Ultimately, you succeeded
in stealing this rose, boy! You must be getting bored
without your lover! Get used to being cheerful. Because no power in this world will be able to save your lover! All you know is to take pleasure
in boasting around, right? For a few moments, you may take
as much pleasure as you want. Because after that, your life
will be filled with problems. Your hair is going to turn grey. You are going to have
a hunchback, most importantly you are going to lose to me. You are in Greece
and you are speaking too much. It seems you got to know
about The Seed of Life. But sorry to say.. You will have to return
empty-handed. Let alone The Seed I will not let you go anywhere
near it, boy! I must say, if an ominous speech
competition is held you two are sure to win. But not here!
I am going to win here! Not win, you will shatter. You will shatter! You as well as your pride! Genie of the Lamp!
– Yes, master. Strand him as well as
his companions right here! Let us go, Zeher. Please wait, Brother. Leave the responsibility
of stranding them to me. Lady Zeher, please use
your black magic elsewhere. I will take care of this.
Right, master? Brother, we have reached here
with great difficulty. Even a small mistake
can get us killed. I will be the one
to strand them here. And, you! – Yes. – Your duty is
to take us to the Tree of Life. If you just do that, it would be
more than enough. Excellent, Zeher!
Excellent! Now these people will
remain trapped in this. And the rose,
that is, our empress will wither away completely. I will get what I want. Come, genie. The Seed of Life
is waiting for us. As you wish, master. Oh, Lord! Aladdin! I am sure last night,
he tricked us and fled with our
empress-turned-rose. I will not spare him! Just wait and watch what
condition I will reduce him to! I am trembling with fear. What do I do.. A blanket!
Let me cover myself with this. ‘The biggest mistake of my life
is marrying you.’ Listen, dear.. Dear.. Dear.. Dear..
– ‘Yes.’ My skinny husband!
– ‘Yes.’ I can hear your voice
but you have vanished! I think there is a spirit here. Before it.. Dear.. Dear! Dear…
Where are you? Who is over here? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it.. Oh, my..
I swear by the gold coins, dear! What is this supposed to be! As soon as you covered yourself
with the blanket, you vanished! As soon as you took off
the blanket, you appeared! Oh, my.. Dear, it seems to be
a magic blanket. I am sure Aladdin would have
brought it here to trick you. I swear by the gold coins! Dear.. – Yes. – Just watch
with the help of this blanket not only will I find our empress but also use Aladdin’s tactic
against him and ruin his life! This is called two targets
with one blanket! Wrong!
This is called many targets with one blanket! Excellent, Zeher!
Excellent! Aladdin and his companions will
be stuck in that storm and the rose, that is,
the princess will wither away. And we will get what we want. Genie!
– Yes. This magical path will help us
reach our destination. Let us go. The Seed of Life
is waiting for us. Then..
– As you wish, master! Sire, Genie Meanie,
keep holding the rock! Or else, the storm
will blow us away! Master, keep the empress
safely with you! Genie Meanie..
– Genie Meanie.. – Master.. Princess Yasmine! Princess Yasmine.. Master.. Zeher, trapping all of them in that storm,
finding the path leading to The Seed of Life
so easily.. in a brilliant manner! I feel like praising you
for the first time. Then do it. Who has stopped you
from doing it? Amazing! Amazing.. How will brother be able
to save her and what will happen to? At least, I can stop the storm if I can’t save them. May their respect and enthusiasm
be diminished the storm should halt. Genie!
– Yes, master. ‘Queen Yasmine will go
from here forever’ ‘the day when all the petals’ ‘of this flower will fall’.’ Yasmine.. ‘You are my life, Yasmine.’ ‘I found you after a lot of
struggle. I won’t let you go.’ ‘What if I go somewhere?’ ‘Then I will get you back..’ ‘What if you are unable
to find me?’ ‘Then I will die.’ ‘Aladdin!’ ‘Then who will save me?’ ‘Aladdin’ ‘If in future we get separated’ ‘then keep your hand
on your heart’ ‘and close your eyes. I’m sure’ ‘you will see my face.’ ‘From whichever direction’ ‘you hear me laughing’ ‘then understand
that I’m calling you.’ ‘After that, come and save me.’ ‘Promise me?’ ‘I promise.’ I will fulfill my promise. I will find you. Oh, God! What should I do?
What should I do? Aladdin.. How can you accept defeat
so easily? How can you break your promise? Aladdin, I don’t want to go
distant from you. Save me. Yasmine! ‘I’m sure that they
will bring back Sultana.’ ‘As soon
as they arrive’ ‘I’ll treat Sultana
with home remedies.’ Neither Ruksaar nor Aladdin
and his companions are to be seen anywhere. Shall we go home? It’s time to eat
my half chapati. You had half chapati,
three days ago. You’re feeling hungry again? You will not get a chapati. Do one thing. Take some fruits. Dare you pay
the shopkeeper. I have never
paid till date what makes you
think I’ll pay now? Very good! Give me mango for 10 coins
and apples for 20. – Hurry up. And Bannana too..
Hurry up. Grapes too. Ma’am, pay
the money for it. Money.. Please, introduce yourself. My son is an officer. My wife is the close
aid of chief minister and I’m the star of Baghdad. You still want us to pay? You want money.. Listen..
You’re Ms. Ruksaar, isn’t it? Oh, my God.. I swear on gold coins. ‘This is my magical cloak.’ ‘One can dissappear
wearing this cloak.’ ‘He means one
can dissappear..’ Ruksaar.. Stop staring at my face..
Let’s go. ‘You’re my everything..’ ‘We have faced
many hurdles together.’ ‘And we have
always prevailed.’ ‘Today
also we shall prevail.’ ‘Promise me that
we will always be together.’ ‘Promise is like glass,
they tend to break.’ ‘But faith will always
stand strong, Aladdin.’ Sir,
our experience of 1500 years says
that there is no room for hoplessness in love. She is still with us. Yes, sir. But we are
running out of time. We have to somehow
get to that tree before Zaffar and obtain
the seed of life. If we don’t obtain
the seed of life then – Never.. As long as
Yasmine is with me all the forces of nature
are with me. I’m going to obtain
the seed of life!