can we can lead to teleport without you
me no I can’t okay to save me no your home please presume I live where
I hung gazes Josep attend an elite Romo you all know stone I’m only nine young
solar so here this OH Oh Caitlyn
to live a day without you the little table down do the monocle cough is equation thank you hello ladies and gentlemen can we have a
little chat before you start playing what could we have a little chat before
you start playing can I just get your educate your name yeah what’s your name
yeah what’s your name and when did you start in music I was
like 16 I started doing gigs and you think you can win I’m sure I’m sure
let’s do this okay what you’re gonna sing for us my own version of Arizona
Burke hallelujah oh great okay good luck okay easy the
package major
the brother fakir composing hallelujah yeah hello yeah hello ooh I hate you to
a kitchen chair she broke a bulb and she cuts your hair I’m fro it’s not so one
you see the light it’s a call it’s a broker
hello yeah yeah we prepared two brand-new extremely dangerous
never-before-seen stunts but before we do the big dangerous stunt we’re gonna
warm up ladies and gentlemen this is sword swallowing with a twist sunshine lollipops and rainbows
everything that’s wonderful is what I feel teni when you’re near the wrinkles
disappear and you are that tie the tree bring us up come on
Jordan everybody sunshine lollipops and
rainbows everything that’s wonderful when your sunshine lollipops and rainbows
everything that’s wonderful is what Lucky Penny when you’re near the
wrinkles disappear and you rainbows is everything okay are you okay he’s
okay you sure you’re not on fire okay what makes you different from everyone
else in the charts today well we’ve got a wrong style but if it was if we had to
say one they probably like P Diddy and I’m not sure okay
but he sounds on his many things on his own he sounds like a bit reguarly as
well right so I play daily oh sure and Rick Astley
okay it’s good mix and guys presume you think you can win what happens when you
win what’s the next stage well we want to be worldwide selling artists okay off
you go okay whoa mister yes girl your body costume on your body come on move
your body I stop and stare at you walking on the shore I try to
concentrate a man wants two weeks free to explore the charcoal see Matthew
takes me up above and girl when I look at you oh no doubt you look so fine boy
girl wanna make you mine yeah come on just leave me be woman that the love just choose the only
man woken up you like I can’t yeah I just let me be now listen Domino with a tape over here
to the duct transporter no it’s a duct transporter I’m going to place you in
the duct transporter there we go
hit it please thank you I’m gonna send you duck to the future let the
experiment begin nice and loud please I call it the death drop Tarak suspended
high above the stage Damien will climb into a simple wooden box he will then be
handcuffed and the lid will be nailed completely shut by his assistants the
only support keeping that box in the air is this rope looped through those
pulleys and secured here directly above this blowtorch and to make it even more dangerous there
will be fire Damien must escape before the Rope burns
through and the box comes crashing down into three solid still spikes
annihilating anything or anyone inside of it
Damien are you ready light the blowtorch please that is we behind appear from someone
he’s behind this is he dead or alive the guy is stuck in a box over fire okay okay everybody there was a technical problem that was
not Damien’s fault I’m bringing Englewood up into Hollywood tonight it
was not his fault Simon I’m sure you’ve experienced things before live crazy
stuff happening how does this make you feel right now I’m kind of memorizing
this would be like mobis wedding nights a lot of ads anticipation not much more missile
delivery I’ve been a paralegal for 26 years however I’m ready for a new
chapter doing what my part has always wanted to do since I was a little girl I want to be the equivalent of Carrie
Underwood someone with staying power winning this competition I can hear you
darling what’s your name no honey right I could mend any right oh
honey hi Oh Melanie you and pow pow like gloves yes I love your gloves I love you
mama you got your fingers to show and I like
that blue light your dress yes where are you from I’m from Crofton Maryland okay
and how are you done in I’m 48 will be 49 next week great you look good what do
you do offended in you what I’ve been a paralegal about 28 years okay
and why been anine now have you decided to enter a show like this well because
I’ve been waiting for that an opportunity I’ve been preparing for
years since I was about 3 or 4 years old so 46 years effectively yes for a moment
like this okay Melanie what are you gonna sing babe I was gonna sing
titanium by David Curie okay good luck all right thank you you sell out but I can’t hear a word you
said I’m talking nothing to lose oh sorry melodye why did you choose that song you
know what it was like finding out Cinderella
works at the Playboy Mansion right that you you’re not what you seem you
understand what I’m trying to say because you’re sweet and southern are
nice and then you sang that weird version of titanium it’s that just
didn’t go they didn’t work Halina I really enjoy just to see how happy you
were and that’s all it matters okay we’re gonna vote Demi I’m gonna have to
say no I’m sorry Paulina not for now okay Kelly your
shoes the cute she was a real cute thank you it’s gonna be a no okay it’s for no
sweetheart but nice to meet you what you