Harriet: Right, you could win £10,000 if
you guess it. Andrew: I was listening this morning to this. Harriet: Oh were you? Andrew: But I haven’t heard the sound, I heard
a couple of guesses. Harriet: Well have a listen. Ok, this is Magic’s
Mystery Sound. Andrew: No one’s ever going to get that! Ronan: That’s what we’re hoping. Harriet: Do you want another listen? Andrew: Can I listen to it one more time? Harriet: Yes you can. Have a guess, we’ll put it on our board. Andrew: That’s so frustrating! Ronan: Look, we don’t know right. Harriet
and I don’t know and we have listened a million times. Andrew: Oh, you don’t know what it is either? Harriet: No, we don’t know it. Ronan: Our producers know, but we don’t know. We don’t want to know, because I don’t want some guy stopping me
on the street saying “oh mate, I’ll take half” Andrew: What does it sound like? What the
hell does that sound like?! Something wooden. Sounds like, sounds like a hatch. Like a hatch
being closed. Ronan: No. Sorry. Sorry Andrew, sorry. Harriet: Come back next time and have another
guess. Andrew: I love that. I love that.