Sophy Find your mark Are you excited are you nervous? I’m mostly excited good they’re kind of the same way It’s just the way that you think about it is the difference How old are you I’m 15, are you gonna be doing an original again for this round yes, of course Yeah, this is I mean this song is probably the most personal out of all of them best of luck. Thank you so much Don’t talk to me I need to be done myself I keep myself company and I don’t need nobody else. Everything makes me so angry Sometimes I can’t even breathe and that don’t have nobody else that can keep me company I Hear them talking about how my back if they’re trying to be quiet right bit harder than that They probably do it on purpose talks about if they can so me yours can hear them Even if I covered them with my hands Oh, man, some shocking news you calling people wimpy Domino lose it to leave them alone You have no idea what they could be going through maybe different to you But they are humans too might not have found their safe place yet may be searching around on the internet no luck though All he sees perfect images of perfect people perfectly posing in front of their perfect house with their perfect family What’s that about nothing more than a picture on their phone? Someone else’s beauty doesn’t take away from your own To write songs might be my only safety and I know it really saved me And I know it really saved me when the world was crumbling around me Everybody’s falling but I am flying Makes me feel like I’m superhuman. I might just be that Cuz misfits have some powers that are really pretty rad There’s nothing better than an artist that knows themselves and is very clear about their truth and the way you express yourself You just reach into our hearts and just snatched it right out way to go I’m Sophie and correct me if I’m wrong When we first met you you sang a song about bullying which wish you’d written when you were 13, is that right? Yeah, it’s 14 maybe yeah 30 40, yeah, so this is what I want to say to you because this is a two-part audition I Think the song should have ended with I don’t think about you anymore. I Say this is a father Bullying is always going to happen. But if you don’t care or even think about the means you win you continue talking about them They win You’re so young, and I think people will listen to you So cleverly there has to be a more positive Slant where we go forward from this point on and I don’t want you talking about these people ever again because they’re not worth talking About but I love your voice What was the last line that ended with pretty red Misfits have some powers that are really pretty rad. I loved it And I think I’d know you from that one song That’s incredible to stand up there with just a guitar. I mean that takes incredible cojones, I Don’t think there’s maybe a more important issue Now that social media is this thing that’s pervasive everywhere we look young people not understanding that that isn’t that big a deal when you look back on your life and you have schooled so many people in this moment and and And I think I’m done This is alright what I’ve never expected these happen in my life Thank you so much. I mean I just oh, I don’t know. I’m glad you liked it. I’m glad you I don’t know Yes, she has no problem with words when the guitars plan You’re amazing I Cannot wait to hear what other songs come out of that guitar Yeah, only six bucks So 500 boys I’m proud of you. Yeah, I probably my dad We just had a great idea okay, I think I’d have pretended that this is a giant tent Is that actual recordings of your dad yeah, it’s very moving and so inspiring wonderful You’re looking at your sofa Wow, it looks like a dream catcher. It does. Yeah to actually watch you literally make your dreams come true It’s pretty extraordinary and can’t wait to buy a ticket to your activated I mean I lost my mum and dad but After a while, I still talk to them every day if I have a problem in my mind What would they say? So the fact that you were able to do that? I’m looking at your mom. That was very special. I Think of an act like this in the true sense of variety and some of the acts I see I don’t believe can headline the main show But you’re special I believe that thank you sir. Thank you Shit shit shit shit shit and here we go Somebody’s in it to win it Okay, first of all, you guys again came out here you performed you were extremely tight and there’s no doubt about that I do have to say though still had a bit of a high school element to it If you really want to take this do not start with them meows. This is the second round So I really think you have to up your game, but again not to say that you didn’t do a great job Thank you, and we totally respect that Gabrielle, I think you actually got a lot better from the first audition and I definitely think that you’re worth fighting for so good job How To be honest with you after being on this show so long. I don’t think it was enough It’s not enough to win America’s Got Talent and I don’t even think it’s enough to move on to the next level So, let’s see. What happened Was loud enough Brat y’all are from the same town in Texas. Yes. We’re from the same high school What the hell is prom like at that? Texas girls, we’re huge fans of yours. Well like I said, they’re amazing and perfect and How he can suck it I believe that you are ready now for a bigger stage and I think Texas will root for you America will root for you and The fat was so many of you that we were able to capture your personality made this a great audition for me One of those seven places so I’m gonna be fighting with Howie later on From Street, and while I’m waiting all America and the world is fill the deer from kind of people I’m long I’m strong Walking on the street and a fair so invisible Telling me like I’m not sure long I Was wrong Feel Kaka Ooh some space now Sabrina Just like me to some things you love me to serve them just like me It’s truly inspiring to hear you sing This is one of those moments. I haven’t had the moments. You’ve had through the years Simon discovering people, but here’s something else I think you stepped it up from your first audition because I think when you throw your Songwriting abilities on top of that you’re taking a gamble that gamble paid off The only question we have is there room for you in the live show and that’s based on everybody’s talent tonight, but We will deliberate when you say you don’t want to fit the mold. I like this mold I watched your first edition back and I wasn’t that excited as I thought I was So I was concerned if you came back and did a cover I’ve seen and heard that too many times in my life The song actually enabled us to learn more about you who you are It wasn’t a risk a risk would have been not doing that You’d made our job that they’re hard enough because who was that good. Thank you so much Yeah Cuz I done If it’s okay with everyone would like to invite our dad on under stage The reason that we do what we do You said no the last time we had a surprise for you I would like to hold you with my teeth That’s what happens when you say no Howie That you were better tonight Are you doing you got that in your mouth? Say something I’m giving up on you Sorry that I couldn’t get to you And Will swallow my pride You’re the world that I love and I’m saying goodbye Say something I’m giving you I feel moved by that performance. It’s very good That was brilliant, yeah, just brilliant never heard Anyone sing that song with the passion and the intensity who did it told us so much about you Really really? Memorable audition. So you’ve given yourself a real shot here demand Body people. I want to see everybody’s right now They gotta lose You thought I would just want to point out to people at home who are watching this This is not a track every sound you hear is coming out of their mouths You know, I don’t know that this performance was better than your last performance so I wish you the best of luck This is something a lot of us have never seen before but nobody had ever seen a guy play a guitar with his teeth before Hendrix – so it’s always hard when you’re the first one through a door, you know, you’re kind of the one busting it down and You’re busting it down. It’s really great. So keep up where you’re going For me the audition lacked an incredible opening an Incredible middle, but you did have a great end You know in this day and age you can go viral within seconds on a show like this I’m not sure that that audition is gonna go viral in the way that it could have done in my opinion You absolutely have a chance to go to the live shows and you will have people fighting on your back I built this beautiful Ah Sweating All right I have in this little box some marbles of different colors Sophia’s gonna close her eyes Howie I’m gonna give you the first Choice, I’ll just pick a marble just pick the marble I okay And go ahead take one out And yourself and Simon thank you. Thank you think of the color of your marble Brad You chose the red marble That is correct, if you don’t mind bringing your own mobile phone up and joining us up on the stage Great to meet you. You want your marble back? Yeah. Sure. I’ve lost mine a long time ago So to show you what it is that we do we want you to open your phone To a photograph of something simple something in your photo real maybe a memory show it to me, but don’t let stuffy see How did he get your chest? You got to focus on what that is. He knows exactly what it is. He’s thinking about it Yeah, he’s laughing It all looks like the guitar Now I’m gonna show you something even crazier you can put your phone away You know, you’ll notice that there’s been a box sitting there the entire time That we’ve been on stage and terry has been holding on to a key If I could have the key back please something has been locked inside this box Here for a second There’s a smaller key on here and open up the smaller box And inside is something I want you to take that out Okay, that’s a little fortune that I made for you specifically go ahead and open it up First of all, what was the color of your marble Howie blue bloom yours black? Yours white we have something written right there we have an H. What color is the H blue? What color is the s? White what color is the G black? What color is the J? Yellow? Of the fortune ah a yellow guitar You