Everybody underestimates lavender and sage Just let me do a quick protective spell How do you feel about moss? Have you ever been poisoned? I’d better do another spell then Just let me take my bucket and we’re ready to go So here we are This is Manduc Everything he devoures, – nurishes the ground So feel free to give him whatever negative that you don’t need He knows what to do with it Are you ready? Now I want you to project negative right over here Yeah, just go ahead and do it Nice! very good Thank you, Manduc How are you feeling? You might be feeling a little heat, it’s a normal thing Let’s go and find a stream to cool you a little Just let it go Leave it to the ground Just let it go You’re gonna be all right This is the magical forest All negative dissipates But the dreams come true here So just let go what you don’t need It’s going to be all right Just let it go We need to get going because we need to get to the mill before sunset don’t know exactly what’s wrong with the mill but there’s something There’s something upstairs that I can feel I can’t believe it I know what this is This is the jar for painful memories I believe we should collect your memories and put them here And then they dissapear or transform, something happens, I’m not sure what exactly I never thought I could find it here Well, I need… We need to first activate it somehow. Let’s… try this So, how do you feel without those memories? I don’t know how but somehow I feel that we have solved the mystery of this mill If you need anything, – you know where to find me