(xylophone music) – Ahoy there, mateys. It’s Captain Seasalt here. Today we’re going to be
exploring a new island, and learning all about things
that start with the letter M. Keep a look out for mouse, mushrooms, meerkat, moose, and monkey. I imagine you can all
manage that. (laughs) Oops, time to get moving along. All aboard! (nautical music) – (gasps) Land ho! (Captain Seasalt inhales loudly) ♪ Me me me me me me ♪ – [Ellie] Land ho! – Oh! Ahoy, mateys! (dog barks) – Where are we, Captain Seasalt? – We’re marooned on a magnificent, mysterious, mesmerizing, new island. – [All] Marvelous! – Are we going to explore the island and search for treasure? – Aye, Maya, most definitely. All ashore who’s going ashore, mateys. Ready to move out, shipmates? – [All] Aye aye, captain! (dog barks) – Today we’re going to explore M Island. We’re at this mark on the map. If we follow all the clues on the map, they’ll lead us to the treasure. – The first thing we’re looking for is something that starts
with the letter M. (light music) (mouse squeaks) Oh my, who might you be? – He’s a mouse named Moritz. Moritz the mouse. Mice are small rodents. They have very good hearing
and an amazing sense of smell. Hey, mouse starts with the letter M. And guess what? Moritz the Mouse is the
first clue on our map. – Maybe he could help us
sniff out the treasure? Moritz, can you use your nose
and help us find the treasure? – Let’s move! (cheery music) Whoa, mystery plants. – Arr, those aren’t plants, Pedro, they’re a type of fungus called mushrooms. – Look, Moritz is munching on a mushroom, and it’s kinda messy. – Oh yeah, some mushrooms can
be eaten, but many cannot. They’re poisonous. – Aye, it’s best to be mindful
and not eat any in the wild. So, where will we be moving to? – Hey guys!
– Oh! – Come see what we found! (everyone laughs) – We’re coming, Sammy. Let’s make tracks, mateys. (cheery music) – (laughs) Look! – (laughs) My, Ellie, what
merry minuscule critters. – What are they? – Meerkats. Meerkats are playful
animals that love burrowing into the ground. – Hello, meerkat. I’m going to call you Mira the meerkat. – We’re looking for a hidden treasure. Would you be able to help us find it? – Mira’s mining for the treasure. Follow that meerkat. (cheery music) – Many thanks for your help, Mira. (Mira chitters) – I wonder where she’s meandering now. – Whoa, who’s that? – That is a moose. A massive moose named Montgomery. Moose are the biggest
species of deer in the world. Males like Montgomery
have mega huge antlers, and they love munching
plants in the water. – What majestic creatures. – Montgomery the moose is
the last clue on our map. – Oh, then we don’t have
to march much farther to find the treasure. – I bet we’re almost
there, let’s keep moving. (cheery music) – [All] Hmm. – Where could it be? (Mallory squeaks) – Hey, look up, there’s
something in the tree. – Aww, it’s a monkey named Mallory. Mallory the monkey. Monkeys are closely related to humans. They have opposable thumbs, just like us. They use their tails like an extra hand. – Excuse me, Mallory, do you
know where the treasure be? – [Ellie] Look, she managed
to find our treasure. – Hey, Mallory, can you
help us get the treasure out of the tree? (cheery music) Muchas gracias, thanks! Now let’s see what’s inside. Mouthwatering mangoes! – [All] Mmm! – What a magical adventure. (Mallory screeches) (everyone laughs) – Bye!
– See ya! – So long!
– Nice meetin’ ya! What a magnificent adventure. And those mangoes were most munchable. Did you catch all the many things that start with the letter M? Great, let’s see if you
can spot the other M words found on M Island. (cheery music) Who’s that moseying along in the water? Why, it’s a manatee. Manatees are marine mammals,
also known as sea cows. They sleep underwater, popping
up for air every 20 minutes, more or less. My goodness, it’s a manta ray. A manta ray is a cartilaginous fish that gracefully flaps its triangular fins through the marine environment. They’ve also been seen
leaping outta the water and briefly flapping like birds. My, my, my, monkey business abounds. It’s a Mandrill. Mandrills are known for their
extremely colorful faces, and equally colorful behinds. Methinks that there is a moth. Moths are insects that
are mostly nocturnal, meaning they’re flying about at night. They come in many different colors, and are masters of camouflage, the ability to blend in with the colors of their surroundings. Do I see maple leaves? That must be a maple tree. There are many different
species of maple tree, but you may be most
familiar with sugar maples, whose sap is used to
make maple syrup, mmm. That was matchless. You found everything that
starts with the letter M. A major cause for merriment. And I hope to see you on
the next island we map out. Until then, may the winds blow ye to where ye need to be most. (cheery music) – [All] Aye aye, captain. (dog barks)