– Walker? (playful woodwind instruments) Walker? Just great! Walker’s missing, and I’m pretty sure the
Headless Magician took him. (whooshing) (laughs) Walker? (opening lid) (laughing) (laughing) How did
you get in there? – The Headless Magician. He stole our tricks. But I stole something of his. There aren’t any clues
as to who it might be, but it’s definitely not a ghost. Look! It’s the ghost effect we
were performing earlier! That’s how he
looked like a ghost. – Whoa. So who is this Magician
after our tricks? – I bet it’s the boxing
coach, Harry the Headcrusher. He gave me a weird look. And his name is,
the Headcrusher. – Whoever it is, we need to set a trap
for this fake ghost. We just need some bait. – It’s gonna be me, isn’t it? – Great idea! You’ll be the bait. – Oh man. – Got any new tricks
up your sleeve? – Actually, I do. – Great! We’ll need em’. This Headless Magician
won’t know what hit him. We’re gonna use his
own act against him! – Little help? Okay, you got this. (trash can clattering) (mysterious music) – Wow! This is a super
cool, even better, even darker, “Book of Dark Magic”. I’m gonna perform
a trick from it. (book clatters) My two favorite
things are my candy and my pet spider. (door closes) I don’t know where
my pet spider is. Weird. Anyways, I’m gonna take my candy (candy clatters) and place it inside
my candy case. (candy clicks into place) Give it a couple waves, and… (snapping fingers) (scary music) there’s my spider! (scary music)
(Walker screams) The Headless Magician! (record scratching) Fooled you! (dramatic whooshing) (net clatters) (light switch clicks) – You’re trapped, Headless! – Yeah! Give up now! – All right! You got me! Let me out! – Is that a little girl’s voice? – Okay, let’s see
who this really is. (drum beats) – The weird girl from the mall? – The name’s Hailey. – Why were you haunting us? – I was just tryna
be a great magician. Like you guys. I wanted to know how you
guys do all your tricks. – Well, your floating
hat is very impressive. What is this? A black rod that blends in? – Yeah. – Very clever! – And your ghost trick
was really well done. You’re a good Magician. – Thanks! Here’s your “Book
of Dark Magic”. Sorry I stole it. (book thuds) – It’s okay. Just don’t do it again! – You didn’t perform any of
the spells in here, did you? – Just one. I tried the appearing
ghost spell? – How many times
did you say that? Maybe I should just show you? (suspenseful music) (spooky oohs) (equipment clattering) (pounding) (equipment clattering) (spooky oohs) (punching) (spooky music) (equipment clattering) – More ghosts? – Only this time, they’re real. (upbeat music) (dinging)