– Hey, dudes. We’re Aunty Donna and today we’re doing a, collab with our boy Michael Shanks, aka ‘Tim Tim Fed.’ (hat turbulence) (claps)
(all yell) WHHHHOOOOAAAA!!! – YES! YES YES! – Oh my god! (silence) (Door handle struggles to open) (all cheer and clap) OHHH! YAYY!! – Say dudes, anyone know where I can get a frankfurter? – (whispers) I think i can help. (all yell) OOOOOOHHHH!!!! MY GODD!!!
– [Mark] WHAT THE FUCK?! – Ready for christmas. (paper crumples) – Oh. Cool. Yeah. – Michael, where’d this dog –? (doorbell chimes) – She’s probably tired and thirsty. – Did someone say thirsty? – Oh no. Ha ha ha ha Ohhh! – Wa! (splash) – [all] Whoa! Hey.
– [Michael] Drink up! – Hey, is this a man? – Shanksy! (nervous giggle) This guy would uh, like a word. – Words? You need oxygen for words. – [Broden] What do you mean by-
– [Zach] What do you mean? (very muffled gasps for air) – [Zach] Hey!!
– [Mark] HA! HA! hey! – [Mark] Yeah! – [Zach] Woo! – Hey Shanksy. Are you gonna let him out or are you gonna– (silence) -:Ta daaa. Wooo. Hehehuh – He’s become too powerful – You guys need anything? – [Mark] Whoooaaa!
– [Zach] Hey man. HAHAHAHA. – Hey. I’ll be listening. (terrified laughter) – Ok! (laughter turns to cries) Great thanks for watching our TimTimFed collab everyone. Um. We’re real stoked. Thanks. – Come on boys. Let’s go on an adventure. – Oh, good. More! – (nervously) Ha-HA! – Hmm. I’m hungry. (wrapper rustles) – My dad worked in that building. He’s probably dead. (laugh-cry hybrid) (chopper drowns out speech) – Hey Michael, do you maybe, want to try and get away, from the city? – Why’s that? – Uh…too noisy? – Ah! Say no more. Sh. Do it! (sirens) (terrified screams) (sirens) – He cannot hurt anybody out here. – I forgot my hat. – [Michael] Oh, you need a new hat? – Oh no! N- no no no! (shocked yelp) (extended pause) (crying) Thank you Michael. (screams) (sudden discordant drone music) (sirens) – Cheer up buttercup. – You’re a monster. – That’s all from us! (loud apocalyptic drone) – Don’t forget to check out Michael Shanks’ youtube channel, TimTimFed. – Also there is word of a resistance in the west. – Subscribe for more fucken videos! – Collabs. – Send help! – Co-labs. CO-labs. (best content ever theme) – Director: Okay. And…… Action. – say dudes. Anyone know where I can get a Frankfurter? (whispers) I think I can help. – [Director] Cool. Change dog over. Hot Dog. Ready and action! (yell and scream) – Hmm. I’m hungry – My, dad worked in that building.