I Was born and raised in Winnsboro lubes in it dad was a sharecropper, so I grew up on the farm We didn’t get to go to school because it would start the picking cotton in the early age Music was the only thing that I could get into that I wouldn’t get in trouble about every chance I got I Played my music When I was 19, the Vietnam War happened and I joined the military when the wall came to him I started a family and I had to make the money so I got a job in my hometown and Here it is 50 years later Four years ago. I noticed I was gradually losing my sight when I went to the VA to get my eyes checked He said what you blind and what I can’t see either, you know Now, I’m almost totally But the bad thing sometimes it brings out the best thing I began to play the music again It made me reach inside to find myself It’s like I’m 65, and I’m just coming alive. You know, I’m finally living my childhood dream My daughter got chiller. She’s my eyes. She’s helping me being here When an opportunity knocks on your door is never too late Sam, I’m just gonna have to love me because You know, this is this is my dream Hello, how are you? I’m fine. I’m excited. I’m I’m anxious. Okay. Tell us who you are My name is Robert family. Where are you from Robert? I’m from Winnsboro, Louisiana. How old are you? I’m 65 years old 65 young And I take it you’re gonna be singing for us what got you into music well to tell truth I was a carpenter all my life and I lose my sight to him to glaucoma so Music it was always a passion of mine So I’d say I had to lose my physical sight so that I could see my true destiny And now what song are you gonna be singing for us? I’m gonna be singing an original song tonight called get it while you can Amazing well, we can’t wait to hear you. Let’s hear it He’s got a good kind of soul about it Trying to learn this woman You gonna take it when you can get it and yeah y-you can’t When you can Thank you so much You never really knowing my name is Lucas, um, I’m 12 years old I am a singer and I’m from Garden City, New York. How did you get involved with singing? So when I was little we did this little showcase at my preschool and ever since then I love performing We started singing the moment. He learned how to talk Luke sings while he’s brushing his hair putting clothes on putting socks on I Sing a lot when I brush my teeth. I don’t know if that’s healthy When I was little I would do shows in my room with my sister Vicki Well, you can New York man. It’s all about Broadway over there. Do you ever get to see any shows? When Luke was six years old I took him to see his first Broadway show and something sparked Every weekend I into the property lotteries and that way I can get discounted tickets and beg my parents to take me I think I love its audience. I love the crowd. I love the stage the props the costumes. I would want to be up there I want to do what they do. Oh Brother, he’s just so good I’ve seen wicked the lion cape by Neverland the color purple Aladdin Into proud and I’ve been to kinky boots eight times Tell us your name, my name is Luc Aslam. Tell us your dream. My dream is to become a star and make it to Broadway Why America’s Got Talent Because all my life I’ve been thinking about being on Broadway and I love it so so much and I think America’s Got Talent Is the next way to achieve that goal? Okay, it’s a trick question. Who’s your favorite judge? I? Love all the judges smart But I had to pick one I would pick Julian because I’ve Oh Tell us why you love her because um me and my sister have been following you and your brothers dancing for a very long time That’s amazing So tell us what you’re gonna do here tonight. So I’m gonna be singing. She used to be mine from the Broadway musical waitress She is a messy bun Chee’s ha She’s a holy Mother time she saw He baked in a beautiful She is good, but she For that girl Luke you should be incredibly proud of yourself cuz you You have so much poise you talk about a journey you know people come on here and hopefully dreams come true and I think that we are watching the beginning of Your dream coming true What’s so important if you move forward don’t put yourself in a generic music pool you’ve got to sing songs Is it every one of your performances is in audition for the best producers on Broadway? You’ve really got to make an impression and this is really key That’s okay First of all I just have to say I’m extremely flattered that you would even look up to my brother and I with a voice like that With an energy like that You have such talent and grace you have something so special You have an essence inside of you that has given you a gift But not only are you going to become a star and get your dream to come true but I don’t think you need to wait that much longer because Even when the dark comes crashing through When you need a friend to carry you And when you’re broken on the crown I can’t believe it. I I’m in shock. I’ve never expected something like this to happen real life. I’m so grateful. Thank you So much That was a great coke Hello you look excited How are you fine? We’re kind of emotional right now. So actually so late today So who are you we are revolution queens the queens of Milan bow From Argentina This is a dance act we’re going to be performing malama. It’s a form of rhythm That’s very characteristic from Argentina and it’s all about strength power So, why did you decide this show to show us what you did back in Argentina We don’t have like this stage this platform. We decided Americans Got Talent was the perfect opportunity to improve our quality of lives, you know, I Don’t wanna ask any more questions you have about three minutes maybe to change your max. Let’s do it For me One of you tell us what you’re feeling right now well, this is Literally a dream come true with sacrifice so much to be to to be here Yes, honestly, there’s not a lot of opportunities back in Argentina for artists like us Show the power and strength that’s within all of you. It’s really beautiful. Thank you so much I’m watching you guys Literally dance for your lives and that’s what it felt Like there was so much energy and so much passion and so much pride and it moved me to tears It was beautiful to see thank you for your performance. I You know I have seen this dance before but what I have not seen before is women doing this it was traditionally and exclusively Performed just by men. That’s one of the reasons why we’re called revolution queen Me a lucky before you started but then I’m always nervous I hope this goes as good as I wanted to it went better. It was actually quite amazing Don’t ever doubt your talent. Okay, genuinely We’re gonna vote Howie I agree so I’m gonna say yes Gabrielle, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah I think you just got about seven thousand yeses actually, so congratulations Thank you, thank you so much. Who are you my name is Stephen. I am Nicholas and we are the German tanam All right. Where are you from from France? Are you partners friends are you in a relationship everything everything? Hello it well you guys are beautiful and I can’t wait to see what you guys have for us, thank you Good evening. What is your name? What does she know now? My guns all this? I am gonzo Where are you from God’s Oh like a moussaka Haney Oh No Tokyo. Can I buy you a side Tokyo? I heard Tokyo What do you do? Daniels had it in this car. Hey, what does you are? Tom are you autonomous? I play Tambourine Ok, I cannot wait to see it best of luck young man I can’t wait can’t wait I’m gonna practice this I can’t do it try to do it What was an entrance Did I undergrads were the show not today trust me? Okay, so let’s start with your name, please My name is raw IDI. There’s an apostrophe in the middle of my name Lebanese. It means the leader Lieutenant General It’s my given name I can’t help it. And what is your job? Do you know those convertible busses on Hollywood Boulevard that take Celebrity home tours for the tourists. Yep I Drive those buses and I sing for my customers and you normally get a good response in your passengers when you say They love me and if you’re watching I’m on TV guys Get any pants my apartment doesn’t allow me to have pets but I love dogs. I want like three I Could feel your energy which is why I asked because I felt that you would love animals I had again your energy to Simon Okay, we connected. Good luck I’ll be singing an original for you tonight. Oh Ha ha ha you wrote the song you write this song. I wrote this song. What’s it called? Its called celebration Okay, well say it’s about you know What an artist they work so hard and finally they get a platform to be able to perform. This is a celebration Wow I Was not expecting that You No No hair Bo’s only sky You I’m not do I hope someday you will join us Imagine Do I hope someday you will join I saw how emotional you were and how much this means to you. How are you feeling now, man? This is weird This is this is crazy The heart you were your heart on your sleeve we can all feel it I’m just I’m just blown away by your talent. I love the hair. Your beard is is flourishing And those skinny jeans I’m here for Thought your heart and I felt your passion and that’s what art is What I loved about you was what you did with the song with your vocal I love people who can reinterpret a song and you did something special with it. Just then it was incredible. Thank you so much Howie yes or no, I gotta give you a yes Yes for me 1,000% again You know what’s coming for yeses Ladies and gentlemen, please draw an image of something simple enough that if you were to think of it You could transfer it through the air and into steffie’s mind. The audience has done the same and they’re being collected right now If you could pass down the judges drawings and you’re gonna randomly take one of them out great one two Three her eyes are closed Stephie you have an image Okay, so I’m something something I think The earth did did you draw a tree? I see a tree there That is in fact the image of a tree Which judge through this Know what I saw this, so we’re gonna try it a little different up there on stage Is a wind machine and to randomize these we’re gonna drop them into the wind machine But we’re gonna ask for Terry to help us out All right, we’ve brought along the pair of safety goggles, okay you two go ahead and put those on I’m gonna dump these in here All right When you’ve got one let me know you got one amazing come on, oh Don’t let anyone see what it is In fact, I don’t even want to know what it is, but you and I collectively are gonna put that image into her mind Okay, and if Terry you would just pass me that Making sure it’s facing you you Have an image Okay, what is that an image of terror if you need to say what that is it so hard is it 100% I Think a couple people through this image, but the name of the person who drew this image Chelsea, who is this person? Who drew the heart of you didn’t put your hand up and say hello Chelsea with a heart Chelsea stand up Hey Gabrielle, I mean I was wowed when you hear the audience reaction, I think everybody There is something like really magical and mysterious About you and I love the fact that it we had to do with love at the very end. Absolutely. Yeah The presentation for me is a little weird I don’t know what it is, but it’s a presentation that’s more off than what you do I’m afraid I’m with Howie on this I’ll tell you why this is a great introduction to you. But you want to be at the top you have to have more imagination Okay, but we’re gonna have to do Julie. Yeah, what do you think? I’m gonna say. Yes Gabrielle, yes number two Hallie For me, it’s a No Guys I like you, I think what you did is good, but it’s got to be great Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Couldn’t we have had the iceberg? I? Have an idea if you if you would let me you do what everyone you know, what’s gonna happen? Simon yes I Would like you to think of any celebrity in the history of entertainment. I’ve got it I don’t want you to print the name down on that piece of paper You can use your pen. He doesn’t trust the marker I’ll take a peek and look Keep looking at her He picked Something from your childhood yes something that you grew up watching even reading Lassie So Simon I knew if I said something critical you would do something matter. Here you go 3 s’s your turn You know me You Sang that song which we have all heard so many times and it was yours. That was absolutely yours I love you, and I love you singing. I’m gonna be totally honest with you. It’s not my remember where she can purr you It’s not my cup of tea, you know well They can’t change my mind but I wish you a ton of luck I really do I want to ask you a question Livia. What are you sick? You’re 47 years old, right? I’m 47 years. Ok So what stopped you at an earlier age having a singing career? did someone make you lose your confidence or what I went to school and I got a degree in vocal performance and a degree in criminal justice. I decided to put my dream on hold to help Take care of my dad Helped my mom. Take care of my dad I’ll tell you what, I like about you You have drama about you when you perform and I love that Thank You Simon pink would love to be the first person to say yes With a big yes Kerra with a k’ and way you from car with a k’ How do you well I’m technically 37 I could play 27 I think with good lighting Thank you lord so why do you think you’ll not have to brake you think you need it I’ve been waiting for you, baby Simon I just honey. I need you to put your hands all over my dreams It’s supposed to be the other way round Cara you’re supposed to make our dreams come true buckle up Put her in neutral and enjoy the ride Okay, so I’m in first gear right now, what do I do? Okay, this is an English thing, okay. Um, okay Darling, what you going to do? I know that was bad accent don’t kill me. But um you basically just do this Yeah, lean her back Just like maybe release a button off the notch of your belt. I got it Love you how I love you. Love you. It’s like what? Is this moment happening right now, yep, okay buckle up we’re going to charge we’re going to church guys I don’t like to brag but I did just lose 45 pounds of fat I Kept off 2.7 You know cuz it’s hard losing weight, you know Cuz when you lose weight what they don’t tell you is that it’s never really lost its kind no, it’s like a demon stalker waiting in the shadows for you to just have a moment of weakness just like You don’t really like kale salad do you And I don’t cuz I’m from Texas, okay, you don’t bring us the salad unless is rocket a deep-fried tire You know, you just got to be ready because you just got to stay on the grind because what I didn’t forget about you. Hold on. I’m coming for you girl. He’ll Listen they never get a cheat day girl. I don’t want to leave you out You’re so gorgeous Listen you look very hydrated. I’m a little parched baby. So You