Hello everyone. My name is Stephanie Brown,
and you are watching Creative Guzzle. Now that it’s the season for ghost and ghouls,
vampires and witches, I thought I’d start off this month by talking about something
that permeates throughout the fantasy genre, but can even be found in science fiction and
horror. And that…is MAGIC! Tonight’s drink is called a Bewitching Purple
Martini. It unfortunately did not turn out very purple. So, for the sake of the theme.
Cheers! That’s a weird flavor. If you want to concoct this potion for yourself, there
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So in truth, tonight’s video is based off an essay I wrote 8 years ago in college, which
I reread in preparation for this video and, uh, hello run-on sentences!
According to the author Richard Abanes, there are two types of magic, magick with a K, and
magic…without a K. Magick with a K is the type of magic most often related to the occult,
paganism, wicca, and voodoo. It is associated, often incorrectly, with Satanism, which is
why a some people tend to get up in arms about perfectly harmless stuff like Harry Potter,
because they think it’s all the same thing. It’s not. Magic with no K, is the type of
magic found in fantasy books and movies. It is completely fictional and can’t hurt anybody,
with the exception of maybe poking an eye out with a wand or something like that.
In literature there are thousands of different magic systems, and they all serve the purpose
of adding flavor to a world by making things that would normally not be possible, possible.
Pretty much each book or series has it’s own system. There’s magic based on color,
magic based on hard to pronounce words, magic that requires a personal sacrifice, magic
that can only be used with blood, and so on and so forth.
But they can all be categorized, either based on what fuels the magic, or how the magic
is actually generated. And these categories can of course be mixed and matched.
The categories for magical power sources are Mana, which is basically magical energies
that certain beings or even objects have control over. Think of it like the Force or any form
of bending. Chi, which requires the magic user to call upon their own spirit to power
the spells, which can be very physically draining. Astral, which means the magic user calls upon
an astral projection of themselves to perform the magic. Derivative, where the powers are
pulled from spiritual beings, typically gods. And Proxy, where the magic is performed by
a spirit for familiar that the magic user controls. Kinda of like the Genie.
The different means by which magic users can cast their spells include mentally, shamanistically
or nature, tarot, alchemy, summoning, necromancy, sacrifice, erotic, physical discipline, focus
objects, symbols or runes, vocally, and musically. (Music: I Put A Spell On You) Again these
can all be mixed and matched together. *burp* It was bound to happen.
So for example, the magic in Harry Potter is mana-based, and the spells are both vocal
and focus-object based, because they need to say the spell out loud, and use a wand.
By the way, I used to be the biggest Harry Potter nerd. I mean, I still sort of am, but
not to the extent that I was when I was younger. I wanted to learn all the stuff the Hogwarts
students were learning, all the spells, the potions, everything. I spent an embarrassing
number of hours on the Harry Potter Lexicon doing research. On a fictional magic system
that will never actually work in real life. And as I said at the beginning, magic can
exist in science fiction, as with the Force, and in horror. There’s a even bit of a magical
twist in my story Nethergate. Accio end card!
So what are some of your favorite magic systems that you’ve seen in movies, read about in
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