Ho Ho Ho! Hey everybody! Welcome to Advent Calendar Day 5. How exciting! Today I’m wearing my manual wind Parnis Flieger… The watch was around $65, but the Erika’s
Original strap for it was $75. But hey I like the look… It’s very niiiice… Today’s coffee is Guatemala Antigua coffee. According to the box:
This shade grown estate coffee is balanced with bright acidity, full body,
great flavor, and wonderful aroma. ….ok…. Let’s just brew it up. A little longer than a few minutes later… You are not fooling me! This time you spilled all that water off camera! Again dissapointed… This time, it was just too weak for some reason. Like drinking slightly coffee flavored water. Alright, time for Divine chocolate. Todays trivia: Male badgers are boars, female
badgers are sows. “Looks like we got us a sow here
instead of a boar” This chocolate bloomed…. meh. Got anything to say today hobo? Nope… I got nothin’ this time. Moving on…. Let’s find the box for day 5… Today it looks like we got a tiny screwdriver
and a bag of screws. Another several minutes of fantastic content
TINY SCREWDRIVER IN YOUR PEE HOLE! Ugh! Damn it! I wonder if I can just drink hand sanitizer
straight…. Anhow like, comment, and subscribe…. ….or I’ll have magic hobo santa stop by
your house and insert things in his body… Bye! Booo! Booo!! Totally nothing creepy or suspicious here!