>>Thank you so much, really.>>That never gets old. A look back at him taking home the trophy last year. His second agt win. Back to back.>>He’s on stage with a las Vegas residency. They join us now, welcome gentlemen.>>All right, man.>>Everyone knows you’re amazing, congratulations on everything. Let’s get to some magic.>>You’ve seen a lot then.>>Yeah, I’m seen a lot.>>Pick one of these cards.>>Boom.>>Make sure — write your name across — just the corner.>>While he does that kick. We’re going to play the name clue. Celebrity, city, object. Say nothing.>>Season the that right? There’s only one card in the entire world, fwro of hearts with your name on it.>>Watch.>>You have your hand out like this?>>Other hand on top?>>Make sure I don’t go anywhere near this.>>Do you have a card in mind?>>Say it out loud.>>Ace of hearts?>>Watch one, I can grab the ace of hearts from the middle out. One, two, three now I have — this is your — if this is the two of hearts.>>What’s in your hand.>>Come on.>>We don’t need the –>>What did you do there.>>That’s not the end — wait a minute.>>Did you put that in there. Rewind the tape? Did we really put that in there.>>I wasn’t being very fair.>>There’s nothing own the bottom. There’s another thing, I didn’t roll up my sleeves. I roll my sleeves up.>>Don’t touch those cards.>>Okay. All right. Hold on.>>Nope. Okay. Come on.>>Wow!>>You’re card, your signature, absolutely.>>Wow! That was awesome. That was awesome. I was right here, all up in his grill. And I didn’t see any of that ham.>>You got shin Lim ‘D.>>Don’t say it. Don’t move. Imagine typing the last name of the person, okay?>>Yes, yes.>>I said that’s how this conversation is going to go. An a, N, I think I have this. Close your eyes for a second. You’re going to watch what I write, don’t just change it. I think it’s this, based on the last name. Keep your eyes closed for a second. I reckon it’s that. Can you read that clearly?>>I hope it’s something like this. Keep your eyes closed. Who’s the person you’re thinking of?>>Jennifer aniston.>>Think of the place. Jennifer aniston, think about where. I think you’re thinking that.>>It’s not Vegas, right?>>We’re in the mirage in Vegas. Outlawed where is the place.>>In your head.>>Think of the –>>I’ve been stalking her for weeks.>>No, I reckon something to do with this. I reckon it’s going to be that object.>>You can see this one. What is the object you’re thinking of.>>Hair brush?>>Like this.>>Wow!>>And I change it. I change it in my mind. And he got the change.>>I don’t know what’s happening.>>Can you pull that trick off like when you’re dating a woman. That would come in really handy if you can do that.>>Looking for tips here?>>That’s what it felt like.>>Why were you thinking of Jennifer aniston.>>He said a celebrity. I love her. She’s on Instagram, I feel like we’re friends now.>>They said a city. A city I’ve never been to.>>Y’all show in Vegas, what a great 1-2 punch. Are you having the best time?>>It’s a show we get to do. Justus two. Music, and everything. It’s amazing.>>Every other magic show on the strip. People who want to experience this type of magic. They’re going to get nothing else.>>Are you pulling people up from the audience?>>There’s so much interaction happening on the page. On the big screening, everyone can see it.>>You can become part of the show.>>Every person in the audience is involved in the show.>>Every single person.>>God’s scared of magic, he did great, he stayed –>>I love it.>>It’s okay.>>You know I love you.>>Oh, my god.>>Congratulations, gentlemen. A big thank you. We’ll check out their Vegas residency. We’re going to be right back