Do one of you have a coin I can borrow? 5 Francs – you’re Swiss? Yes! In some way mark the coin so that you’ll recognise it again.
OK! What have you done, what did you go for? What
is that? Some glasses on the queen.
It’s meant to be a star? Apparently.
I don’t know what that is. Abby, grab my lighter. I want you to light
it and hold it out at arms length for me. And this is what happens when you take a coin
and you touch it. Oh my god!
Like this. Waaaah!
it’s gone! There you go, thank you very much. Hahaha
I, I promised you you’d get the coin back though right, yeah? She’s like “where’s my
money gone! Now I don’t have any money!” If I just go into my pocket, just over here
I have a wallet, OK? And if we have a look inside my wallet you’ll see there’s a zip-up
compartment. If we open up the zip-up compartment we should find inside. Are you alright?
Ah, there we go, there’s an envelope. Have a look at the envelope.
No way! Just feel there should be..
Just tear it open have a look inside Thats impossible.
Whaaaat! No way! Is that you’re coin?
Yeah! That is the coin! Whhaaaaat?! That’s your coin!
Ah that’s actually really cool. That is good, I’ll give you that.
That’s awesome! Woooooow! hahaha.
Well done sir! Are you gonna show us how you did it?