– [Narrator] This is life in Crenshaw. Everyone here has to work twice as hard just to keep up with
the rest of the world. – I think we always set out to make a show about a kid from South Central who’s sort of straddling two worlds. – I can’t keep living with
a foot in two worlds Coop feeling like I don’t belong in either. – I think the surprise
came with just how much of the storyline we were gonna play outside of the football world. And part of that is a
testament to the cast we have, who are unbelievable,
and suddenly was like wait, we can do all this
amazing stuff and tell these really important storylines. – You do what I tell you to do, I don’t give a damn who your mama is. – And sort of out of that
came this magic little show that was partly a football
show, partly a teen drama, partly a social justice piece. Um, and somewhere in all of that, was the magic of All American. – I’m saying, maybe you
realizing Beverly Hills ain’t just some random
boujee place you could shoot your shot at no more. Those people you love.