– [Announcer] Collins
Key to the stage, please. – I’m Collins Key, I’m
16 years old, from L.A. And I’m a high school student. For my audition in San Antonio,
I got a standing ovation. And that was a huge moment for me. – You’re gettin’ emotional, aren’t ya? – Yeah, this is really, this
means so much to me, yeah. (audience cheers)
– Good for you. – All other auditions, they’re all, like, “magic.” Or they’re all old guys
making cards appear. I want to make magic hip, cool
and fun for my generation. My dad’s really the
one who got me started, and so every time that I do a performance he always comes there with me and he is one of my biggest mentors. This is so crazy, oh my god. – He loves what he does so much. And the possibility of it being
over at this stage for him, it’s tough. – Alright, here ya go. – Alright, cool, man. – That stage right there is
waitin’ for you, blaze it. – Hello.
– Hello. – How are you guys doing? – Good.
– Good. Go for it. – Can I approach the bench? Is that okay? Cool, alright great. Got an empty envelope,
look at this, alright? Gonna seal it up. So Heidi, what I would like you to do is take this envelope, sign it, and then when you’re done
with that, sit on it. Now in the meantime, Howie, I brought along
a copy of your book. – [Howie] New York Times best seller. – Right, yes. Howie, we’re just gonna bookmark a random page in your book. So can you quickly say the word, “Stop?” – Stop.
– Right there? Okay perfect. So, Mel, you’re actually going to help me out with this, okay? I’m going to have you read aloud the page number that we stopped on. – 60.
– Page 60. Read aloud the first word at the top of the page. – Draw.
– Draw. Perfect, so Howard, I’d like you to hold onto the book for us. So I want you guys right now on a trip inside my innocent teenage mind. Close my eyes, I’m just
gonna clearly visualize taking this book, tearing out page 60, writing the word, draw on it, and then inserting it
inside the empty envelope. Done. – No. – Howard, can you please take the book open up to page 60, the page
that all of you guys saw. Go for it. – Alright, there is no page 60. – No.
– As a matter of fact I’ll show you, it’s ripped out. – The page has been torn out of the book. – [Howard] It’s gone. – Now Heidi, can you please
take out the envelope? I brought along a handy pair of scissors. And just hold it out like this. Here we go. I’m gonna cut it open very slowly. Here we go. Like that. Heidi, can you please open up the envelope and see if there’s something inside? – Yepsy.
– No. – Yes it is. – No.
– There’s actually a page and look at, there’s one word on there. And the word is draw. – [Heidi] Wow. – Howard, can you please
hand me that book? And see that right there? That’s the power of visualization, right? ‘Cause see, look, check it out. When you visualize everything,
it becomes possible. – [Mel] Shut up. – [Colin] Just like that, yeah. Howie, you can actually keep this, just hold onto it so you
guys can check it all out. – That’s amazing. – Nice work, Collins.
– Nice work, man. Very well, very smooth. – Tough competition, right there. – Did you consider doing something bigger? – I took that into consideration. I thought about it and I thought, you know what, I want to be able to connect with people. I want to be able to go up
there and connect with you guys and show you something
that’s really personal, really intimate, I think
that totally sets me apart. – Thank you.
– Thank you, guys. – [Mel] I love him. – Can I see this book again?
– I love him. – What’s up guys? It is Collins Key, and
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