Hello, I’m magician
Aidan McCann. Welcome to Aidan’s Magic Corner! Now that I’ve met
Ellen, I thought I’d take advantage of her
impressive group of friends. I have a lot in common with
the three guests I have today. We all break hearts
around the world. Ladies and gentlemen,
give a warm welcome to the Jonas Brothers. [APPLAUSE] Hi, guys. Hello, how are you? I’m good. Hey. Nice to meet you. How are you guys? Very good. I was hoping to see some magic. The other day I asked my
mom to give the deck a cut. And she actually cut the
deck of cards in half. And then she went, well, if
you’re such a good magician, do a trick with a cut deck. So that’s what I’m going
to try and do today. Nice. Nick and Joe, which pile
would you like, Joe? I’m going to take that pile. There you go. Thank you. And then, Nick, have this pile. What happens if I
also want that pile? No, I’m kidding. I’ll take this one. Nick, right here, all of
the cards are all different. It appears that way, yes. OK, perfect. What I’m going to
get you do is just touch the back of any card. Ooh, you’re the
picky one aren’t you? That one. I am. All right, perfect. This is your card, Nick. That is my card. Hold it up to your
chest so nobody sees it. Right here, Joe, all of these
cards are all different. OK, true. And now if you can pick
any card, just touch the back of one, please. That one right there. That’s mine. That’s the one. This one? That one. This one? Yeah. Ooh, OK. Perfect. You tried to trick me. OK, there you go. Put it to my heart? Yeah. Should I look at it? Yeah, you can both look at it. OK. Now, if I can have
both of your cards. Perfect. Now, wouldn’t it be impressive
if the backs matched just like that? Yes, that would be
very impressive. OK, we’ll watch the faces. What? Pretty cool. You guys are also
very connected. Wow. That was amazing. That was impressive. How did you do that one? Kidding. Magic. Magic, of course. Kevin, I’m going to
read your mind, OK? Perfect. Think of your birthday. Mm-hmm. Your birthday is the November– November 5, am I right? Yes, you are right. Nicely done. Now, since I already
know your birthday, I also got you a birthday card. To Kevin, you’re awesome. Thank you. We’ll just leave that by you. Can I open it? In a minute. All right. Think of anybody
else’s birthday, like one of your brothers,
your mom’s, anybody’s. He forgets my birthday. You have it? Mm-hmm. What was the birthday? August 15, 1989. Nice. Is that correct? It’s correct. You guys also have a
very good connection. We do. We do. Now, right here, all the
cards are all different, yeah? Mm-hmm. What was the birthday again? August 15, 1989. OK. We’re going to count down 15
cards from the top of the deck, OK? Great. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Nice. This card right here
is your card, OK? OK. The king of diamonds. Not bad. Not bad. Now, if your birthday
was the 16th, it would have been
the seven of hearts. If your birthday
would’ve been the 14th, it would’ve been
the six of clubs. But your birthday
is the 15th, right? And you could’ve picked
anybody’s birthday. Totally. And your card is the
king of diamonds, OK? Yeah. Go ahead and open up your
birthday card that I made you. I cannot wait to see
what you made me. Happy birthday. To Kevin, your card is
the king of diamonds. Whoa! Wow. Very nice work. My favorite magician. Well, Jonas Brothers, are you
burning up from all that magic? Indeed. We are. Yes. See you next time on
Aidan’s Magic Corner! [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, man. Keep it up. That’s incredible. Great work. I loved you in Jumanji. Oh, thank you, so much. I did too.