this place is so peaceful.’ ‘I can ever hear my heartbeats.’ ‘I am feeling so nice!
I love isolated places.’ ‘That is why we had
purchased this farmhouse.’ ‘But we come here only once a month.’ ‘Breaking all bonds
I wish to stay here.’ ‘But you unnecessarily
burdened me with conditions.’ ‘That is why, I..’ I am sorry! ‘I don’t like at all
if anyone destroys my peace.’ Maya madam, time is up.
Come, let’s go. – Hello, madam!
– Tell me, Shridhar. That..madam, I want one month’s leave. ‘One month! How can I stay
without seeing him for a month?’ – Madam! Madam!
– Yes? Shridhar, if you go who
will take care of my estate? Sorry, madam! I have some
urgent work in my native place. Okay! Do you want anything? – Madam?
– Oh! I mean.. or something else.. No, madam. I don’t want money.
Just sanction my leave. Don’t feel shy! You can ask
for anything without any hesitation. No, thanks, madam.
Madam, this year our farmhouse.. going to profit a lot. All the workers have worked very hard. Madam, you must give them bonus. Come, madam.
Let’s go. What are you doing here? Yes, madam! It is going to rain.
You leave, please. Hey, Chinu! – You too go with madam.
– On your way back.. – ..Surely get chocolates for me.
– Okay, bye. – Bye, madam!
– Bye, sir! Is it paining a lot? I am so sorry! Tell me, advocate! ‘Madam, the property that Mr. Dheeraj
had transferred..’ ‘ your name during your wedding.’ ‘In a week’s time I have
to hand it to the court..’ ‘..otherwise that entire property
will be given to the orphanage.’ ‘And you will become a pauper.’ I will never let that happen. Tonight only I will speak to Dheeraj. ‘What did you say?’ You have heard right.
Disconnect the call. Dheeraj, come! Come on the board. Come on, talk to me, damn it! Dheeraj, come! Tell me where have you
kept the papers on which.. had transferred
property in my name. Dheeraj, come! Passing spirit, come!
Passing spirit, please come. What is your name? “S W A M Y” Swamy! Hey, Swamy! Is Dheeraj here? Yes! Yes! Yes! With me..tell him to talk to me. He does not wish to talk to you.
He went away. Okay! How many more days
will Dheeraj be here? What? Okay! One week. Just signal me when he
will be face to face to me. Okay! Good-bye! Dheeraj, come. Dheeraj! Please come! Dheeraj! Please come! Dheeraj! Dheeraj, come! Dheeraj! Dheeraj, come! Dheeraj! Dheeraj, come! Dheeraj, come! Dheeraj, come! Dheeraj, come quickly. Hey, Dheeraj! You will have to come. You will come!
I will definitely call you. I wish to live on my terms
to acquire all the comforts.. ..and luxuries of life. For that I will acquire everything! Otherwise I will die! You are going to get
salvation in one week, right? But if I meet you , you very well
know what disaster will take place. I will meet you in the form of a soul. I will trouble you even after death. I will plan everything and come. Neither will you get salvation nor
will you be able to come here again. I will trap you in
the middle and torture you. Hey, Dheeraj! Decide whether
will you come or should I.. ..make arrangements to come there. Let’s go! ‘I am trying since a week but
Dheeraj is not coming on the board.’ ‘What should I do?’ ‘Tonight he will attain salvation.
One week will be over.’ ‘He will have to come
tonight at any cost.’ ‘I will call him! Only then
I will be successful in my aim.’ – Oh, yeah! Let’s enjoy!
– Okay! Two pegs. Okay! Dheeraj! Dheeraj, come! Come on the board! I know you are here!
Come on, come on the board. Dheeraj, come on the board! Hey! If you don’t come.. ..I will burn down that orphanage.. which you are going
to donate your property! 400 children will
burn and die in that. Dheeraj, come! Dheeraj, come! Good! Tell me. Where have you kept
those property papers. In the backyard of the clubhouse? Oh! This is the one who slapped her! You are right!
Madam gets very angry. Hey! We will make you smile, baby! – Please!
– Hey! Give me! – Hey, come on, guys!
– Hey, Give me the board. – Yes, give it to me.
– Give me the board. Please don’t do this. – Give it to me!
– Give me the board. Give me that board! – Hold it!
– Give me! Please! Take it.. Please! Please don’t do this! Please..please give me that board. – You want the board?
– Please! I have very little time.
Please..please.. Please, give me..
Please give me! Please! Please! Please.. Please give me.. Please! Please give it to me. Please don’t do this!
If the night wanes away.. ..nothing can be done. Please! Let’s go! Let’s go! Dheeraj! Dheeraj, where are you? Tell me that last word and then go. Tell me that last word and then go. Dheeraj, please come. Please..Dheeraj, please come.. Dheeraj, come.. Tell me that last word and then go. Dheeraj, please come.. Swamy! Swamy! Swamy! Swamy! Are you here? Swamy! Is Dheeraj near you? What? Is Dheeraj’s time over? No! No! No! This can never happen! Swamy! Swamy, look around carefully. Look around carefully. No! Everything is finished!
I will not let this happen. All this happened because
of those four idiots. I will not spare them. I am coming! Your destruction
is destined at my hands. Damn it! Wait! Wait.. If you go to see you are
responsible for Maya’s death. Maya! Oh! Talisman! Where is my talisman? KK, take this! No! If you remove the talisman,
you will die. KK! KK. [Sanskrit Chants] [Sanskrit Chants] You are chanting the mantras? Don’t I know this mantra, Fakir? [Sanskrit Chants] [Sanskrit Chants] Hey, Maya! Your end is near! Be ready to die! Fakir, you are making a mistake! No, I will not die!
I will kill everyone! Hey! I will kill you! I will destroy you! Leave aside this Fakir.. ..but even if god comes
down he won’t be able to save you. Hey, come here! We have only three hours with us. Take this Talisman and go
and tie this to the Ouija board. – What?
– Burn it with Maya’s body. Maya will come out of this
bondage once the time ends.. ..and she will try to kill someone. We don’t have time at all! Go quickly! Hey! Your power and mantras
cannot harm me in any way. This Maya is more powerful
than the one you worship. Fakir, do you know what will
be your condition after three hours? Fakir, one hour is over. Fakir, you have very
little time left with you. Fakir, only ten minutes are left now. Fakir, arrange for four pyres. Fakir, you are the first one. Fakir, time is over! Bala! Oh! Bala! Maya! Bala! Bala! No one can kill Maya!