What’s your name? Uh, right here OH, good to see you So is it Quan? Quan, (5x) and congratulations! you graduated no no I’m graduating next year you’re so close congratulations for being so close thank you, thank you I’m super excited Well, I’m excited too. I’m excited to see you Now what’s your special tea in school? special tea? yeah, like “animal training” “linguistics” like “vikings” I do “computers” OH, he’s a smart GENIE I’m going to show you a CARD TRICK I love MAGIC See? He is a GENIE, I thought so ok OK lets see it this is the cards yes hold on to that alright take the cards out of the box for me OK throw the box, we don’t even need it anymore I want you to see the cards are different this is so exciting do you see the cards are different? yes I want you to pick up maybe less than half or whatnot OK, I want you to look at the bottom card memorize it and you’re going to show it to the camera so people are watching now what? the bottom card is the “QUEEN OF CLUBS” he’s right what if I even told, that you have 13 cards in your hand right now I want you to count them in my hand 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 OH MY GOSH! I want you to count them in my hand so we can prove it look at that (Counting) That is GENIE MAGIC there Give him a hand guys I have to say you’re very good He’s a magician and his name is Quan Alright, you’re gonna have to come to the palace, sometime and do some magic for GENIE I’m sure he’ll love that too we should