You know, normally
I make sure I’m the most magical person on set. It’s in my contract. But today I’ve
made an exception. Please give a warm
welcome to Emily Blunt. Hi. Hi, Emily. How are you? Good. How are you? Thanks for inviting me. Shall I sit? Yes. OK. That is the guest chair. I love being your guest. Welcome to Aidan’s Magic Corner! Now, Emily– Yeah? I have some question cards, OK? OK. This one here? That one there. Are you sure? Well, now, I’m not, but
I’m going to go with it. OK. Yeah. If you could magically
teleport to Ireland right now with your family,
where would you visit? Do you know where I just went? Connemara. And if you’re ever stuck,
you can come to our house and babysit me and my sister. Really? Yes. I would love to babysit
you and your sister. Great. I’m not sure about your sister. I like you. I don’t know her. You can touch another. That one. If you could magically pull your
favorite thing out of a hat, what would it be? Dark chocolate with
sea salt on it. Yeah? I’d probably pull out pizza. Oh, good call. I don’t know how it would
taste, but pizza’s pizza. Covered in sort of hat felt,
it wouldn’t be so good. And let’s pick one more. OK, that one. In “A Quiet Place Part II,”
you’re not allowed to talk. Have you ever accidentally
said something you weren’t supposed to say? Yep. I think I swore on Ellen once. They bleeped it out. Don’t worry. Perfect. I don’t know if you
at home can tell, but we have a chemistry now. Yeah, we do. It’s kind of white
hot, actually. It’s– When I was younger, my mom got
me a fully blank deck of cards. And I actually drew on
it myself, like here, we have all of the
cool back designs. Wow. We have the faces I
drew, like, oh, there’s my dad, the king of diamonds. We have the queen. That’s my mom. Oh, of course it is. It looks more like you, though. Oh, you’re sweet. I’d love to be your mummy. Oh, three of hearts. That’s by my friend, Richard. He drew that. Did he? Yes. Now, what I’m going
to get you to do is just touch the
back of any card. OK, that little one. OK. Perfect. This card right here
is– your card is– oh, this a heart– one, two, three,
four, five, six. Oh, I love that card. Six of hearts. I love it. Do you? Yeah. Nice. OK. So watch– Yeah. –if you take this six
and give it a shake– Yeah? –it’s now the real six
of hearts, just like that. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Sorry, I was
watching, and it went. It changed. Watch, if you take this six
and place it right there, just on the bottom and
snap, now that card changed. And actually, all of
the cards are– oh! Nope. No. No. No. A regular deck of cards. No. But then again, my
friend, Richard, and I will be very upset if I just
wasted the deck of cards it took hours to make. So actually– Yeah. –if I just take the six
again and place it there, give it a little snap,
all of the cards are back. Oh my goodness. What? No, nothing. Clean. That is a wow, wow,
wow factor trick. Magic. It is. I love that move, as well. Has to get– that really– I think maybe if I work on
that, I could be a magician. OK, perfect. Now, do your kids ask
for lollipops a lot? All the time. All the time? Yeah. If you ever run out of
lollipops and they’re asking, I will show you how to make
lollipops out of bubbles. OK, go for it. Try catch a bubble. OK. It sounds hard. Actually not burst it, catch it? Catch it. Just catch it– no, with
your two fingers, grab. Grab. No. Oh. What do you mean? Here, you blow some, OK? What– OK. –you do is lick
your two fingers. Oh, you lick your fingers. Now, blow. That’s OK. Just like that, we catch– What? –a bubble. Watch, if have it, the
next thing you’ll need is you will need
a lollipop stick. Yeah. We take it and just
attach it to the bubble– Stop this madness. –like that. Now, if we just take a red
cloth– there’s nothing in it. You can check. Nothing at all. Like– There you go. Cool pocket squares. OK, watch. If I just take it and
give it a little shake, then you just have a
lollipop out of a bubble. You can examine that again. What are you talking about? And you can give
that to your kids. Oh, Aidan, how amazing! How do you do that? You’re brilliant. Thank you so much, Emily, for
letting me rock your world. Any time. Come back any time to
Aidan’s Magic Corner! Oh, I love you. We actually got you
something from Ireland. Oh, my goodness. The best chocolate. Stop this madness. Do you know I dream of this? And I try and buy it over
here, and it’s not the same. Thank you, my friend. You just made me so happy. I’m going to go and eat
at least half tonight. [MUSIC PLAYING]