WATCH ON ALLATRA TV Tatiana: Hello, dear friends! Today, in the ALLATRA TV studio we have
the esteemed Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Igor Mikhailovich Danilov: Hello. T: Zhanna. Zhanna: Hello. In the previous programmes, we touched on the issues that
are tragic for modern society. We talked about ritual
sacrifices of children, which were committed by the secret
order “the Ninth Circle of Satan”, as well as its representatives,
who are the top of the world elite. We also raised issues about the
hidden influence on masses of people, about the materiality
of thoughts, about the influence of the third
parties on the destinies of people. And it is interesting that according
to the results of all these programmes, people sent us a lot of emails where they express their sincere
gratitude to you, Igor Mikhailovich, because thanks to this knowledge, they
already begin to analyze and understand what is really
happening around them, what is happening in society,
what world we actually live in, and what should be done, and how to act in order to change
the situation for the better. And in these emails, people also suggest
that we should consider another topic – the topic of magic and its
influence on human life. Why this topic precisely? Because now after the programme
“Consciousness and Personality” with great responsibility they deal
with the issues which were raised there regarding magic,
regarding its influence on people’s lives. And they see that this magic is inherent in, say,
modern society in multiple manifestations. And, of course, when they observe
what is happening in the world, they also begin to notice many facts,
which they have no explanation about, and scientists have no
explanation about these phenomena, about what is
actually happening. That is why the suggestion is to
reveal the topic of magic today as… to raise the issues about the
nature of these magical phenomena. IM: Well, the topic of magic cannot
be revealed in one programme. But to talk briefly on this subject, if
our friends are interested in it, we can… T: Thank you. Well, if we enter the query in Google,
in particular, “the protection from magic”, the number of search results
that pop up is enormous. People are wondering how they can
protect themselves from magic, from hex, from witchcraft. And, of course, respectively,
on the same number of requests, there is the same number of offers
with the services from people from different dubious resources on how they can help
people with this. And not only people themselves
study the issues of magic but science is also
engaged in this. In particular, both ethnographers
and historians were engaged in this. And here’s what interested us. In particular, ethnographer and historian Sergei
Alexandrovich Tokarev said the following, “It would seem that with such
great importance of the issue, which is not only
purely of academic, but also of practical interest, the problem of magic should have long
been subjected to serious research. Its essence and origin should
be quite clear for science. But in reality, it is not so, although
much has been written about magic.” And here’s the question: since society has such a huge demand
on, say, this topic, why does science not have a clear
answer to the topic of magic yet? Well, let’s just put it simply,
because this topic is not funded. And magic is related to
the science of ethnography. And who should really
study magic as such? Well, the first should
be physicists… physicists, psychiatrists,
neurophysiologists, neurobiologists — these are the ones who
should really study magic. And what is ethnography? They come, they look at what
rituals take place in one village, what rituals take place
in another village, and they compare them without any
base, without any knowledge, observing only what is visible, and draw some conclusions. Is this science? Sorry,
ethnography is good science. It preserves the rituals, it preserves
the past, it describes what’s left of it. But it describes what
is being observed. Whereas magic is what happens
at the invisible level. After all, all the rituals in
magic, whatever they may be, are all intended only to focus the
attention of a person, no more. So that a person would come into so-called
resonance with the one who performs the ritual. Or, to put it simply,
a person who observes a magic ritual simply opens his gates wide — and then demons
can not only enter but also ride in carts. Well, that’s what
all this is done for. And so to speak, even all religious
rites are borrowed from magic. Since magic originated long
before religions. This is true. Does it turns out that in modern society
no one actually studies this topic of magic? No. In modern society,
if we take even the last century, it has been studied as
thoroughly as physics has been. Well, I’d say the number of institutions
engaging in it wasn’t smaller. Let’s say, was the Soviet Union engaged in it?
Very closely. In the beginning of their
establishment after the revolution they were spending tremendous
amounts of money on it, and lots of scientists were studying
precisely that which we now call magic. There were expeditions,
those very ethnographers were involved, well, and a lot of effort,
time and human resources were invested in studying magic
practically up to the last day. Then again, everybody knows such an
organisation as Ahnenerbe, right; when Hitler came to power, they took all this to the
state level by that time. After all, plenty of institutions
were working again on this issue. Well, and, let’s take that very America
or the United States of America, didn’t or don’t they
pay attention to it? And what country doesn’t
pay attention to magic? A lot of them do. And there are plenty
of secret issues. The question is different:
why isn’t it publicized? Why are the results of this research
not publicly released, so to say, right? Society is unaware of those results which
were achieved by these institutions. While the answer is very simple: you
have just mentioned “The Ninth Circle”, those who they work for or who
they try to find something against. Again, they try, just like you
said, to do a search on Google: “how to protect yourself
from black magic”, and there are a lot of mages as
well as charlatans, of course, who start offering various magic
rituals, charms, protection from magic. Well, it’s kind of funny, right? That is, protecting oneself
from magic by means of magic, fighting fire with fire. Well… There is exactly such a question
about white and black magic, because white mages claim that
“black magic is always injurious, it’s destructive, there are always
demons and dark forces behind it. Whereas white magic is completely different,
this is what has God’s power behind it”. And thus interpreting it in
this way for their clients they kind of say that for using this white magic
in their life no harm will happen to them. And of course, the payment is made
not the way it made in black magic, for example, payment is
sacrifices, some ritual things, when afterwards a person
pays during all his life for putting a hex for instance,
or committing some actions… And these white
mages, as you say, they help people absolutely free of
charge on a voluntary basis, right? Zh: Of course, not.
IM: And why? If they say that no harm will
follow, absolutely free of charge. Or they do take money for that or some
jewellery, don’t they? Zh: They do, of course. As of today,
I know only one organization which is honest and
honorary indeed, whose volunteers don’t take
absolutely anything from anyone but do a lot of kind
and good things. There are lots of projects which hardly
can be manageable by any institutions, whereas people do
them themselves. Among these things plenty of attention is also
paid to the sphere of the spiritual development. And among priests of all
religions, let’s say, who are in this organization, they try
to convey the truth to their congregation not twisting it but on the
contrary correcting the mistakes that were brought from the
mind into their religions. And there is a great number of people who don’t
belong, as it may seem, to any religion, but nevertheless these people do a lot
for the spiritual development of people. This organisation is ALLATRA (T: Great..). Isn’t it so?
T: Yes. Zh: It is. Where people help each other really
gratuitously and with a pure heart. While all these communities, and the others
as well, don’t do anything free of charge. Now let’s go back,
so they take money. And isn’t money an equivalent
of payment (Zh: Of energy…)? So a person spent his time,
spent his effort to earn some money. And he gives mages this power of his
which he spent on earning this money. Well, isn’t it so? It is. And it’s interesting, Igor
Mikhailovich, that many people think that if they gave
some money of theirs then they sort of solved this
issue, paid it off (IM: No). Do they buy it off? Of course, not. Money is for those who engage in
this, let’s say. This is their work, they also…
they are people, they want to eat,
they need to wear something, but they also just want to
somehow exist in this world, and simply exist comfortably,
let’s say, that’s why they take money. And in fact, if we speak about the
cost, the financial issue, real mages have very high tariffs
and not everyone can afford them. As for those charlatans — yes, those ones
take fifty dollars or twenty hryvnias. Especially the ones who…
build an entire network, when he, pardon me,
has his own mass media at hand, he starts to spawn these
mages, and fool people (ZH: And nowadays there’s
also the Internet…) they may even take ten cents,
up to God knows what amounts, in order to simply collect them from
people, and the more the better. But real mages have
unbelievably high tariffs, they are unbelievably high indeed,
and not everyone can afford them. But the result is
also different. If they are merely
charlatans and swindlers — they work on trust,
on the placebo effect, as they say; if it is something related to health or
something else, well, in the field of medicine. A person believed and this helped him
because a human being has a mechanism that we, doctors,
call “placebo,” right? Until today, this hasn’t been
studied, but in fact, it’s a redistribution of
attention to the problem. A person invests his attention
in solving the problem, or, as they say,
he believes in this medication, if the doctor managed to convince the
patient, then the medication helps. But there are also others,
let’s say, the opposite cases, when the doctor really gives a
medication that cures this problem, but the doctor himself to some extent
doesn’t believe in it or something else and he transmits this disbelief to the
patient — and it doesn’t help the patient. Well, that’s the way people are. But as for, let’s say, these swindlers
and charlatans in magic, well, there isn’t much harm from
them, thank God. Of course, there are a lot of them,
but except for taking away money and destroying people’s hopes,
they don’t bring much harm. Whereas the real mages charge an
unjustifiably high cost, of course. It isn’t just a financial cost. The biggest cost is the
one which a person pays to obtain some result for himself by means
of magic in this three-dimensional world. And as always, the result is
material: regarding human love (to bewitch someone or something
else, to get someone back), some success in work, some career or
financial issue — it doesn’t matter. That is, a person turns to sorcerers,
mages either white or black ones, well… It’s people who came
up with the idea that they perform a certain magic
action on behalf of, let’s say, representatives of these particular
saints or prophets of this religion, depending on what religion
dominates that region. Or, for instance, they use the scriptures,
or even supports for these scriptures, which allegedly have some kind of power
and they are using that power, right? However, even for a mage’s small
service, the person pays a disproportionately high
cost, and this cost is Life. He exchanges his life to death in
order to get a momentary result, which, again,
will not bring him anything good. No matter what the person receives, he
will receive dissatisfaction, let’s say so. Human love can’t be bewitched.
Attachment — can be. Well, your second half will be like a zombie,
no matter whether it is a man or a woman. But all this is also shaky,
after all (ZH: It’s a shame…). T: In general,
it is paradoxical when people precisely want to attract love or
receive love (ZH: They turn to…). That which is the highest,
the most light-filled power… IM: Everyone wants to receive love.
After all, people don’t want to love, they want to be loved. And again, they treat…
We say “mages, mages…”, right? Yet, how do people treat gods? Well, let’s just take a look. From time immemorial, how have
they treated them, right? (T: Yes) Well, not from time immemorial,
but over the past six thousand years, how it all developed, let’s put it this way
(T: We also have interesting information…), deformed,
transformed and exploited. However, in the literal sense, it’s
exploitation of gods. Well, isn’t that so? Yes. So huge is… the egoism
and human consumption are so huge (IM: Human greed and pridefulness)…
greed. Igor Mikhailovich… You’ve touched upon
this topic about gods and about the consumer attitude
of people to all these stories, and we have found very
interesting information on how consumeristically
and selfishly people treated that which they
considered divine. Wait. Why treated?
Do people treat it any differently today? How do they treat God? Yes, nowadays, we have dominant
religions (T: Desire to receive…), yes, they believe in
one God and the like. But what is their
attitude to Him? Like to a genie who
owes them something. And they come and say: “Give me.”
Well isn’t that so? T: Yes. ZH: The only thing… And what do
religions do in response? Well, if we look today (T: Also…)
at any religion, there are a lot of magic rituals in it
(T: Yes, exactly). Why is that so?
Here is a simple question. After all,
religion denies magic. How did it happen,
that they actually deny magic, but at some point they themselves
use these magic rituals? Well, in fact we have already
mentioned, and more than once, that any religious organization
is primarily an organization. And in any organization, financial
interest predominates. (T: Demand). What does any organization need? The number of buyers, to put it
simply, a stable number of them, a good solid corporation
that can grow. But it can only grow when
there is demand for its goods. Can one trade God?
No. It’s impossible. Yet, one has to live somehow. And thus it happens: instead
of gathering as a community, even if you need to build temples…
They’ve built temples, in their free time,
people serve God: both who teach the word of God
and those who accept it, right? Meaning, this is a normal community, this is a
normal relationship between a human and God. God must occupy, or, let’s say, the spiritual
path, must occupy twenty-four hours a day. It cannot be somewhat discrete, like we went and attended the service
or performed a prayer service, while the rest of the
time we serve satan. That means you are on satan’s side,
in no way you will be on God’s side. But again, the person to
whom God gives nothing, and this person on the
side of consciousness, where demons whisper to him that, “since
God (the one you believe in) is omnipotent, He must be giving you something.
He must solve your issues. He must give you life which is
better than other people have. Well, how are you different from
others if you believe in God, right? But if He… you don’t get anything
from Him, what kind of God is that? ” T: Everything is equal there, yes…
IM: Well, of course, everything is equal. And this paradox has led to
the fact that people began to transform the Knowledge
into religions and teachings. And this transformation happened
with a mixture of magic in addition. Why? Because magic, well, as we
already said in the previous programmes (T: Such an inculturation, right)…
has existed for a long time. Well, of course, inculturation
also plays a very important role. When people lived by certain rules,
when magic was natural to them, when completely different
formats dominated, and here people came and
imposed some religion on them. But without these rituals which gave them
something, they would not have perceived it. Sort of, “let them be for a while,
and then we will exclude them.” Then they saw that
this brought profit. Well, how can a corporation give up
profits? It will simply collapse. Well, then such a synthesis happened of magic
with the Knowledge that the prophets brought you. It’s surprising that people create
this demand themselves (IM: Who else?) and they run from
religion to magic, and it doesn’t matter to them,
you know, who will solve this issue. The main thing is that someone would solve
some problem of theirs more effectively. Zh: The transfer of responsibility
is going on. T: Yes. IM: And how can it be otherwise. Zh: So, the main thing is to solve, and no
matter how. IM: By any means, of course. T: Either a priest will solve this issue, or a mage, a
sorcerer will solve this issue, to such an extent… And people don’t care whether
it’s a genie, devil, or God… They call the devil God only
because he solves problems. That is, in the depths of human consciousness
there is an attitude to God exactly as… as they say “a caring father,
who loves you, who gives you everything, does everything instead of you”. In other words,
God is the one who gives you something: the one who protects you, who helps
you and who solves all your problems. Well, people have a
feeling that God owes them. God owes nothing to anyone. It is people who owe God. Again, He gave them a
chance to gain Life. What can be more than that? But human greed, pridefulness, selfishness,
well, turn everything into consumerism. Even this gift… they say,
“Why should I have a gift of life if I don’t live now?
Is this life? Look at how this
or that one lives. That’s what I want,
or even better. If God loves me, then He will
give me everything, if He is God. And if He is not God, He will not give
me” – this is thirst, human insatiability. And here’s another
question, Igor Mikhailovich: many people think that it’s
very hard to sort of betray God, that in order to sign a contract
or make a deal with the devil, some special ritual is
needed, some special spells (Zh: The sacrifices…),
the sacrifices, yes… Zh:To sign the contract with blood…
T: Yes. I mean, how hard is it for people to go over
to the other side, say, to the bad side? Do they need all these ritual procedures
to sign a contract with, say, the devil? Well, let’s start with… what is the devil, right, or what is the evil force? Is it material or not?
It is subtle-material. So, the contract they can offer you will be from their world, too. Therefore, it cannot be material,
and you won’t be able to sign it. Well, that is imposed in fairy tales. Well, it’s again… it’s all allegorical. In fact, a person betrays God very easily and practically everyone is betraying God many times a day. Is it easy? Of course, it is easy. As soon as a person has perceived
himself as a part of consciousness, which dictates to him, he has
began to serve those demons, having forgotten about his essence, about his nature, about his perception through feelings, as soon as a person has forgotten about God’s Love, well, he has already signed the contract. He renounced Life and accepted mortal destiny That was his choice. Yes, there is an underestimation
of what is happening, because people do not understand that in every little choice, when they really renounce the material in favor of their spiritual development, when they take a step towards God, and not vice versa – turn their back on Him, by this action they prevent this work
of those who are on the top, which, as you described today, yes, the work of those who really stand
behind all these dark forces, yes, of those who control both magic and people, and … And here’s a simple question. For example, a person embarks on a spiritual path. After listening to you, people, an average man will have an opinion, “In order for me to come to God, I have to renounce the material. Shouldn’t I be dressed? Should I not eat? Should I not live in a house? Is this right? Or should I walk, not drive a car? Do I need a dogsled and go on it around town?” They think that there should be some hardship, right?
(Zh: Yes, yes, …) IM: Surely. Well, this isn’t so at all. And there is a small point here. But here consciousness can twist this as well, if I tell people about it
(Zh: In an ambiguous way, yes…) Consciousness always twists in its favor. I’ll explain, but it’s a choice of
people how to understand this. The point is that when a person
embarks on the spiritual path, embarks steadily, he doesn’t depend on these material impositions, on this excessiveness. He becomes free of consumption,
I will put it this way. Zh: Of desires…
IM: Yes, it’s not important by and large. But this doesn’t mean that if you
can afford to drive a good car, you have to drive a bad push scooter. Why? A simple question. And besides… when a person becomes stronger than a demon, becomes freer spiritually,
he becomes free from it, it’s then when he makes the demon work for him. Well, surely, there are surpluses, I would call them so, which you can
spend on your own selfishness, but you will lose spirituality then. Or you can spend these surpluses
for the benefit of people on a good deed, yes. Then you will not lose anything. And many people have come across this that when they embarked on the spiritual path, you know, and not like a weather vane on the house
– which turns where the wind blows. But when a person really stands, he overcomes all satanic attacks, all his temptations, he loses dependence on this satan, on his thoughts. Eventually, he holds him on short rations and satan begins to serve him. And then, he serves him faithfully, allows him to earn everything in a material aspect. Well,…this is really so. Well, what happened over time? Well, it’s already back then,
after Sumerian times. Well, although they started this
sacrifice from the times of El when the descendants of the Atlantians came and taught them “how to please God”. But where did the substitution occur? The substitution occurred when they
accepted that if you wanted to live well, you had to obey the devil, that’s it. Then you will have power,
then you will have everything. And here is a serious substitution. Instead of making demons in your head serve you, you have to become so strong spiritually
that you can make them serve God, and then they will serve God,
they will serve you. And if you do not feed them, they will die. When you are spiritually free,
when you gain Life here, this time, in this life, you become entirely free, you are not afraid of death, you feel that home is there And here you are just a temporary guest, and you have to be here. And as long as you have to be here, those demons serve you, they serve precisely the deeds you do. And, as a rule, people do
God-willing deeds here, and at the same time solve their natural needs. Well, it’s fine, it’s natural. Well, then everything is going well.
Why is it so? Because the demon will not deceive you then, he will give you the right instructions. Well… not the instructions, I’m sorry, well, that’s not exactly
a slip of the tongue. Usually, demons in consciousness give
orders and instructions, which the Personality unwittingly has to follow
(T: Subordinate …), and here they give suggestions. The difference is huge. Why? Because a person is spiritually free from the instructions of the demon… he just does not react already, because he is free. But it again allows a person to achieve
a better life in this material world. Well, it is not a key point at all, and it is not important. Why? Because there is no this dependence. Well, it is already as a side effect, let’s say. But seeing and knowing this, they’ve started to go directly. After all, one has to overcome a lot on the spiritual path. One should really learn to feel, learn to love God. Until you begin to love God, you will not receive His Love in return. That is precisely where “you invest a tithe and get a hundredfold in return”,
right? That is, “for your penny,” they say,
“you’ll get a hundred in return”. What is human love, what can he give to God? It is merely human love
(T: Yes), but he receives in return God’s Love (T: And he gets filled only when he radiates
this love from within). What can be higher? Of course. Then comes the birth of Life,
then comes freedom, freedom from this inner matter. Then death is, well, you don’t care about it, it is transition, transformation
from one state to freedom, well… It’s like letting a bird out of a cage, isn’t it? Well, what else can we call that?
No other name. And not just to let the bird out of the cage,
but into boundless fields, where life is wonderful for it, where the sky is blue (T: Igor Mikhailovich, it is so
delightful and beautiful…). Yes, but
(ZH: Uniting with the nearest and dearest)… However, a human being must stay here and, let’s say, till the last breath of his body. And again, not just to be selfish, to make these demons serve him exclusively
with the purpose of some profit, but he makes them, I’ll say it again, serve God. It means, whether they want it or not, but they work for society, they work to help other people become spiritually free
from similar demons. That’s where power is. But here it is necessary to make an effort. It takes a lot of, let’s say,
striving and time. Well, in fact, consciousness
only tells people so. It’s very easy, guys (T: Quickly) (ZH: Yes).
But consciousness says, “It is difficult to serve God. While with a demon it’s easy
to reach an agreement. You come to a mage and ask him, and he
solves a problem for you. Waiting till someone starts
working for you… Whereas here, a person
already possesses that, after all, he already controls his own…” And note, there is a substitution. A spiritually free person who really subdued these demons, and they serve the Spiritual World and people. Or (as consciousness narrates) this mage, he conquered the demons, and they serve him. Could this happen in the realm of magic? No matter what they are actually called: white mages, black ones, or even gray striped ones. No, mages are precisely
slaves of the system, slaves of the demons themselves. And out of human qualities… only desires, only pridefulness is left. Which is imposed precisely by
consciousness, or by demons, therefore… T: They believe that they can deceive satan, (IM: Yes), while in fact… ZH: …they themselves are deceived.
IM: It’s impossible to deceive him, after all, he’s the creator of all lies. Well, how can one fool him? Let’s say, is it possible to win the game of
chess against someone who created it? (T: He can play giveaway, but ultimately…)
Give it a try. Give it a try. It’s possible if he wants it, but no more than that.
(T: But why would he need this, right…). And now, what is the cost for someone who turned to mages for some… no matter what action. And why does it happen this way? That is, a person has come, he craves… Well, give me any example. There is an example. By the way, we have a question
that is asked at a forum to mages, psychics who promise to get it done. And here is the question: “You wrote about yourself that your
main speciality is destructive impact. Aren’t you afraid of the backlashes
and irrevocable strikes on your karma in connection with the fact that you break the natural course of someone’s life and destiny? And will there be any harm for
a person who came to you with a request?
Won’t punishment rain down on him?” Well, of course, the reply…
IM: And what do they mean by punishment? In reply they’ll say:
“Of course not, everything is fine, nothing will happen to you because we take
everything on ourselves (Zh: Yes-yes-yes). It’s business, after all. Right. Zh: Yes. That “you won’t have to bear responsibility…”
IM: But the thing is that a mage is already inevitably dead. If a person embarks on
the path of serving satan then how can he come
into the Lord’s World? A simple question. He is a slave of the system, inevitable subpersonality. But that person who contacts mages for fortune-telling or something else, well, he wants to know what will be. An example like this (T: Yes): what people want to know, and we will expand on it.
T: They actually want to know the future. IM: …the future.
T: …the future, right. Okay. So, what is precognition? The mage must know the object of observation which
the person wants to know about. Because the future is enormous and even, let’s say, that mage
won’t be able to tell it. Particularly… a person wants to know, for example, what awaits him in the future. And there are key moments which, well, let’s say, like road signs stand along his life
(T: … of the person) or in the path of this person, right. And a mage who possesses the ability of precognition seeing this person, knowing his image, knowing his name, can
walk the path of his life. What will this person pay with? A simple question. He will know that in store for him, for example, to have children, to build a house (well, classic) and he will also plant some trees… well, trivial things. So, he found out. Even in some circumstances or something else or he was forewarned about something bad. The mage might say: “Be careful at that time, don’t drive your car”, right? Or “go on foot on Thursday”, for example, “and nothing bad will happen to you”. The person does this, lives,
everything is fine, nothing happens. And now a question. But what did he pay with? And does he live indeed (T: And at whose expense will this all come true? Yes…)? IM: After all, when contacting a mage a person makes a deal. What does he exchange his
life, his future for? For knowing what it will be like for him. A paradox. But it’s true. And now a simple… attention, please: and how exactly does he exchange? What happens at that time? Because nothing cannot come out of nothing. And the payment must be tangible. The power of attention and time. Time is an important factor which a person pays with, but a much more important thing is attention. That attention which a person
should direct to God’s Love for uniting with the Spiritual World, he redirects it to expectation or getting some results. Afterwards to fears of retribution and all the rest. So, he doesn’t have and cannot have life. Plus demons who definitely…
the third forces connect very often. If you made a deal,
if you, so to say, paid a demon once, he’ll never leave you alone (T: Binding…),
he’ll always eat you. Thus every mage gets a network created, well, a network of debtors,
let’s put it that way. And it doesn’t matter what
amount of money you gave him. Although I’ll repeat: real mages have a very high price but they give a result in a material world (well, I mean a financial price). But that price which people don’t
know about, is even higher. Meaning, it turns out that they pay a mage with their power and their vital energy and among other things IM: Absolutely, T: they implement these programmes themselves…
IM: they pay with their Life. Not just with vital energy, but they pay with Life. With life for an illusion.
IM: Sure. And they get an illusion because whatever he wishes for (home, loving family, something else…), yes, he will have it but it will be temporary and will disappear, pardon me, like water
(T: And here it remains…). Just get a handful of water and
do this, and you’ll see it gone. The same goes for your
life, just like water, it will slip from your hands. The same goes for your life. And what will remain? But a human doesn’t understand
what time fleeting is. And this is the worst thing. They want something right this moment, now. And there’s another big problem that a human has on the whole, because a person who lives
under the control of demons, under the dictation of his consciousness
that imposes desires, aspirations, fashion and all the rest… Because if we start looking into it, I’m
telling you, magic is actually terrifying. Why? A simple example. What is
fashion? It is imposition Right, it’s certain images imposed. Imposed images that eat a person. Well, a simple example. You saw someone wearing pretty sneakers. You want them too. You saw them and paid attention to
them, to the fact that they are nice: they’re comfortable, pretty and bright. Later you see on TV or your tablet, it doesn’t matter, on the Internet where there is persuasive
advertising of them being a new model, that it’s super-fashionable, it’s so beautiful.
Then some celebrity again confirms this (T: Yes). She says and boasts that she bought
such fashionable limited sneakers. And you as an ordinary person, as an average
person will want to become like that star, to have such sneakers:
“And I want them for myself too!” Excuse me, but do you walk bare-footed? Well, first of all, the price is ridiculously high, because it’s a brand, because a celebrity walked in them,
because she was paid for it. Meaning, common sense, right, common sense disappears. And who kills common sense? A demon in the head. And it’s he who forces to wish and strive. Well, isn’t it magic?
It is magic. While what is spiritual freedom?
It’s freedom from these mindsets. If your shoes wore out, you see
that you need new ones. You go and get what’s comfortable for
you, what’s decent, and that’s it. But you’re not bound, you pay
nothing for them except money. That is all. And precisely these
demons help you to earn money. Right, and it’s also interesting who
determines this fashion. IM: And who determines it?
T: We once talked about “The Ninth Circle” when you see how advertising is made, by whom it is made and who embeds those very images. IM: And what it is done for. And we… you see, all this gets overlapped (T: Yes) and everything gets mixed up, so it won’t be so easy to reveal
the topic of magic in one day. But we’ll try to talk and explain something to you, friends. Although, again, everyone has their own opinion, their own life experience. Many people might say, “What are they
talking about, while sitting here, right? After all, we had a situation,
we went to a fortune-teller, she told us, we did so — and everything
is fine and beautiful now” (T: …it worked). Well… well, it happens, there are a lot of such cases. T: At what cost…
IM: For now, yes, my friends… But we’ll talk later when we meet not here. Yes. Here is a similar story… A participant of the Movement sent it: while living in Germany, she met a woman who was standing at the
bus stop with a child and was just sobbing. It turned out that she had been
deceived by her friend, and she was left without
a roof over her head. And she agreed to help her. And the next day, during a phone call, she heard such an answer from this woman that she already recovered from all that had happened to her, and was already going to correct her karma. Meaning, a suggestion to work on herself, the talk that she still has hope, that everything is in the hands of a person herself, that she just needs to make the right choice — did not affect the person in any way. But the fact that someone can help here and now, that which you are talking about… IM: To shift responsibility onto someone
(ZH: Yes, onto someone…). But, excuse me, and who in a person… who is the one that makes people shift their responsibility onto someone? After all, it happens everywhere. Starting from the formation of our society (the consumer format, we’ve already
talked about this more than once), from simple trivial ones, like in this case… appealing to mages or correctors of karma and the like. Shifting responsibility onto someone (T: Yes), it does not matter
whether it is a mage, a clergyman, whether it’s a politician or someone else. Why does this happen? And here is also such an interesting point that… T: And why do they want (ZH: Yes)
…to solve other people’s issues, yes. That’s right. But why and who forces a person not to apperceive something by himself, not to strive for freedom, but to shift responsibility onto someone? ZH: Well, also… T: Some kind of prompter
inside tells where to direct it. ZH: Yes… There is also such a phenomenon, when a person doesn’t understand
that the problems he has today, this situation is given to
him to become stronger, but instead, he regards this situation
as someone else’s guilt. That is, for sure,
(IM: Well, definitely, of course) if there is someone to blame, hence
there is also someone who can help. Meaning, exactly what these white
mages actually play on, that… “Despite all the complexity of the issue, there
are those who can easily solve it,” right? ZH: Yes, right.
IM: Therefore, “if I can’t solve it in a simple human way, it means that I’m turning to
some forces that will come and solve this issue”, right?
(ZH: Yes) Well, they will come and solve it… But what is the point of this issue? I wonder if people are aware of where these forces come from, what many call “I do positive, white magic”? After all, people don’t understand
where these forces come from. How can you say that you do good, if you don’t even know the source of this?..
IM: Well, he is doing it “with a pure heart.” Look, everything is simple. A person comes, for example, to that very mage and says,
“Listen, I have a problem in business, I need to solve it.”
He says: “Okay, we’ll light a candle, do something else,
or perform some kind of ritual and your business will be fine.” The person says, “Okay,” and everything
gets better in his business after a while. And that one who is engaged in white magic, says: “Well, you see,
I didn’t destroy his business, I helped him build it.” Is it a good deed or a bad one? Yet, how prideful this mage, sort of “I know better than this businessman…”
IM: Okay. A child got sick. For example, a parent or parents
with a child come to the hospital. Doctors make a serious diagnosis and say,
“It is hard to cure, we…” well, as always, meaning, it takes time. They cure the child, yet he falls from one disease into another: a chronic disease or a hereditary disease… So, people are in despair,
“It’s a child, we must help somehow.” They come to a white mage, he performs some kind of ritual and says:
“Here, take these enchanted poppy seeds, sprinkle it on a child”, or “put the salt in his shoes
and let him walk in them”. And indeed, the child begins to recover. Did the mage do a bad or a good thing? A bad one. If we face the truth
(T: What price parents pay for it), not only he himself is already inevitably a deadman
(T: Yes), the parents who got involved into his web, they are already inevitably subpersonalities,
but they also sold the child (T: Yes). What for? To be with him
side by side for a couple of years? So that he delights them
with his playing and health? After all, we care about our children’s health, about their physical health. Yet, do we care about their lives?
(T: …about their spiritual state) We do our best to ensure that a person, our child (and above all, he is a person), is well-fed, healthy, smart, he finds a good job
or builds a good business, creates a good family,
so that we have grandchildren… so that he gives us grandchildren, good ones, and so that they are fine as well. Yet, do we care for how long he will exist? Will he enter the eternity?
Because that’s what the most important. But why? Consciousness says,
“Well, again… all this is sectarianism, religion, these are believers.” That’s what the attitude of consciousness is
in even those who go to church and believe. He is a believer, while
“others are sectarians, well, they’re totally stupid.” Or the sectarians say,
“Well, what we engage in here is talking about the truth,
we talk about God, while in religions, clergymen are fooling people,
they’re downtrodden to the utmost.” Well, in this way they divide themselves
into “us” and “them” (T: Confrontation). Certainly. This is…
banal manipulation of people by satan. And ultimately, who is the one to survive? Satan. T: The system, yes.
IM: The system. It eats them, the other ones,
and the third ones and so on. Yet, can a person who loves God be against some religion or
against something else… even against magic?
I ask a simple question. After all, this is people’s choice. How can I forbid anyone? If a person wants to live, he lives. But if he does not want to live, he does not live. It’s his choice. This is a right given by God Himself. Can anyone forbid a person? No. If a person likes to serve satan,
he serves him. “A mistake”… well, again,
what is the mistake in? In the fact that a person chose death instead of life? Well, that’s his right. He is the one in charge. “There is no knowledge” and this is already our problem. It is already not his problem, it is our problem, of those who understand what Knowledge is,
what is the path is, and now we must convey and offer it. And if he rejected it — this is his right. Well isn’t that so?
(T: Yes) But we cannot force anyone, not even our own child. Why? Because a child is a human being. And a human being has the right to choose, to choose Life and to choose death: to serve God or to serve satan. But he cannot but serve. Igor Mikhailovich, how can parents
protect their children? Many people think that they are…
IM: By their example, by their lives. And under no circumstances
should they pressure or impose. A person should be free in his choice. This is the right given by God. And parents cannot claim that they have the right to deprive him of, say, the right of choice. They will not be able to deprive him of it. And how many examples we see in history when children of the clergy parents take the side of service to satan. Even when parents did serve,
they were truly believers, they lived by all canons, and they were worthy of
the title of being clergy. And children became, I’m sorry… Such a protest, yes, of the system…
IM: Sure. Opposition of the system itself. A person should go to God from the inner, not through consciousness or through the mind. It must be an inner need. It is like a desire to breathe, it is like the sunrise in him. Well, not as… in any case, not as
a sunset or some storm or… or something else internal. When a person has a problem in his life, they tell him,
“You have it because you don’t serve God. The person says “All right, I will serve God.
What should I do? Where to light candles?” That’s where it all stops
(T: Again, to solve the problem). At most he will go to light candles, again hoping
that everything will get better for him. Well, isn’t it magic again to go and ask for material things? And no matter what anyone says. They say,
“You know, God, He is omnipotent, everything is in His hands,
He will give you everything.” He has already given you (T: Not to waste).
You shouldn’t ask for more. You have to prove that you are worthy of it,
worthy of what He gave you (T: To multiply this).
And everything else you will take yourselves:
earn, create, do. They say, “I cannot”.
How come you cannot? Then your desires come from demons. You want too much of what you don’t need. Yes, it’s, you know… the topic resonates with… how we
came across revelations of a satanist that he sort of believed in satan and served. And he said, “I serve, I’m…
well, when I served satan,” he said, “I spent all my free time on this. But I looked at people who believed in God and that it was hard for them
to spend as much time as I did. I didn’t understand why it was so…” But at some point, he realized, well, sort of for himself, the fundamental thing about who God is and what, in fact, satan is, well, who serves whom. And he also writes that “I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t laughing.
My feelings were zero. And then I realized that the power
which I thought was mine actually belonged to demons
that acted through me. I just opened the door to them, and they worked not only to deceive others but also to deceive me. But at that time I was sure that
I surpassed everyone around me. And I was acquainted with Christians at that time, but I didn’t know anything about the Bible. In my opinion, Christians were
just praying to some other idol. And I didn’t know that
there was only one God…” And when he met people
who really believed sincerely, truly, just like you describe it, this light was pouring out of
them from the inside… Who felt God, not just believed and hoped. Zh: Who… yes, who exactly felt
and lived by God. And he said… Who lived by the inner Allatra, by God’s Love… Yes. And he said that “I couldn’t
even get close to these people (IM: And how will he get close?)
I realized that it was power, that it was real, that it was the light (IM: Of course),
which was burning, that it did not let anything evil get close to it. Absolutely right.
I will give a simple example. Why can’t a mage, as well as any
demon, all the evil spirits, come close to a person who is spiritually free? Because a spiritually free person is nothing but a candle in the darkness. Here is a simple example. You can conduct an experiment:
turn off the lights, light a candle you you will see that the room where it was dark became bright (well, it is desirable to do this in the evening,
when the sun is not shining). And then take this candle and
enter the next dark room. What will you see? That it becomes bright in there, in that
darkness where you go with the light. Now try to bring the darkness to the light. Will you be able to do that? That’s the answer, my friends. Banal physics There is no place for demons where God’s Love is, because God’s Love is Light, while demons are darkness. Everything is very simple. So, Zhanna has also said about
that person, in particular, that he thought he was above all people. And it’s interesting that in
holy scriptures as well, when you come across and
read patericons of holy fathers, you understand that it was precisely magic (and these supernatural manifestations)
that they feared mostly. And they even prayed for them to
disappear as soon as possible actually (these magic manifestations) in order
for them not to fall into pridefulness, arrogance. And why? Because, again, when a person stands
on the spiritual path, when holy fathers were
walking this path, really… And we take not those who were canonized by pulling some strings and the like,
because they’d brought a lot of believers and shown tricks,
but we take real holy fathers. These gifts and possibilities
were opening for them because the devil is none
other than a seducer. And when those demons or that what we call consciousness start to serve a person then these abilities begin to manifest in him, abilities which don’t exist
as modern science claims. But at the same time that very science studies them
(T: Studies them closely) very, let’s say, seriously, yes, we have already talked about it. So… these abilities and these phenomena start manifesting themselves and very actively. And here all the phenomenon
lies in the fact that if a person starts using them: “How else can it be? After all, I do believe in God, I love Him,
I feel Him, He’s given me power. How can I not use this power
for the good of people?”. And he becomes whom? The one who is called a white mage,
a wizard or something else. And eventually he becomes a subpersonality and brings into the world of subpersonalities
masses of people with him. He is a seducer for other people in faith because everybody knew him as a true believer who firmly
stood on his spiritual path and “God opened these abilities to him,
and he started using them.” So, eventually megalomania and arrogance defeated everything. And it started with a simple thing. A person who really stands
on the spiritual path, walks this path, who indeed has
this inner AllatRa burning inside, well, he just won’t engage in magic, it isn’t needed, no need for that. He’s in a hurry to get home faster. Absolutely right. T: Through this stratum, through this filter.
IM: I’ll put it simply. When the wind is favourable,
when the sea is calm, when you can go home at full speed, it’s stupid to drop anchors, right, which will hold you. Great. Yes, this is wrong. Igor Mikhailovich, you’ve just said about
the reason for dropping the anchors… And I think the answer to the question already
becomes a little clearer for our viewers. Well, I will read out
the question as follows, “What is the reason for such an unusual
vitality and stability of magic, which influences the consciousness
of people of all eras: from the Paleolithic
to our days? The reasons, obviously,
lie in some peculiarities of magic, in the very essence
of this phenomenon. But what is this essence
of this phenomenon?” What is magic for a human being (IM: Magic?)
Why is it so resilient at all times? What is its essence?
Is it just some kind of a filter? Well, it’s not a filter, no. In fact, magic is a desire for
something a human does not need. It’s a human’s aspiration to
get what he doesn’t really need. It’s just a dictatorship of the
beast in human consciousness. That is what magic is. After all,
who drives a person to these desires? His consciousness. After all, it tells him that you are
a miserable, flawed or something else. But if you perform some
ritual now or go to some mage, everything will be fine for you, you will have chances to become
better, something else. Again, what is the reason
for magic to be so resilient? It is human pridefulness. Because of his
aspiration to have more and to seem like someone
better than he really is. And by nature,
he’s actually very beautiful. And for some reason, the system drives
people to seem like someone else. IM: And this is
a filter already. It’s not the magic that’s the filter,
the system itself is the filter. After all, the devil is needed so that
dead ones do not come to the Alive ones, so that mature beings, Angels,
come to the Spiritual World. That’s the point. Those who choose Life,
and not those who choose immediacy. It’s a pity that a lot of people
get into these magical things, even without realizing it,
by using something just in case, or because it’s the way it is practiced in the
traditions of a certain nation or area… IM: No. Well, traditions are traditions,
they have nothing to do with magic. We are talking about
magic now (T: Yes). And traditions – well… To grab the button if the cat has
crossed your path, something else – it’s not magic,
these are such… By the way,
another direction is talismans, charms, some things that a person
(IM: This is a business) surrounds himself with, but believes that they
will definitely protect him from hex, jinx. IM: And again…
and where did all this come from? It came from real working signs. If we take it… well, we don’t need to
go too far, Trypillia, yes, the culture, because there were so many signs
(T: Yes, creative…). The Signs of the Trypillia Culture Everything was covered with
the Allatra sign (Zh: Yes): on the stove, on the house and
in front of the house. Why? Because it was precisely for… While we consider times (seven
or six thousand years ago) – the time when the system
was gaining power, when it began to assert
itself in this world. After so many years of Lucifer
being driven under the rock, he began to crawl out of there. And it was precisely his
manifestations in this world that spiritual
people began to feel. And knowing and understanding that…
and feeling, first of all, that demons started to appear, they began to shut themselves
out with working signs. A working sign is
an active sign. And nothing drives a demon
away as much as the light, that’s why they covered everything
with these light-bearing signs (T: Even the cities, yes, were in the form
of a sign…): housing and everything. And how were the cities even built?
(Zh: Hollow and round, right?) (T: Yes)… Of course, so that all these
evil spirits would bypass them and go away. Well, however, it wasn’t magic. This is exactly what
drove away the darkness. Well, a candle in the
dark is not magic, it’s physics (T: But what’s interesting…).
And a working sign is also physics. But it’s interesting that many
people, let’s assume, say that “Oh, I don’t believe
in magic,” for example. Does the fact that a person said
that, “I don’t believe” actually guarantee him a
protection from…? IM: From what? From hex, say, from jinx,
from the influence of third forces on him. Just “I don’t believe.” That doesn’t
guarantee him anything, because it’s the demons
in his head that say, “I don’t believe in magic. I do not
believe in demons. I do not believe in God. I believe in the mind.”
But what is the difference? Whatever we call it,
the essence will not change. Well, these are just
epithets of the same thing. A person doesn’t believe in magic,
but at the same time, he always wants to, or, for example,
he always starts instilling in himself that “I’m the best,
I’m the strongest”, right? It’s fashionable right
now, as they say, instead of being like this,
he starts instilling this in himself. As if by changing his attitude towards himself,
by instilling this, he would change. Well, these are again (Zh:
Yes) stupidities and mindsets. Right. Adding to the topic of
protection, there are ritual tattoos which in ancient times were used for
protection against an evil spirit, meaning, covered… IM: Well,
these are like signs. But then again there are totem tattoos,
there are signs which start to attract. After all,
let’s take even AllatRa, right? This is the most active sign, for instance,
we’ve just talked about Trypillia. It was used at that time most of
all, and before that time too, well, and till the last time. In fact,
this sign was in every religion, many don’t know that it used to be one
of the dominating signs in all religions. Well, with time the system has
erased all this, of course. But if we tattoo it onto the body,
will it be good or bad for a person? It’s a simple question (T:
They ask this question too). I see nothing good if a person gets
a working sign tattooed on his body. Because it’s like a
flashlight, it… when it shines, and something gets under its light
from, let’s say, the subtle world, and that which isn’t good, let’s say, very active beings are
unable to exist in this radiation. This is physics, these vibrations,
well, they are extremely unpleasant. And there is such a notion in
physics as a backward wave. If a person gets tattooed
it onto his body, it will work exactly the other way around.
Is this good. A simple question. Well, right. Another example
has come to mind here, of course, a more material one, about how they
used tattoos in the Third Reich… T: And that very bad signs (Zh: And
bad signs, right…): both spirals, counterclockwise spirals (Zh: And counterclockwise swastika…), and
counterclockwise swastikas were also found in the Third Reich… Well,
because all this has an impact on… Zh: Well, yes. Just like there were
tribes that put both good and bad… IM: And, pardon me, beasts,
skulls, and all the rest. Meaning, an aggressive sign, it… a
person will perforce see it constantly, and it will change masks on the
person, he should comply. And consciousness will tell him: “Well,
if you have a leopard grinning there, then you should
be like that too.” Well, all this is playing games. Basically,
a dried chili pepper… A chicken claw
at the windscreen… T: Yes, it’s merely such a placebo effect.
M: Placebo effect, yes. But it does work. And… well, excuse me, if a person
hangs a chicken claw in the car with the purpose of
warding off evil spirits… he’ll attract flies for sure. Do you know where one
should put this chicken claw? In one’s head to prevent stupid
thoughts from popping into. Such a tool… Igor Mikhailovich,
there is also such a topic about the magic of the word
(as it is also called), because researchers and ethnographers,
while studying ancient religions, the religions that currently
exist and ancient peoples, said that the majority of rituals were
built with the use of certain spells. Others say: “No,
there were silent rituals too, where actions were
important, not the rituals.” And now they have such a dispute: what
is actually paramount and more important? Perhaps, it is the word that influences, or maybe
it is the action that influences? Which one?.. None of them is important. Or maybe the place too,
the one with intersections (IM: Neither the place is
important), those spells like: “Go to an intersection…” Whereas an intersection
does play a certain role, but a busy intersection, where many people move in one or
the other direction, let’s say, especially if it’s an
intersection of busy roads – then it does play a role here…
Why? The flow of people is, well, sort of like rivers, rivers of
energy, where these demons live. It’s just easier to make
a deal with them there. But if we look at the roads, there are places
where accidents happen constantly (T: Yes). Why? Well… well, a geomagnetic
zone, the location is such, a reverse flow is formed — but this is only on those roads
where there is active traffic. A stream of people, a stream of
energies, some kind of anomaly, some kind of dead end, where let’s
say, predators can be present. But it’s enough to place the AllatRa
sign — and the order is restored, let’s say, on that very road. Zh: That is, in this case, the signs will work,
right, towards positivity, towards creation? They will work,
yes, signs will work. Whereas magic as it is…
we’ve just… What is more important: a
ritual or a word (T: A word…)? Neither ritual nor word
is important in magic. It is the investment of
attention that is important. That’s what is important,
where the energy of life is invested. If it is invested in a certain
action, the action gets fulfilled. But again, if a mage fulfills it
himself (well, a real mage, right?), after all, he basically performs
that very meditative practice. I mean, a real mage,
but not some playing around. Whereas those who imitate them,
or when it is done in public, then a certain
ritual is performed. This ritual should
attract attention, it should, let’s say,
cause a person to open up, that is, to attract him by an
action, a sound, or something else. Well, similarly to some kind of service,
or whatever else (T: Divine services …), I mean in this case — yes, (T: Ritual
actions, yes), a ritual action takes place, doesn’t matter whether
in religion or magic, but a staged action takes place. And this staged action,
just like a theatrical form, makes a person invest
attention and open himself up. Open up in order for
demons to be able to enter, nothing more than that. And then people who watch this
get involved into this process. But we’ve been
discussing before this: why are people who live by
God’s Love not affected? Because they have the best
protection, they have a shield, and this shield is called AllatRa,
meaning, God’s Love (ZH: Great) (T: …which is constantly active, yes).
Whatever we call it. Yes (ZH: Yes), many, sort
of, “AllatRa, AllatRa”… Well, it is translated as “God’s
Love”, that is, Allat-Ra. It is just like you’ve said that
this is Life which he has already now. Quite right. If he, a human being,
already has Life, if he has gained it, then nothing is important for him
anymore, he needs nothing else. The devil has nothing to seduce him with.
What can he offer? Death? Well, somehow it’s stupid
to exchange Life to death. Yes, to what is empty. IM: Of course. T: It’s interesting, Igor
Mikhailovich, that people also ask a question: where do mages actually
get such a huge power from? Many say that it’s
inherited, for example, someone is a mage in the third,
fourth, fifth generation. Meaning, where do they take it from?
Is it that when people open up? IM: There is a power which
can be inherited, indeed. But as a rule this power is formed along
with the demon’s development in a person. If a person is engaged in magic he embarks
on this path, the path of a mortal, and begins to develop
these abilities in himself, which means, he grows a demon. And the more people he draws into his
rituals, creating a web like a spider (we have already talked
about this today), the more people come to him with requests
and the more sorcery acts he commits… Everyone starts with simple things (T:
Yes), and then they move to bigger ones, then much bigger ones and then eventually
mages take away life at a distance, it’s not a problem for them. When somebody comes to them and
asks, as it’s said, to get rid of a competitor
or someone else, that is, it’s not much
of a problem for them. Well, then again, everything depends on
the power of the demon which he has grown. T: And another thing, Igor
Mikhailovich, we’d also like to… about… IM: I’ll put it simply.
I would compare a demon to a piglet: the better you feed it,
the fatter and bigger it becomes, and weight in that world is hierarchy…
it plays its part. Yes. Besides, in addition to the
topic of words, the power of the word, such information was found that ancient
people had prohibitions on some names: on their own ones and
names of the dead. Meaning, it was believed
that through a name it was possible to influence a person somehow
just like using a piece of his body, for example, hair or nails… A name and an image.
A name doesn’t work by itself. But if there are both name and
image, then yes. Here’s a simple example. A person comes to
a mage and says: “I need to hex this
man, here is his name”, well, that’s how they… in general,
to do something bad to him. If the one who orders this ritual
action knows that man, he has his image. The mage has the name,
or he might not even have the name, but the one who orders has the name,
and the one who orders has the image, so it’s enough for the mage to attract
this person’s attention by his action, this person opens up, and the mage completes
(T: …through him) the order, right. Meaning, what the one who came has
requested will happen to that man. But if he contacts the mage with
his request through the third party and that one has never seen that man,
then however powerful the mage is, he will be unable to do anything because in order for magic to work,
the image and the name are needed. Just like with the dead
ones, right? Meaning, when a person
becomes subpersonality, people share their life with the dead man
till they remember his image and his name. And the more emotionally
they think of him, the more frequently he arises in
their head as an image with a name, the more life they give
to an already dead. Here’s also a question,
Igor Mikhailovich. It turns out that the
representatives of “the Ninth Circle” very often popularize,
say, their dead ones, those who have passed
away to the other world. And in the same way, they canonize
people who are far from being holy. It appears that people endow
subpersonality with a certain power (IM: But it’s still temporary),
but does subpersonality help them? Why is it so beneficial for them
to popularize these very people? Well, because those who are in “the
Ninth Circle” are already dead. Today their elders have passed
away, tomorrow they will. If they make such continuity, then the
better they take care of their dead ones, the better their descendants will take care
of them (T: It’s just such a tradition). When they become subpersonalities, they
prolong at least their relieved existence. And they know this for sure. And that’s what they take…
T: The partners of such tradition. Of course,
they take care of that. But time erases everything,
as you once said. Everything ends. T: And the memory of
them, too. IM: Of course. Well, it will prolong for a hundred,
two hundred, three hundred years — there will be some relief. Well, anyway,
everyone will have to pay for everything. And those who become, excuse me,
who enter “the Ninth circle” – in this case it’s
for a long time. Well, some people also think that
“yes, it’s playing around”, that “I can easily leave it, get off all these
magic rituals (IM: Off magic?), actions”. Then why doesn’t anyone leave? IM: Well,
it is extremely difficult to leave magic. If a person has messed with magic, he
becomes a donor of not only that sorcerer or sorceress, it does not …
or a witch, whatever she is called, well, a conductor,
let’s put it simply. After all,
this mage doesn’t have any power. Demons have power,
it’s they who do all this instead of him, while he is a conductor.
T: They feed them, yes… Absolutely right,
he’s just a three-dimensional picture. Or it’s like something higher manifests itself
in a human body – and that’s it. While here…
Well, although if we take… Demons – they exist for a long
time, longer than people, they possess greater power. And for people, they can also be higher beings
compared to a human being. Well, we can put it this way. I also recalled a
question from people. They say that, for sure,
to counteract, say, the system or all these mages and sorcerers,
a person has to be someone, to have a certain power,
to be a priest-exorcist or to be a Geliar who
has the Knowledge. Is it possible to resist them in everyday
life just by being a good person? How can any person resist the
system and magic in everyday life? Not to betray God and to live by God’s Love,
to love God and everything will be fine. There is no better protection from
demons, from black magic than AllatRa. In this case, I repeat,
AllatRa is God’s Love. Live by it – and then any
demons won’t be a threat to you, because it is what gives life,
and it gives life Eternal. Igor Mikhailovich, I would like to
continue the following topic as well, to touch upon the
topic of a gaze. After all,
eyes can emanate both Love and there are other people’s
beliefs when the evil eye… Eyes actually reflect the inner
component of a person himself. If a person is empty inside,
his eyes are also empty. If a person burns with fire,
if God’s Love shines in him, this light, then his eyes shine as well.
This is normal. T: It’s difficult now to ask a
question regarding the evil eye and to touch upon this topic in magic
but nevertheless I’ll read it out: do such people
really exist who can, well, let’s say, harm other people
with the power of their gaze? Or… They can harm both people
and animals and the like; these are people who possess, well,
extraordinary power of their attention. While a power is a power. It’s just when being used
in the wrong way it can harm even if there is no
malicious intent. A person can be just
wonderful in his essence whereas his gaze might be
destructive (T: So it is possible…). Well, such thing happens.
T: And there is another thing that people feel other
people’s eyes on them. And they say that… well, people used to
say “cheeks are burning”, for example, or “ears are burning”; that
even research was carried out on how people feel other
person’s eyes on them. Both other person’s gaze and
when he’s being thought of, especially with investing
attention, — a person can feel this. Well, the answers are in
this book — in “AllatRa”. This is work of the structure,
of the essences and so on. From time immemorial
all this has been known, since the beginning of time
all this has been used. But if we are to
speak the language in which human structure is
described in the book “AllatRa”, the Back and Left Essences,
the Back and Right react very easily, and again, precisely with
the help of these essences some magic techniques are used. But what’s the difference?
The structure is the structure. And with their help people both
feel and transmit something, well, just like SMS
via modern gadgets. When thinking of someone a person starts
feeling that he is being thought of. Yes. It exists, of course.
This is trite physics. Right, in addition to this they say that people
feel exactly this area of the back of the head when someone is staring
at them with a certain… Well, it takes place if there
is a direct look at them. This means when a person is in front of
the one who’s looking at him from behind and the person might feel this stare
if that one is paying his attention. But this attention should be
invested along with some desire: either, pardon me,
with lust or with harm. Whereas if someone is just looking at
the hairdo, the person won’t feel this. Some powers must be involved here,
energy must be spent, — then this is felt. T: I see.
Zh: Right. We have another topic regarding the veneration of the Holy
Death, Santa Muerte. And this religion is sort
of gaining popularity now, and it attracts by the fact that the Holy Death does not require a
person to abandon his previous way of life. That is, there are a lot of such
representatives in it as prostitutes (T: Yes, drug addicts, yes…), yes,
there are some drug addicts, murderers… T: That is, it turns out that people do
not have to change their way of life. Zh: . ..the way of life, yes,
that without giving up anything, a person as if receives patronage and protection
of this very Holy Death (T: Moreover…). This is a religion
of subpersonality. It is aimed at…
a person while still being alive, sort of forms his
after-death fate, let’s say,
an extremely negative one. However, respect and commemoration of
the dead is very popular among them. So, from generation to generation…
they remember images, and names, and the like. And so they communicate with them, often call
them, meaning, they feed subpersonalities. Why has this developed?
A simple question. Because the person who, as you
said, leads an antisocial lifestyle understands that he is
doing something wrong, but desires and aspirations… meaning,
he is manipulated by his internal imps, in other words,
he digs his own grave. But this religion is preferable to
him, because he, being its adherent, brings up the future generation in
the same religion by his example. That is, parents involve their
children to this religion. So, they understand that
paradise is not for them — there is no cot for them there, and they will have to stay in hell anyway and
be boiling in some kind of caldron, right? So, in order to be pulled out from
there, from this caldron, into cold, cool water,
it is necessary that someone pays for it, because it’s a paid service.
And thus, children will pay for such moments of peace for
them, let’s put it so. Yes, moreover,
what arguments they have. Today we’ve raised the
topic of those desires, and the adherents of this
religion precisely say that it is in their religion where wishes get
fulfilled much faster than in the others. Well, naturally, because their religion
is sheer magic (T: Directly, yes…), it is caring about the dead, and formation out
of the inevitably living the inevitably dead. I mean, well… Well, yes, and the fact
that the Holy Death itself has power over everyone in this
world, that no one has ever… Any body will die. There can be no immortal bodies. The whole universe is mortal. And the period of the Universe’s
existence is an instant if we consider it from the
perspective of life. Zh: Yes. And what’s also interesting
is that all these religions, in one way or another (many
religions), are future-oriented and focused on the promise to people that
they will get something in the future. And when people do magic, they want
to know precisely about the future. About the future.
And why is that? Because a person who is, again,
under the control of consciousness and is manipulated by it,
always hears from consciousness one thing, “You’ll have a better
life tomorrow.” And a person always strives
to create his best tomorrow. He does not live now; he lives in hope for tomorrow. And tomorrow is like a horizon. Will it ever happen?
It will never happen because tomorrow you will
be waiting for “tomorrow”. And it’s endless until you
become a subpersonality and realize that
you had to live now. And what does freedom,
spiritual freedom, precisely the true service
to God give a person? It gives “now”, “today”, “here”. While everything else
gives hope for tomorrow. A demon can’t grant life
now, it just can’t. It creates such a horizon: “As soon as you reach the horizon,
a beautiful future awaits you after it. You will be what you want,
and you will possess everything you want. Well, try to reach the
horizon, my friends… to swim, to walk, to fly to it.
It’s unrealistic (T: It’s true, people…). It is also
impossible to gain happiness from satan. Indeed, people who live in the
present and by this inner life, have, say, this “now” and
eternity in “here and now”. They are unlikely to be interested in any future that the
system tells them about, yes. IM: They don’t need it… They don’t need
it, they need hope. And they live by hope. But instead of really
becoming happy and living, people hope that someday
they will have it. And they build… they form their desires
and their happiness from the material, well, from some banal patterns that
are imposed on everyone, let’s say. Again, what do we come to?
Tritely to be someone, to have something and not to be responsible for anything.
This does not happen. And here is also, Igor Mikhailovich,
a lot of people would like to, they understand that there is something
greater than a body, that there is… some people believe that there is
only the world of subtle energies – and there is nothing beyond it.
But in this aspiration… Well, wait, if there is a
world of subtle energies, it means that there is
something that forms it. Everything is simple. It’s just that in this aspiration to come
into contact with the Spiritual World and with the spiritual
source, to feel Love, to get rid of some attachments in
the outside world, they come to… Well, in particular,
there are the rituals of Ayahuasca, which are widespread in Latin
America, in Peru. Even in some religions it becomes… in
some countries it is even a national asset. These are such hallucinogenic
substances, hallucinogenic plants. And people go to the world’s end,
fly several thousand kilometers away to… Zh: …to get this ritual (T: ….this
experience) to break free from their problems, so as to get rid of what they have
accumulated by their choice in a moment. And it takes a huge amount of
time, money, and moving from one side of
the earth to the other… IM: …to get another illusion.
T: Yes. Zh: Yes, to get… And what’s going on?
And what’s attractive about it all? Again, it’s a toxin that affects the
neurons’ group of the brain, I emphasize, and there’s a partial disconnection,
but it acts selectively. It turns out that there is
not a complete disconnection, but a partial disconnection between
Personality and primary consciousness. And here, at the level of
Personality, he gets some freedom from secondary consciousness,
from primary consciousness, and he also gets all this visually at
the level of the primary consciousness. The world changes for him and he gets
an illusion of some kind of freedom that the world is not as it is. Well, depending on the correctly-chosen
substances that they take, a person can even move
to the fourth dimension and perceive it at the
level of Personality. And this happens.
And through backward connection, this information can reach
primary consciousness. And when he comes
to a normal state, he remembers everything
to the smallest detail. They consider this as a very
valuable experience of gaining life, it seems to them that
they become spiritual, that they understand everything (T: All-embracing vision,
yes…) that they know everything. Well, of course. Well, that’s self-deception. T: You’ve
said that it’s just the fourth dimension… It’s just the fourth one, yes. Meaning, by getting, using such
psychotropic substances, hallucinations… IM: Not always they get
there, not always at all. Those are the ones
who get lucky, and this all was selected and made
right by someone with experience. In this case a person almost
becomes a slave of this trend. Why? Because what he has lived
through and experienced is impossible to
compare with anything that a person experiences in
this three-dimensionality. But even if some
mistake has happened and it works merely like
a hallucinogen, yes, however, having certain freedom plus hallucination
the person falls into shock as well, because his mentality is so free (T: Yes),
he perceives the world so holistically… A human usually perceives the
world from a viewing angle, meaning, that is what we see.
Next… if we hear something, we have it switched off here, switched over
there, meaning, where we invest our attention. What our primary
consciousness has given us, where we have invested our
attention is what we perceive. And we perceive the world
sort of in bits and pieces. While here a person perceives it at 360
degrees like a sphere, he senses it all, he… Well, it’s a trite… Well (T: He understands
everything)… Let’s put it this way: a correctly performed meditation (meditation, I emphasize,
is not a spiritual practice, it is a work of consciousness with
consciousness) gives a much bigger effect. But you have to grow up
to a meditative practice, you have to overcome a lot,
have to spend your time, while here you just eat or drink the
tincture and hallucinations begin. Well, there’s a small detail
there, too. When a person perceives
three-dimensional images, it’s a simple hallucination. The fourth dimension
means these images change. And those who even experienced these practices
understand what I’m talking about — this world is already altered and
different, but it exists, indeed. Well, but how…how can it not be there? T: The
world of energies, a kaleidoscope of colours. Sure, of course. The world of
coarse matter is six dimensions. It’s considered the
coarse matter world. Meaning, it is where demons rule, where
there is satan’s power, as it is said. Everything that we see here in three-dimensionality
originates in the sixth dimension. And it diminishes already
in the second one. Well, it is actually
very interesting. Meaning, it turns out that… You’ve mentioned that even getting into the
fourth dimension is an extremely rare case. That is, it turns out that people gain all this
experience… IM: Of course, it’s extremely rare, yes. But legends are built on such
cases, for which they strive. Meaning, what people see is
still the third dimension. IM: Most of the time yes. The overwhelming majority,
I would say, 99.9% of those who practice intake of these
substances, let’s put it mildly, most often have a
banal hallucination. Well, it’s just, you know, such very…
IM: Well, it’s an unusual experience. It’s simply a swindle from the system, because
(IM: In the literal sense of the world…) it doesn’t matter whether you close your eyes, or open your
eyes, take a look at the surrounding world and pictures that… So look, here you closed your eyes
and the world disappeared for you, but there, it doesn’t matter whether you close
or open your eyes, it won’t work for you (Zh: No difference…) (T: Meaning…)
While the mechanism is very simple. There are simple techniques
but they are quite effective. They are considered restricted
and secret for some reason. Precisely those very super-secret
institutions which we have mentioned, which engage in research of
magic, prepare so-called sleepers. I think,
many have heard of them. As a rule, they were used for military
purposes, in intelligence and so on. They have a simple
technique which causes… Well, I’m going to
tell you how it works. Irritation or excitation of neurons
of the optic thalamus is caused, but without the supply of light. That is, a person’s eyes are
closed, he is in a dark room (not only he is in a dark room,
but his eyes are also closed and all), however,
over-irritation takes place. This over-irritation of
the optic thalamus leads to the excitation of the
so-called pineal gland. And that’s where all these
phenomena are hidden, because a person in order
to maintain a connection between Personality and
primary consciousness and to shift it for perception by primary
consciousness at least partially… Because if primary consciousness is switching
off, then a person who is unprepared, who hasn’t developed himself and
does not know that he is Personality, he does not remember or see anything — he simply
falls asleep. Disconnection is followed by a sleep. For a person,
this time simply vanishes. But when a person develops
spiritually as Personality, then a disconnection from
this already gives him freedom from primary consciousness,
not to mention secondary consciousness. But for this, one needs to overcome a lot…
let’s say, to work hard on oneself indeed. And a simple practice
which is taught to sleepers leads to overexcitation — and without losing connection with primary
consciousness, a person partially jumps into the fourth,
and even to the fifth dimension sometimes. What does this result in?
This results in the fact that space and time,
as such, cease to work, and a person, well,
perceives easily. If he knows how to control this process, then
it is not difficult for him to visit any point and see what he wants to
see, let’s say. That is, the issue of precognition
is solved quite simply here. And that’s why they say that sleepers
can see or find submarines, spaceships… Yes, of course, they can,
there is nothing complicated about this. There is such a mechanism. The most interesting part is that
if a sleeper uses this technique, – and it is extremely
simple by the way, – he can regulate and
control this process; whereas if this mechanism
is poorly controlled, then in this case,
everything happens spontaneously. A person closes his eyes
and he has bright colors: it doesn’t matter whether he opens
or closes them — nothing changes. I mean, we have closed our eyes
now, right? We can imagine the picture
which we have seen. We opened our eyes
and what do we see? We see again what we see (T:
That it has changed…). Yes. While there it is all different (T:
Uncontrollable?). Yes, it’s not three-dimensional, but there is an understanding of it
as of three-dimensionality as well. This is the paradox. This is when a person, for example,
falls into the fourth dimension through the use of
these substances. And the mechanism
is exactly the same. Excitation of the
optic thalamus, neurons are overexcited,
they excite the pineal gland — and the person enters a world
where he has never been. But it’s the earthly world, guys.
After all, this is not God’s World. And when they are, let’s
say, taken out of this state, then secondary consciousness
gets immediately connected. While he preserved a memory of what he
had seen, and, so the person is in shock. And secondary consciousness
begins to tell him: “You have visited the World of God!
Wow, all this exists! That’s it, now magic is the
most essential for you.” Well… well, he doesn’t follow
the spiritual path, after all. And such people, all these experiments precisely
lead them all towards a subpersonality…. Well, a person naturally cannot
come into contact with God (IM: Due to these practices? Of course, not…),
because many people think that they get relief from some consciousness (IM: No, of course, not…),
and they get to a new level, to a new dimension, yes. Igor Mikhailovich, you’ve just said that
sleepers used a certain practice to… and they achieved prescience,
so to speak, a vision of the future. Can we give this practice
to our viewers now? Well, it’s really simple,
there is nothing complicated in it. Well, we can give it. However, we have the experience,
say, related to Dim Mak, yes, when we showed how to
work with some points, and that this practice, which we told our
friends, is directed at… I repeated several times,
guys, don’t play with it. This practice is aimed only to ease
one’s state in case of a panic attack. Well, it was so, wasn’t it? Well,
our friends started using this, and a lot of different
information came from all sides and sometimes quite funny
one, let’s put it so. Well, many people started using it,
well, I’ll give a simple example… pardon me, friends,
I’ll digress a bit, but it’s true. “I use it,” he says,
“every evening. It’s so great: I don’t want
to sleep — I have energy.” Guys, this practice which we talked
about, about Dim Mak, yes, it is aimed at helping
in a critical situation. It cannot and should not be
used when it is not necessary. Why? Because if people
start abusing it, they just discharge
the batteries. Nothing appears out of nowhere. And the explosion of energy
that occurs in a person, yes, it can help, can neutralize
some toxins or something else, well,
like a self-reanimation aid. But if a person abuses it then,
first, his body is exhausted, and subsequently self-compensation
appears — and the body adapts, and these points do
not work anymore. That’s the way a human
being is designed. You should not play with this. And Dim Mak itself… well, many people say that it’s sort of,
well, was transformed into something bad, that it’s an art of killing. No. Everything that concerns self-defense
or practical application, let’s say, in order to defeat the
enemy or the opponent – it isn’t more than even five
percent of what Dim Mak is now. While ninety-five percent
is only good and useful regarding both health and well-being,
well, and many other things. Of course,
there is a lot I could tell you. But, guys, how can I tell you?
Well, excuse me,… well, because of these (and we
have a lot of them) experimenters, there’s no other way to call
it, well, it’s just scary to tell you about
something good and working. Well, it’s true. Why? Because what is going to happen?
Abuse, pointlessness, which can harm. For instance,
you again say about sleeper’s practice. It is simple and
everyone can do it. But if we tell them about it,
people can lose their eye-sight, people can get heart attacks,
strokes, and many other things. Why? It is about the dosage. And many people who have taken
a great interest in this topic or read at least about
sleepers, how they work, they know how high their
mortality rate is. Why? Because after crossing a certain threshold,
well, people became subpersonalities, you can’t return
already, that is… Or they undermined their health by
improper performance of the technique. I’ll tell you a quite interesting
curious case literally from life. After the release
of the programme where we talked about Dim Mak,
it was released in the morning. And literally the next day,
one of our fellows wrote us. So, I’ll tell you in short, he wrote
it all down with details and the like. What was the essence? He watches our programmes,
like many of our friends, he even says that he began to read “AllatRa”, has read about fifteen pages of it well, an almost convinced adherent of AllatRa, and all. He’s heard somewhere, has got some information on how
to perform spiritual practices, even how to perform the “Lotus Flower” meditation. He has realized that this practice
has existed since ancient times and it’s all good, this has to be done. But he had a toothache. He began to perform the “Lotus Flower” meditation and direct love to the aching tooth (doesn’t it remind you of anything
in today’s conversation?), however, his tooth didn’t stop aching. He had to make an appointment with the doctor. Well, the doctor made an appointment
at the afternoon time. Meanwhile, in the morning,
our programme was released. His tooth was aching, he had time, he didn’t go to work anyway, so, as a faithful Allatra adherent
he decided to watch it; he turned on the programme,
started watching it, and saw everything I had told about Dim Mak. Usually, people need to watch at least
a few times, somehow pay their attention, but in this case, the person
turned out to be talented. He watched, remembered
and understood everything. He came to the dentist. The dentist examined him. In short, the tooth was in big trouble. The doctor said: “We will have to open it,
remove the nerve and clean it all up.” He gave him an injection, and said: “Anesthesia will start working soon, I’ll come to you shortly, meanwhile, you take a seat.” Yet, why sit idle if he just watched about Dim Mak, which Mikhailovich had told about”, right? After all, it is interesting. A compelling logic has turned on, after all, it’s… What is anesthetic? It is a toxin which affects the nerve. “So, if I do as Mikhailovich has said, then, in theory, it should cease its effect, hence, Dim Mak works, and Mikhailovich did not lie,” right? “And if it doesn’t cease and anesthesia begins
to work anyways, then something is wrong.” He did this practice.
Then the doctor came up and said, “How’s your tooth?” They examined it and it was numb. Frustrated, this meant that everything was as it should be, and so the doctor began his work… This man told us that
he was even slightly upset that the effect didn’t take place. And at that moment, as it always happens, all of a sudden, there appears pain (because there is a delay,
there is chemistry which works in the body,
everything takes time). So, he had a tooth opened and the doctor was freely
poking around his nerve and here came a pain shock, as he wrote, “I almost got a pain shock”. The doctor, as he said,
was also sweating, scared, “Why did the pain return?” He gave him (T: Additionally…)
additional injections, yet the pain, as he described,
was getting even more acute. In short, both the doctor and
the patient were in shock. As he told us, “The doctor said,
“The tooth is open, everything is gouged out. We have to work on it, bear with me,
we have no other options. Otherwise we will have to do general anesthesia.” But he was afraid that Dim Mak did work and general
anesthesia would not help either, whereas he had already been injected with quite a lot of chemicals, which wasn’t good for health either. Forgive me for laughing,
I feel sorry for my colleague. I am not laughing at the patient. I… I just imagined how the poor doctor (T: …makes a decision)… And… and how he didn’t know
what to do with him. After all, the patient didn’t tell him
that he had been playing around. He simply left him guessing. And so he described as he “was standing
on the back of his head and heels”, while the doctor quickly
tormented him and the like, then he sent him home and
prescribed a pain-killer. So, he was writing an email
to me already in the morning. He didn’t sleep all night, he had severe pains,
because the pain-killer didn’t work, and so he told me everything
he thought about me, about you too, and about the whole ALLATRA. And here I have a question, my friends. Clearly, this case is funny, but it’s a real one. Frankly speaking, it is the doctor who I am sorry for. As for the patient… I am not sorry for the patient. Stupidity has to be paid for. But I do feel sorry for the doctor,
he was affected though he wasn’t guilty. But now, I have a simple question
for many people, right? If you don’t like us: you don’t like me, you don’t like the host, there are also invited people,
with whom we are often filmed well, you can express your
indignation towards us. But why us… why blame the entire ALLATRA
movement because of us, let’s say? We are just the participants of the ALLATRA International Public Movement, just a small part of it. While in ALLATRA there are a lot of people. And a lot of good, really beautiful,
really positive deeds are being done. Well, mind you, people in their spare time do a lot of good for other people. After all, what does consciousness say? Well, consciousness says:
“You’ve got to do bad things to people”. And people are able to spend time on
doing something bad and wicked. But in order to do good to people one should step over a demon in the head. And it’s hard. See, for those who scold us it is actually simple. They have easily thrown mud at others, haven’t they? Why? Because when finding himself in or running
across such community a person feels like a black
crow among white swans. And this crow starts doing anything in order to
sort of make them greyer somehow, in order not to stand out so much. But instead of becoming a swan himself: “But this is difficult. It’s simpler”, like consciousness
says, “to smudge them”. Guys, smudge me, smudge them (they’ll forgive you), but don’t take the Movement. There are really a lot of people who do a lot of good. Forgive me for such digression, but I’ve just thought of this dentist’s patient and unwittingly
recalled what he wrote. Well, he mentioned not only me,
but also the whole Movement. But what does the Movement have to do with it? Was it anyone else who told him about it? Well, I, pardon me, in an impulse of altruism shared with people, and I could share other things as well. But now you understand why sometimes it’s better to keep silent because demons in the head
begin to mix everything up and force people to use a good
thing not where it’s needed and get a negative effect. And afterwards they immediately start to accuse. It was they who had instigated you to do a stupid thing (you did this stupid thing, financed it
with your attention and you actions), and later it is they who accuse the third, let’s say, parties that
have nothing to do with this at all in this case (T: Yes).
Well, such a curious thing happened. So, pardon me, friends, but get the information on that very
sleeper and how it works somewhere from other sources. Even those who stand up for
the ALLATRA Movement, they too… IM: They get it hot too. T: …it turns out, they get it hot too.
IM: Yes, of course. Those who aren’t even the participants just see the genuine strive of people, feel it. Good people. There are good people everywhere
and there are a lot of them, indeed. If a person is with an open soul, he looks at and perceives
the world the way it is, without twisting and dictation of demons in his head, surely he sees how beautiful ALLATRA is
and how much good is being done. Of course, they perceive it.
But those who are ruled by little imps, for them ALLATRA, well, it’s like a candle burning in one’s eye, that’s why they try to blow it out or spit at it so that it goes out. Yes, (T: Yes) there is also a question that is asked
precisely by those who are against ALLATRA, “What does this give you? What did you get there?”
IM: Oh, yes, right… Yes, that is also a good question, right? They say, “So, you are in ALLATRA.
What did you get? What did this give you?” again the material and the profit. This is exactly the answer to why
people go and strive for magic, and why, while going into religion,
they want to get something, and why such a synthesis of
religion with magic occurred. On the one hand, they are telling the truth
– one mustn’t do magic. And on the other hand, they immediately
justify it in every possible way, that “this is in accordance with
the Will of God, from God, this is Holy, this is not magic,
this is the blessing of God,” and they immediately push and
impose that very magic. Well, that’s the answer…
T: Yes, consciousness will hardly
like a perspective that you won’t be given anything there, that you will only be helping people
from your sincere impulse. Meaning, the awareness of this… yes.
Zh: And feel great happiness from this. IM: Well, yes… yes, right…
If looking from the perspective of, let’s say, a person who lives under the dictatorship
of the beast in his head, right? That means you go to an organization
where in your spare time you have to do a lot of good, spend your funds and time in order to
explain something to someone, to tell them, and raise urgent issues
— and nobody pays you anything for this, moreover, it is you who spends, right? Well, what kind of organization is that? It turns out to be a wrong organization,
from satan’s perspective. Well, thank God, there are those
who understand this and… Thank God. And thank you,
friends, (T: Yes) that there are many of you, of those who really understand,
feel and live by God’s Love. Exactly for this ALLATRA is needed, the entire movement is needed so that the number of us,
of free people, grows. That’s the meaning of humanity and that’s the mission of a human being. Everyone says: “A human has come to this world,
he has some task, some… he has to do something, a mission…” The mission of all of us is to become Alive. However, to become a subpersonality, to become
dead cannot be a human’s mission. Well, can this be right? So, the task of those very people who have gained at least a little understanding, who at least started to feel something, is precisely to share this with others,
so that it becomes bigger, so that this world changes, so as to return Eden here. After all, it is all in our hands, my friends. We can do everything if we want to. Also, Igor Mikhailovich, we have another topic,
it is the topic of Latin America, that on their territory, in particular
in Peru, Colombia, and Mexico, there are so many rituals, of so to say
bloodthirsty rituals in which, basically, initiations of mages occur with
the involvement of subpersonalities. Well, if we take Latin America, Spain and Mexico, then as of today, there are more than
two thousand of real mages in this territory (of the real ones, of those who have power). It’s is a huge (T: Serious… yes, huge) number, yes. And today they are the favourites. And by the way, as it is stated by those favourites themselves, satan controls people’s consciousness, while mages control their tongues (T: Yes, this is obvious).
And we know that today, among them there are also some
who have a grudge against “ALLATRA” (T: A serious one). It turns out that mages do not
watch the evil tongues or contribute to this. Well, taking into account that November begins, and December is ahead,
and for those who know… Well, for those who do not know, I’ll tell you, what it has to do with November or December. November and December for mages (well, sorcerers I mean, all of them… this entire gang)… for them it’s a very important time. At this time, they accumulate power. That is, they receive this power for their
demons, so that they become stronger then, during the year they use
this power in their work. Then it is pulled back, and these days
are just as important for them. Well, let’s put it this way,
the end of October through Christmas is a very important time of
accumulating power for them. Well, power is power. And the most interesting thing is that even that very demons
and that very satan use the power that is given for Life. Magic cannot be forbidden all over the world, because it happens at people’s choice. Satan cannot be forbidden, because this material world is his world, and he’s the architect of this world. But it is possible to deprive of power those very sorcerers, mages, simply by taking it from their demons, let’s say, for the period of its accumulation
in a particular region. Well, for everyone’s edification…
Let’s say, those who are engaged in magic… and I’ll remind you, there are more than
two thousand of them in Spain, Mexico, Latin America, will be left without replenishment during this season in order that they watch
the tongues that they control (well, after all, it is them who said that). And now, guys, a small point. You can take this as a joke, but for those who can think I’ll mention it. Those who are really engaged in magic will be forced to leave this territory in order to replenish their power. This does not affect charlatans. But it’s no use to come to mages till Christmas,
no need to waste money. They won’t be able to even
move a feather from the needle, let alone to do something. And this once again shows that one needs to love God, but not to deny God’s Love, and all the more, not to blaspheme it. For their edification… If they fail to understand,
they will lose power during these days forever. And then they will have to
leave those territories. Well, even next year,
in two thousand and twenty, they will turn from
favorites into outsiders, though as of today their magic
has been leading the world. Next year — it won’t. (T: It’s interesting…).
Watch those who are subordinate to you. Also, Igor Mikhailovich, you’ve mentioned
the seasonality of magic, and now there is an understanding that most people
feel the autumn blues precisely in autumn, a period of exacerbation of various psychiatric
diseases comes precisely in autumn, that is… And many events begin at this time,
which decide people’s destinies. So, now it’s clear that this is not just
a lack of sunshine, or good weather… IM: It’s a season… no, it’s a
season, a season of accumulation. And many who are in the web, of course…
they experience an enormous exhaustion. Why? Well, I’ve already answered —
demons accumulate power for the season. It’s like a crop: they’ve
harvested the crop — and they use it all year
until there is a new one. This does not mean that powers don’t come.
They do come, though mages cannot use them, so they use what they have. Therefore,
just like that fellow said that he used to spend twenty-four
hours on serving satan. It’s an enormous labour. If people invested as
much into building life as they invest into
building death, all would be saints. Igor Mikhailovich,
also touching upon the topic… we’ve just touched
upon this very region, and it is sort of a leader in various
attributes — various amulets, rituals. So, people ask the
following question: “Do various attributes,
a person’s affiliation to a certain order or to various trends, movements,
religious denominations with usage of signs and symbols give
any kind of power to people or not?” Meaning, what they wear (T:
Yes) as insignia, right? Does this have
any kind of power? Guys, this doesn’t have any
power, plainly. The power of the human, the real power
of the human lies in his attention. And, for instance,
can the spiritual oppose the dead? It can, easily. If a person is Alive,
if he’s with the Spiritual World, well, let’s say, at least near,
his spiritual power increases. It’s like a flame which can… Well, the simplest
example for understanding. We take one candle (we
have talked about it), enter a room,
and it’s getting brighter. Now imagine a thousand candles and we enter this room,
– it will definitely be brighter. Or a person lit up a candle in the field.
It’s seen from afar. And he is seen from afar. While little is lit up around him.
However, what if there’s a thousand of candles? He will be seen even
from a longer distance. A thousand candles lit up in the field at
night will be seen even from outer space. What does it indicate? That power which he
gains, right? Because besides him there are
an infinite number of Angels with whom he maintains contact. Can some pitiful nothing oppose Everything?
No, of course, it cannot. But the same goes with demons. If, say, a person is
under satan’s power and (well, it’s a figure of
speech, let’s say: under the dictatorship of
that very system or demons)… and these demons
manipulate through him, they can have power over
an unprotected person because all their community is on their
side, just like a whole legion, right? But it’s still very limited. And the stronger a mage is,
the stronger his demon is. The more power it takes from people,
the higher he is in his hierarchy. And the higher he is in
his demonic hierarchy, the bigger his power reserve is, the harder
it is for an ordinary person to oppose him. Well, you see, everything is simple.
The attributes don’t play any part. Attributes just indicate affiliation
to somewhere and to someone. But if a person, let’s say so, doesn’t
know what your sign is and what it is for, then it might be merely as some
jewellery or something else. You see,
it’s nothing for him, so… But on the other hand, if they wear various
skulls or something specific like this, well, of course,
this attracts attention, this makes one open up in some
way, well, provoke fear. And what is the main thing here?
An emotion and the following resonance. And an emotion can be provoked
by hanging these skulls, feathers, well,
something else all over yourself, just like they often use it in
magic, right? It doesn’t have to be
some intensive ritual, if his appearance makes
him scary to look at. A person gets scared
and if he does, there is already an investment
of attention (T: Emotion). And of course,
now he opens up before him. And it’s simply for that one to resonate
with him in order for demons to enter. And then he becomes
a part of his food. Meaning, in this case a mage is a conductor
between the demonic world and this… well, in this case it’s
already a hamburger or a goat, let’s put it
so, that is being used. In fact, everything is simple. So attributes are
merely attributes. However, there are also working signs,
we’ve talked about them already. Those ones — yes,
those ones possess certain powers. Igor Mikhailovich,
you’ve also mentioned that the system’s influence is
precisely six dimensions. And that there are those who work in
the sixth dimension like black mages… IM: Mages? Of course, there are.
Т: But are there also?.. They contribute to
exactly changing of events at the level where they,
these events, originate. Well, this… And is there anyone at
that level who opposes them in causing these events
and counteracts them? You mean among people? Well, there are, of course, but it would
be desirable if there were more of them. There are few of them in comparison to
that legion, one could say it’s nothing. And such question was also asked
regarding whether signs have a sound. Meaning, there are working
sings, do they have sounding? Everything that falls into
a resonance has a sound. Meaning, any resonance is an audible
or inaudible sound of some sort. And that’s why, surely,
there is sounding. Well, let’s recall those
very Chladni figures, right, well,
those that are formed by sound. Well, these are all the same effects,
that’s why any sign naturally has a sound. In general, let’s say, any interaction
is certain vibrations of some kind. Vibrations are sounds.
Well, it can be put this way too. It’s just that there is a sound which
we aren’t able to perceive or hear. However, the whole Universe
is nothing else but a sound. And there is the Sound which has
created matter and can control it, if we consider this from the
highest possible perspective. Yes. Besides various religions which
are spreading now at lightning speed such as Santa Muerte,
there is also a religion of voodooism which is getting
popularity now too. And at this moment its
adherents are estimated to be fifty million
people around the world. These are adherents.
But once, voodooism as magic… they used to be the leaders. While now there are
a lot of adherents, but they have much fewer mages
comparing to, let’s suppose, that very Latin-American group. By the way, it is they who can become
the leaders in the year of 2020. Yes, so they also
considered power that… well, their main deity is Ouroboros, it
is kind of regarded as both good and bad. Meaning,
it is simply a force which merely… And a force is a force.
Zh: An active one, yes. But in this case they look at that force
which creates this world, which gives life. While this source that
emerges and creates everything goes exactly out of
the Spiritual World. Do you remember,
we were talking about a chamomile, we offered our friends
to imagine a chamomile. Who created this chamomile? Again, each of you did,
who actually imagined it. Meaning, you occurred to be the source of
creation of a whole world, a whole life. Why? Since there is a chamomile,
it means that there is a little bug on it, and since there is a bug, it means, it’s
not the only one. And so forth and so on. And if to imagine all this,
one can imagine a whole town, and a whole town will exist
but it will be limited only by the power of
investment of your attention in that picture which you imagined and
that time which you allocated to it, because once you get
distracted and you forget about both the chamomile and
the bug and all the rest. And so are they,
on the one hand they are right about the force which is coming,
that it’s the force which gives Life. That is why demons
chase after this power, power of Life, which people
waste, give away without thinking. That power which is given them here
so that they gain Eternal Life, that power,
the power of attention, they give it for
everything empty. They invest in some
envy, in some… well, in any mortal thing: in
aggression, in dreams… Well, what dreams can be there?
Get up and do. If you want something, make it, do it.
If you don’t know how, learn it. And you’ll have everything, everything
will work out. Make demons serve, they will do it. But again, what do people want? For it to happen by a wave of a magic wand.
Well, so… it happens. And this is how
religions appear. (Zh: Yes). In this case they
are religions of sorcery. Yes, and their dark side became
notorious owing to the fact that they used to have
a potion like Ayahuasca that put a human in the state of
death for some short period of time, after which the human
returned to life with kind of zombie effects at that (T: He lived
through the experience of this death). Yes, he experienced… well, he just… all the vital
mechanisms were turned off, and… IM: Yes, a person loses his
memory (Zh: Loses his memory…), he doesn’t know who he is (Zh:
Yes, yes, after…) and the like. But he still had
primary consciousness. And such person was used
(IM: Right) later as a slave. Do you remember,
we once talked about hypnosis and that Personality doesn’t have a
criticality of perception (T: Yes) (Zh: Yes). And if primary consciousness
is partially suppressed, then secondary consciousness
basically cannot enter. And here the operator
acts as a third force, who puts a person into hypnosis and can
instill into him that he is a famous singer. And a person behaves
absolutely like that singer. A Personality doesn’t care,
because this concerns three-dimensionality and this doesn’t bother it much. And primary consciousness
already supplies information, that which it supplies – and Personality uncritically invests
attention in what is necessary. That is, the same effect as putting
a person into the state of hypnosis works upon the intake of toxins,
or rather upon applying toxins on a person who consumed them in
one way or another. It doesn’t matter how it was injected:
in the form of a powder, liquid, or various substances
were mixed into food… But a person by taking it
has a problem with neurons, meaning,
certain connections get destroyed. And they are destroyed
to such an extent that even the self-identification of primary
consciousness does not work anymore. Naturally, connections with
the Back Essence are lost, meaning his memory is
absolutely disconnected. The memory is… the memory is
divided into several components. There is a basic memory,
so let’s not go into… Let’s just say that all the past disappears
because it detached… let’s say, the Back Essence (the place
where it is really stored, and what we call
memory), because they… This memory comes through a certain group
of neurons to primary consciousness. Well, such a mechanism,
I do not want to go into it much. We once talked about,
described this already. Whoever wants to, will find
this, and will read this. So, both that mechanism
and this one leads to… Well, if hypnosis is a brief effect,
then here it’s almost forever. And only a few of those who have
been put into a state of a zombie can return to a normal life. To awake or to
activate those neurons that have been disabled
is extremely problematic. And a person becomes like a child:
he doesn’t remember, doesn’t know. But he can work physically,
he can do some work, he doesn’t have such a critical approach
to himself. Well, it’s a machine. A machine that serves
itself and can do something. Well, that’s not the worst
thing about their religion. What’s is much scarier in the voodoo religion
is that they practice remote influence. It is oriented more at harm at a
distance, to health, at death, they have developed
it very well. If we compare it with, say,
Latin American religion, where they have rather
a consumer attitude to get something for themselves, here it is punishing someone
(T: To do harm) that prevails. Yes, and it’s also interesting, by the
way, that when we studied this issue, they say that there is a certain
similarity between science and magic in the fact that there is a certain
cause-and-effect relationship, that if you did “A”,
you received “B”, if you did one thing,
you received another thing. And at the same time, the issue was
raised of this non-contact influence or influence at a distance
through the objects that a person held in his hands
or touched (IM: Of course). But all this still leads to…
A simple example, I’ll digress. A person touched something, after
all, he leaves his energy signature. Just like a dog
when a man walked, the dog is put on the scent, and it
follows the smell. The same is here. If this object still retains
the activity of this person, the mage can
influence through it. But it can work only when a person,
excuse me, is under the control of demons. If the demons that control this person
are weaker than the demon that attacks, then everything will
be as this mage wants, if his demon is stronger than those demons.
Well, it’s a simple mechanism. While if a person, excuse me,
is with AllatRa inside, he loves God, he is filled with this, this mage will simply
not see him (T: Invisible to the system). Even if he sees that person,
he won’t be able to reach him. The darkness does not
approach the light. Now it’s clear why in ancient times when
many people said about the warrior host, they wanted to be invisible to the enemy.
This understanding that the majority… But again, it was a different warrior host,
and they said about something different. Precisely those Geliars were
mentioned, who actually stand as the light to guard
people against the darkness. Who stand to ensure that there
is less influence on people. Who protect,
just like you asked, “Are there those who…?” – yes,
there are, but they are very few. But they exist. While before, there were
more of them and there was less darkness. That’s the point. However,
consciousness again took this information, twisted it like it is a
legend and turned to what? To our usual, everyday,
banal three-dimensionality. And here a person wants to become
invisible for his three-dimensional enemy. Well, and everything is
being done for this (T: Yes). And again, he turns to magic.
However, does this happen? It does. In the previous programme we
mentioned that very Chikatilo, when, excuse me,
he killed a person, people passed by and they
didn’t actually see him. This is that power, that demon
which attacked this very Chikatilo and committed this
crime with his hands. He possesses a huge power,
and such things happen. So, we’ve precisely touched upon this
influence, so to speak, at a distance, and, interestingly, even scientists
themselves and that very mages note that there’s probably some
space in which this information is transferred very quickly
from one object to another. And they speak about the existence
of something similar to the ether, as it is called in science,
that through this there happens… Well, there is no ether,
as modern physics asserts, so… Well, but something
similar probably exists. I don’t want to go into physics (T:
Well, I see), forgive me, friends, but we can talk about it
for another three hours. Yes… there’s also a question about
burial of shamans (well, such a question). That if there was a sorcerer or
shaman who possessed real power, then after a certain time
people living in the territory under his control should perform
certain rituals to live in peace. In other words,
sort of under his protection, so that he wouldn’t
prevent them from living… Wait, is it in peace under his
protection or against his influence? They want him not to do bad
things to them (Zh: Yes ), but to do good things to them
( Zh: Yes ), so they will have to… Yes, to rebury him,
or to implement some other… They must remember his image and
his name (Zh: Yes), first of all. And to think of him at least on some
holidays, to comfort him somehow. Yes, as a subpersonality he won’t
be able any longer to do anything, but the demon who ruled him remains
connected to subpersonality, and yet he will still receive
the payment that people give him. Meaning,
the demon will benefit anyway. They also touched upon the
topic of subpersonality, in particular, there is a ritual
of Santeria in Latin countries, where, when initiating,
say, a new young mage, they resort to such actions
when they come to the cemetery, choose a certain dead man, and he should be the
most vicious rapist, the most vicious (Zh: Criminal)
violator and criminal, yes. They bury clothes there. It turns out that people want to pull the chestnuts out of the
fire, so to speak, yes, that is… With the hands of a dead man. T: With the hands
of a dead man, yes, so that he performs… IM: Well, here they are
using cunning already. While in fact, these are empty
rituals that really, say… Can they shock a person? They can,
and they do shock (T: They impress). Well, just imagine.
First, this dead man must be dug up. Secondly, he…
there is a decomposing body next to you, you enter this magic and
you realize – it’s death, and there’s a dead body next to
you, well… Understanding of this
death is inevitable. And there are also spells, plus the
ritual itself, making a potion, well… You left it unsaid, but in
general, they used and keep using juices that are
secreted from the body. Well, in general, this rotting body, these
toxins, everything… it all mixes up. Well, to be honest, it’s proportioned,
and they immediately use other substances, plants and the like,
which disinfect, let’s put it so. It’s good that they
do at least this. Still, a person should consume it. Well, of course,
it will be harmless, because other substances neutralize poisons
that are secreted from the dead body. But nevertheless, however disgusting
it all is, but a person goes for it, stepping over
everything, seeing death and understanding who he will
be, to gain this power. This is one of the tests they have. Well, it’s just one of the tests. While there are actually a lot of
them, there’s plunge into magic. And these rituals – they are
each one funnier than the last (T: Igor Mikhailovich, we have…).
Well, imagine how much one has to thirst for this secret power
to go through all this. It’s all empty. Well, a human has played with it
for twenty, thirty, fifty years – but he will still
be a subpersonality. It is empty anyway, after all,
you won’t take anything with you (T: Yes). What is the point? Oh, Igor Mikhailovich,
the topic we have today was, let’s say,
a little bit viscous and difficult. And I just want to say: thank you very
much (IM: Well, magic is always magic), that despite the fact that
the topic is like this, you still brought so much understanding,
so much depth, sincerity and with… Well, God willing,
for people’s benefit. So, my friends, excuse us, but we would like
to finish with this magic, this devilry. We had a programme about the Ninth
Circle, now the programme about magic… Well, my heart is sort of not in these topic… as people say
(T: But you’ve brought in…). Let it be questions about something
spiritual, something beautiful, well, something we want to talk about,
something that makes us want to live. While this is all empty,
this is all material. Anyway, any power, any magic – all this is the games of consciousness,
it’s all an illusion. Everything passes, and this will pass all the more. Friends, let’s live in love with each
other, so that it never goes away. Let’s live in friendship and Love. Thank you for being with us and bearing
with us till the end of the programme. Thank you, Igor Mikhailovich! There was such an enormous depth today.
IM: Thank you, thank you (Zh: Thank you). Thank you, my friends,
for being with us.