hey sugar! I’m Rox or RoxStarBakes and
this week I’m obsessed with two things! one the Aladdin movie. my favorite Disney
movie growing up was Aladdin and two pointillism I’m really excited to be
showing you this technique in buttercream format.
pointillism is a technique of taking paint and making lots of small dots to
make a larger image. this week I am going to decorate a magic carpet
pointillism sheet cake. let’s get into it before I get started with this project I
prep everything on the tool card so I’m not rushing around. I print and cut out
Aladdin’s magic carpet on a regular 8 and a half by 11 piece of paper that’s
standard. and here’s the tool card! take a screenshot or save this and I’m going
to link some recipes for the cake and the buttercream and where I found my
favorite tools in the description below for the base of the cake I crumb coat
and frost a cold sheet cake blue. that means I’ve refrigerated the sheet cake
overnight. I use the bottom part that touches the cake pan when I’m baking as
a top to achieve the straightest edges I just keep pulling away the frosting
from the edges towards the center to make sure everything is flat. refrigerate
your take for 15 minutes so it firms up. and then we can move on to the next step.
now I’m applying the parts of the template to the cake so I can outline
everything I find it way easier to use a longer skewer but have no fear if it’s
just a toothpick that you have around you can use that. remember to peel
everything away before piping the buttercream because eating paper is no
fun. if the cake starts to get mushy just pop it back into the fridge here is a close-up in an example of
typing the little dots I’m demonstrating part of the piping in real-time but
speed up part of the cakes you’re not sitting here forever walking it get done.
I start with part of the border to give the rest of the project a guideline. I
wish I could more easily see the cake but I’m reaching so I can be out of the
top view camera which I show a quick preview of on my Instagram page @RoxStarBakes I try to get a good angle for seeing the piping but I’m still figuring
out my camera angles so let me know below how this is working for you. I
think this is a great way to see the close-ups and the details that are
happening. one tip that I have as you’re doing this alternate the spots you’re
focusing on so the buttercream doesn’t get too warm or soft. you can pipe down
the sides as well if you want that fuller coverage. in the Aladdin movie who
is your favorite character? I love Raja what a great sidekick! and do you like
the cartoon animated Disney movie better or the live-action? so for the final piece of the project I
make the tassels for the rug his hands and feet. I do this on a silicon mat that
I’ve rubbed shortening all over so the tassels don’t all stick together you can
buy the fondant in yellow or color it like I’m doing here. add the dot of color
towards the center and just fold the outside in just keep folding towards the
center. here are the different options for the clay extruder I choose this one
because I want a tassel like effect to use a fondant extruder roll your fondant
into cylinder screw off the end insert the fondant cover it again and twist the
end. for this project I try to make a piece that’s about 7 inches long and
fold it over after doing this about 8 times. I consolidate until I get this
volume of threads here. when I’m trimming the ends I try to be a little random so
all the threads look separate. once I get each one to the right size I make a
little indent with the back of a knife and then I add a little round wrap that
I make with another extruder shape. then place it on your cake! decorating success! subscribe for a new video every Saturday
I hope you have a stellar week and I’ll see you soon bye 2nd I’m… [blooper]