♪ Hey ♪ (upbeat pop music) – The eagle has landed. – Hey, it’s Agatha. – Sweet! (upbeat pop music) You are so tense. I’ve got a bottle of
Napoleon brandy back at mine, if you fancy a little (whistling)? – What? (upbeat pop music) – Johnny is a keeper of secrets. (screaming) – I feel another investigation coming on. (suspenseful music) (gasping) – Dogs are so much nicer than people. – [Agatha] Not all of them. (dog barking) – Argh! – He’s only following his instincts. – To the Carsley Single Ladies’ Society. – [Woman] A burlesque extravaganza! – I’ve always fancied meself in a basque. – You’re gonna tell me
everything you know. – Your hair looks unusual. – Yeah.